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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 13

Book 3 Chapter 13: Face Death With Open Eyes (Part 2)

In the distant sky, gunfire was heard from time to time.
It was the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion who were currently ambushing the New York police and the reinforcing National Guard.

The sound of gunfire was like crackling beans.There were fire sparks everywhere, and there was smoke from the explosions as if it were a fireworks festival. One after another, the smoke from the explosions began to rise, and the streets were filled with civilians screaming; madness and fear filling the air.

In the past, when facing this situation, Fatty would have been scared while curled up, hugging his head and knees.

Now, he sat in the Hummer, watching; a pair of eyes staring without blinking.

If someone looked carefully though, he would find that Fatty’s body was trembling from head-to-toe, his teeth clapped, and his mouth murmuring, “Face death with open eyes, face death with open eyes…”

Shen Yi was quite amused, and looked at him.

He said softly, “You do not need to be so nervous. You know, the more you care about something, the more nervous you are. The so-called ‘suffering by fear of loss’ is this. There are many people – because of caring, they created tension, because of the tension, they made mistakes, and because of their mistakes, they had lost precious things. So if you want to keep what you treasure, it’s a good idea to relax your mood, and try to imagine that you do not care about death so that you will find it easier to face.”

Fatty nodded.

His mind slightly relaxed a bit, and then pleasantly surprised Shen Yi said, “It already has a little effect!”

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, perhaps Shen Yi was right, Fatty felt that he no longer seemed so afraid.

Shen Yi smiled and patted him, “Do not worry, slowly, step by step, you can overcome it. Dangerous Perception is a good ability, as long as you can really overcome its negative effects. Maybe you will be the longest survivor out of all us. ”

Fatty, with a grateful look at Shen Yi, nodded.

“Do not thank me. If possible, I do not want there is a burden in my team. A cold calm state of mind is the biggest support in facing danger, so try as much as possible to keep your cool … In fact, by being cool, don’t you feel it’s so fun? ”

Fatty showed a silly smile, “Being cool is fun, but unfortunately I can not be cool with this kind of body.”

“In the Bloody City, is body shape meaningful?” Shen Yi lazily said.

Fatty hesitated, thought for a bit, and replied, “Yes, it has no meaning. Body shape has no meaning, life have no meaning. Here, power… is the only meaningful thing!”

Shen Yi laughed, “You finally understand.”

The sound of the guns were getting closer, the underground garage battle still ongoing.

Shen Yi use Wen Rou’s telescope to look further away and saw on the road, a large number of troops coming from a distance.

It seems that they had been too loud this time, and not only police, but the national guard was also fully deployed.

Pick up the phone, Shen Yi said, “Tell them to move quickly, our troubles are growing.”

“Yes, sir,” replied a soldier.

A moment later, the caller echoed Wen Rou’s voice, “There is good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”

“Let’s start with the good news.”

“The number of mutants are much more than expected.”

“What about the bad news?”

“There are a lot more,” Wen Rou said concisely.

“……how many?”

“At least forty people.”

“Not a good deal?”

“Very troublesome, fortunately there is no powerful mutant, but there are still more than a dozen level 2 mutants. Their fighting power is not low, but they have the advantage of numbers. If we had not relied on a raid to kill a lot of them, I am afraid it may have been our loss. ”

“We underestimated the difficulty of the task itself,” Hong Lang interrupted, “To be able to confront the government, the mutants’ strength is not too bad.”

Jin Gang also interrupted, “Fortunately, not all of the mutants’ abilities are capable of attacking, there are a lot of abilities that are garbage, for example, I just killed a guy who could turn from a fat man to a thin man, so they mainly rely on weapons. Their melee and physical abilities are only a little bit better than the average person, but even so, they’re not good to deal with as at least half of their abilities cause a considerable headache, and a quarter of their abilities can classify as threats.”

“I will send reinforcements,” Shen Yi opened the Medal of Honor, spent 600 BP, and once again summoned forty ordinary soldiers.

Shen Yi went out of the Hummer, and said to Fatty, “Luo Hao, I went to help them, you keep guarding here. Have confidence, okay?”

Fatty’s face turned a little white, but still nodded, and buffed the Mana Shield on Shen Yi.
Shen Yi said to him, “Believe in yourself, there are some things you can do, you do not always have to rely on others to survive.”

Shen Yi left Fatty ten soldiers, and with the other people, he rushed to the building.

Just before entering, Shen Yi suddenly turned back, “Do you have faith?”

Fatty blankly shook his head.

“Then find some faith, it is good for you,” Shen Yi laughed and went inside.


Carrying guns, they rushed into the building, the underground gunshots could be heard more and more clearly. From time to time there were explosion sounds, showing evidence of a very fierce fight.

Dialling on the phone, Shen Yi said, “We have come.”

Wen Rou’s voice immediately replied, “The mutants are mainly gathered in the south side of the garage, let your people enter from the left and right lanes, attacking from both sides.”

“What about me?”

“The mutants are raiding the escape route. Some people are trying to create a gap, you go and help them.”

“No problem, the Yankees outside will surround us in another eight minutes, so we’d better solve the problem in five minutes.”


Shen Yi waved his hands, thirty soldiers along both sides of the lane ran to the garage and he quickly ran to the escape tunnel.

At escape tunnel’s mouth, Ralph and more than a dozen soldiers were fighting mutants.

A mutant suddenly came out of the mouth from the tunnel, his speed surprisingly fast.

A soldier shot him, but the mutant fiercely jumped to the air, his actions very agile and escaped the bullets. While in mid-air, his hands conjuring a sharp dagger.

The dagger swiftly slit across the soldier’s throat, blood splashed from soldier’s neck and he fell down.

The mutant giggled and landed on the ground to see the result. His face was actually a hairy orangutan, and his arms oddly long, his eyes revealing a vicious light.

Several soldiers at the same time shift their guns at the mutant, the mutant had quick reflexes and jumped back, the countless bullets roared past under him. The soldiers were very experienced and knew that with this mutant man’s fast speed, aiming at his body would not be useful. Instead, they could lock down on how he maneuvered space.

No matter how flexible he was in the air, he always fell to ground.

At this point, from the tunnel, came out another mutant. His body so black, like iron, that it reflected his surroundings similar to that of steel. He faced the bullets head on, and when the bullets hit, it had actually issued a Bang Bang sound like bullets hitting metal.

Ralph screamed, and from his waist, took a grenade and threw it towards the enemy.

BANG! The grenade exploded on his body, the mutant’s body shivered, but had not even a scratch.

But the layer of iron on his body gradually melted.

Obviously to bear this explosion, the psychic energy consumption was very large, and the mutant had an insufficient amount.

But he was still successful in helping the former orangutan mutant to attract all the firepower.

He roared, and receded with the previous orangutan mutant.

Shen Yi quickly rushed to the distance from seventeen to eight meters away and pulled out his Spirit Flame Gun, repeatedly shooting at the metal mutant. His bullet lethality was much higher than the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion soldiers’ guns, and the fire damage attached to the bullets hit the iron-skinned mutant, burning him and making him release a painful scream.

The other soldiers saw this, and at the same time repeatedly shot the iron-skin mutant, crazily pouring out bullets.

The iron-skin mutant’s psychic energy quickly depleted, and soon it could not support the protection. The iron-skinned mutant was turned into a honeycomb right on the spot.

Beside him, the orangutan mutant went into rage, and attacked Shen Yi. Shen Yi raised his left arm, faced the mutant, and gave him a punch.

This mutant was an Agility Type, but its Strength was not weak. Seeing Shen Yi’s punch coming, he sneered and caught his arm. But unexpectedly, Shen Yi’s wrist suddenly burst out a dazzling light, and a huge force hit him.

The mutant’s expression greatly changed, knowing that something had gone horribly wrong.

Thunder Gauntlet’s skill, Thunder Strike, activated.

Costs: 3 MP. When attacking the target, it deals a damage equal to your own attack damage plus 45 points of additional damage. A 10% chance of stunning the target, Stun duration: 3s, 10% chance of critical effect and double attack damage.

Shen Yi’s Strength was now 30 points. After this punch, the mutant wailed as he was flung towards the ceiling. But the mutant’s Vitality was not bad, so even under such a blow, he was still not dead. His hands stretched behind, and grabbed the chandelier on the ceiling, climbing on top of it. He asked while his mouth vomited blood, “Are you also a mutant?”

Ordinary people could not use such a punch.

“I’m not the same as you,” Shen Yi said coldly.

Shen Yi raised the Spirit Flame Gun in one swoop, shooting bullets, making the mutant on the ceiling crazily jump away. The mutant saw that the situation was in critical condition, issued a roar and once again lunged towards Shen Yi, the dagger viciously aiming for Shen Yi throat.

To the mutant, Shen Yi was very hateful as he had actually shot bullets to kill him.

Shen Yi looked at his opponent coldly, his left hand flipped, and his Vampire Touch impressively appeared in his hand, cutting through the mutant’s dagger.


With a crisp ringing sound, Vampire Touch knocked the other dagger away, and pierced the mutant’s palm.
Shen Yi pulled back, cutting of three of the mutant’s fingers. It voiced out a loud scream of pain, and Shen Yi moved forward, first kneeing the mutant in the chest, forcing it to bow over,and then aiming the Spirit Flame Gun at the head of the mutant.
Shen Yi coldly said, “Goodbye!”

The bullet whistled as it broke down the inside of the mutant’s head, blood instantly spurt out all over Shen Yi body.

The Bloody Crest let out two notification sound, suggesting that Shen Yi received killing points.

“You killed a level 1 mutant, you get 1 killing point.”

“You killed a level 2 mutant, you get 5 killing point.”

It turned out that the orangutan mutant was actually a level 2 mutant, no wonder he was so tough.

Shen Yi now basically could determine that a level 1 mutant was stronger than the average person, but the gap was limited. Level 1 mutants could only use their ability at a very low frequency, such as the previous iron-skinned mutant as an example. Trained soldiers could kill them. Level 2 mutants were harder to deal with, their physique was also much stronger than the average person, but compared to the adventurers, they were still much weaker.

According to this view, level 3 mutants were only a little weaker than the adventurers, and level 4 mutants must be stronger than the adventurers.

Of course, this did not exclude some of the high-level mutants that had high psychic energy, but a weak ability.

But the problem was that the mutant population was relatively large, so the amount of mutants who were lethal were bound to have relatively increased.

Jin Gang was right, many Quests in the Bloody City also hid traps. The adventurers would only pay attention to looking for mutants and getting killing points, but ignore the danger of the mutants itself.

Thinking this, Shen Yi turned to Ralph and said, “I’ll go in, you keep an eye on the outside, do not let anyone go.

“Please be careful, commander, there are many people in the tunnel,” Ralph replied.

“I have my way,” Shen Yi replied.

He took out some normal guns, readily put in a special bullet magazine, and fired a few shot in tunnel.

Large pieces of smoke rose into the sky, filling the entire space.

“We can not see anything!” The mutants at the other end of the passage issued a loud cry of panic.

Gunfire loudly sounded as the mutants shot around, not knowing that death was quietly approach.

Covered by dark smoke, a bullet-proof item, and a Mana Shield, Shen Yi quickly grabbed a mutant from the other side, his right hand quickly covering its mouth, and the Vampire Touch stabbing deep into his opponent’s throat.

Loosening his hand, the mutant fell to the ground with a thump.

The fire’s light was the best target as the mutants blindly shot in the dark in Shen Yi’s direction.

With a wail from time to time, the sound of the gun producing the black fog had been heard less and less.

Someone shouted, “Do not shoot!”

Gunshots stop.

The people in the dark were groping each other, carefully finding where each other.
A mutant man accidentally bumped into someone, shocked, he asked, “Who?

“It’s me, Gray.”

The mutant released a sigh of relief.

In this moment, an obscure thorn from a dagger suddenly slit the mutant’s throat, spraying a line of blood, which splashed all over the face of the mutants called Gray.

“He’s here!” Gray yelled.

All the guns fired at the same time, until Gray had become a sieve.

“Is he dead?”

“I’m sorry, no.” The sound came from behind.

The cold blade pierced the back of a mutant on the other side.

One after another, Yi Sheng harvested the lives of the mutants, until there was only one mutant. That mutant decided he could not just stand there and backed to the rear, fleeing.

Turning to the narrow dark corridor, he saw the spacious garage, and the mutant was at last, relieved.

There were several mutants in the garage along with Wen Rou’s people who were fighting them.

Seeing that the mutant escaped, some people curse, “Why did you run back? They had not opened it?”

“A guy has killed us all!” Muttered the mutant.


The mutant cried, “It wasn’t clear, there was darkness everywhere and he could not be seen at all. He killed the Iron Man and the Orangutan …”

“Squuiiishkk,” the sound of blood spurting out was heard.
A bullet had pierced through the back of his head to the forehead, leaving a bloody hole.

The mutant man fell to the ground, dead.

The other mutants in the garage, at the same time, looked in horror towards the direction of the tunnel.

Accompanied by the sound of his footsteps, Shen Yi appeared like a ghost out of nowhere.

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