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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 14

Book 3 Chapter 14: Promotion

Like a bloody killer, Shen Yi appeared in front of everyone, his expression was cold and slightly arrogant.

A mutant shouted, raised a gun, and rushed at Shen Yi. Several other mutants also fired.

With a single hand, Shen Yi raised his gun at the mutant bull rushing, the Spirit Flame Gun puffing and spitting its killing.

Neither side avoided the flashes of the guns, the mutants mad at the human. They pulled the triggers while howling, hitting Shen Yi so much that a veil of white light shrouded him. Shen Yi was rapidly firing, killing two mutants in a row.

The next moment Shen Yi charged next to the mutants , used Vampire Touch with his left hand and drew a gleaming cut across one of the mutant’s throats.

Unexpectedly, that mutant’s head actually could drill into his chest, Vampire Touch passed over the headless body. The next instant, that mutant’s head drilled out, faced Shen Yi, and issued a grim smile.

Most ordinary people who saw this spectacle would have a heart attack, but Shen Yi only smiled coldly. “Interesting.”

He kicked the mutant in the groin. That mutant wailed loudly and squatted on the spot from the pain.

Shen Yi coldly said, “Too bad there are somethings you can’t shrink.”

With a backhand slice, the mutant’s chest was splitted.

A distance away, a different mutant threw his gun away, suddenly faced Shen Yi, and roared.

This roar formed a huge blast of air. Shen Yi could feel in his ears a burst of rumbling and chaotic noises, as if someone had lit a big firecracker in his ears. The huge, bomb-like blast sent him fly. While in the air, Shen Yi saw in the corners of his eyes the mutant and locked on the mutant. He simultaneously somersaulted through the air, activated Arc Trajectory, and fired Spirit Flame Gun in a random direction. The bullet drew in the air a beautiful trajectory and flew into the mouth of the mutant.

The mutant man fell down right on the spot.

The air blast stopped. Shen Yi fell heavily to the ground, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

This mutant’s sonic attack was quite similar to the vampire bride Marika’s ultrasonic attack. It too had the ability to bypass defenses; it could pass through Mana Shield to directly deal damage to Shen Yi, but the damage itself was not too high, only causing Shen Yi to lose 30 HP.

But the huge noise and shock made Shen Yi feel his head buzzed, like his eyes would pop out.

A mutant suddenly rushed to him, a rocket launcher was in his hands.

Shen Yi raised his hand and shot the mutant’s wrist. Interrupted then and there, the rocket launcher fell to the ground.

He didn’t expect that the mutant would simply regain control of the rocket launcher with a hook of its foot. Shen Yi looked at this mutant’s bare feet, and its extremely long toes. His foot was no different than his hand. While Shen Yi studied the mutant, it revealed a smirk.

Shen Yi immediately knew this was bad, so he quickly leaped back. That mutant’s toes pressed the trigger of the rocket launcher.

A rocket wailed and flew at Shen Yi.


The rocket, with damage up to 300, exploded beside Shen Yi. The huge blastwave once again blew Shen Yi into the air. The Mana Shield, after taking 200 damage, completely disappeared. But since Shen Yi had taken strides to escape, it failed to do more damage. Just after he landed, his own gunshot ended that mutant’s life.

Another mutant rushed at him. Its right hand turned out to be a bony, sharp blade. He fiercely thrust the blade at Shen Yi’s chest.

Shen Yi lifted his left hand and activated Thunder Strike.

That mutant was immediately struck, roared and spat out a huge mouthful of blood. Suddenly, his bony, sharp blade extended toward Shen Yi.

Shen Yi rolled, but was still a second too late. He escaped the fatal strike in the chest, but that sharp blade penetrated his right arm and nailed him to the ground.

Shen Yi felt such great pain that almost made him fainted. He bit his tongue. His left hand swung Vampire Touch and cut away that bony blade.

The bony blade of that mutant was cut, it was tantamount to its whole arm being cut off. Vampire Touch’s effect of Bleeding occurred. That mutant wailed for a while before finally falling to the ground motionless.

This round of attacks ended. Not only had Shen Yi’s Mana Shield been completely shattered, but one hand had also been seriously injured, temporarily unable to shoot, reducing his HP to one-third of his total.

At this point, two mutants charged over, bullets spraying at Shen Yi’s body, creating a white light .

One mutant roared loudly—actually issuing the howl like a wolf—, extended a pair of sharp nails, and bounded at Shen Yi.

With a white flash, four ordinary soldiers stood impressively in front of Shen Yi. He had used the Medal of Honor just in time.

One of the soldiers was standing in front of the mutant. The mutant clawed into the chest of the soldier for his heart and dug the whole heart out, but the soldier returned fire into the mutant’s body before his death.

The mutant was so tough that it even survived, simply tossing the soldier to the side. The other three soldiers were attacked, seeing another mutant spit out a surge of flames. The flames enveloped the three soldiers.

Four soldiers were killed by two mutants instantly, but in the next moment, two flaming hot bullets flew in from the left and right and hit the two mutants in the left and right temples respectively, destroying their brains.

The two mutant’s bodies shook, and finally fell down.

Shen Yi exhaled a long breath, then struggled to cut off the bony blade in his right arm out, The bony blade and the bones of his arm crisscrossed, and a terrible grinding sound rang out. The pain made Shen Yi want to just die.

Gathering all his strength to violently pull it out, with a bloodbath erupted, that bony blade was finally pulled out. Shen Yi threw it to the ground, took out the normal gun and loaded it with Curing Bullets, gave himself a shot, and then used healing skill, with the recovery of the injury, the severe pain gradually reduced.

One of the mutants had also dropped a gray chest.

The bone blade mutants, as well as the razor mutant, were obviously Level 2 mutants. They had more powerful vitality, but Shen Yi saw clearly, this chest wasn’t dropped by them. It came from the Level 1 fire-spitting mutant.

Chests dropped from low-level mutants were poor, the drop probability was low, the only good thing was that there were many of them to kill. Shen Yi very uninterestedly picked the chest up, opened it, and looked inside. It really was just a very common reward: Three C4 charges with triggers. Can be exchanged for 300 BP.

TNT wasn’t difficult to get in New York City, but Shen Yi had never heard of the trigger-type C4. The bottom of the explosive had a plastic button. Upon pressing it, the explosive would explode after three seconds. This was a very difficult to use explosive. He was liable to blow himself up, not others.

It seemed that its only use was in exchange for BP.

However, something else interested Shen Yi. As Fatty said, inside the chest there really was a Psychic Energy Ball. Touching the ball, the Bloody Crest prompted: “Psychic Energy Ball. Upon use, enhances Psychic Energy value by 10 points. Requirement: Psychic Power.”

Shen Yi still hadn’t opened Psychic Power system, so he could only put it aside.

Bloody Crest ticked like a clock. Shen Yi found out he had killed a total of 17 mutants, including three Level 2 mutants, receiving 29 killing points. Coupled with the previous one point, the current value of his killing points had reached 30, jumping straight to the first spot of ranking list.

In fact, he did not know, but at this moment almost all of the adventurers watched huge changes appear on the list.

The former Sector Two of the Eastern Region suddenly jumped to Sector One. Four adventurers had advanced by leaps and bounds, jumping all of a sudden into the top 20 on the leaderboard.

Some people even cried, “How is this possible? Cheat! This is cheating!”

Then someone slapped the back of his head. “You think this is the real world? Cheating my ass. Someone definitely found a mutant’s base.”

The Eastern adventurers were all elated, but no one knew who E5371 was.

Not after a while, Wen Rou’s group ran over.

They saw Shen Yi lying on the ground in a pool of blood, lying next to many littered bodies. They were aghast.

Wen Rou asked, “You killed them all?”

Lying on the ground, Shen Yi feebly replied, “The opponent was not powerful, but it was too much trouble. I slipped up and nearly killed myself. I say, why aren’t you helping me up?”

Wen Rou smiled and reached out, pulled Shen Yi up, and looked at Shen Yi’s current state. Then she said to one of the accompanying soldiers, “Go upstairs and find a change of clothes for him.”

The soldier saluted then quickly ran upstairs.

Shen Yi shouted from the back, “Find a few pieces of Armani for me, including suits, shirts, as well as a coat. Get several of each!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Get me another pair of sunglasses. Find ones that look cool!”

“Understood, commander!”

Wen Rou looked at him in surprise, Shen Yi shrugged with arms wide.

Hong Lang laughed and greeted, “Just now you were fighting the opponent when suddenly there was no activity. We wondered what had happened, not sure if this was a trap or not. We called to you but there was no response. Fortunately Wen Rou took a timely look at the rankings list, and suddenly found a substantial increase in the value of killing points, We realized that you must have gone straight through the escape passage and killed them from the rear!”

“I initially wanted to assault them from both sides, but because of your poor combat ability, make me have to go alone into the enemy’s lair,” Shen Yi snappily replied.

His abilities were more suited for team fighting rather than single combat. But the fight just now was too dangerous. If the mutants had worked together, if they came at him with slightly more power, Shen Yi would have found it difficult to survive.

“We also wanted to charge over, but there were a few troublesome guys in the way. Dealing with them required quite some effort. I bet they used the most powerful mutants to counter us. Speaking of, you probably picked out the easy ones to fight,” Hong Lang exaggerated. But come to think of it, it was entirely possible. In this battle, a total of forty-six mutants were killed. 17 of them died at the hands of Shen Yi, 24 died at the hands of Wen Rou. The three people acted together, each one killing eight—six Level 1 mutants plus two Level 2 mutants. Each person received sixteen killing points. They also captured five alive, and sent soldiers to escort them to Fatty, including a Level 2 mutant. 9 points worth of killing points ought to be enough to temporarily divorce Fatty from the list of dismissed. It should be enough to make him happy.

Shen Yi asked about, and sure enough, in addition to his gray chest, the others also got some chests, but no Psychic Energy Ball. It seemed that the probability of mutants dropping Psychic Energy Ball was extremely low. In addition to the chest were mostly ordinary items like C4, which could only be exchanged for some BP. No items had a special purpose.

Wen Rou was the only one to get lucky. After killing a mutant and opening the chest, she obtained a ring.

Ring of Restoration: Increases HP recovery rate by 20%. Priority: 20, can be upgraded.

Twenty percent sounded good, but the increase was only for the speed of recovery.

The adventurers’ fights rarely dragged on for a long time. They tended to resolve the problem in a matter of minutes. Unless there was human-wave battle like the World War II mission, the enhancing of recovery rate by the ring did not have much meaning for the adventurers, since it almost couldn’t play a role in the efficiency of close combat.

“Better than nothing, I guess,” Wen Rou helplessly said, tossing it to Hong Lang. Hong Lang item skill Berserk consumed too much HP, so the Ring of Restoration could grant him a faster HP recovery speed, and extend the Berserk duration. As a result, Hong Lang didn’t refuse and put the ring on.

Hong Lang already had on three rings. Putting this one on made it four. Although most of them were common items, each glittered. He looked like an utter upstart. Amused, Wen Rou covered her mouth and laughed.

But the maximum number of equipped ring was four. If one could wear ten, then Hong Lang would fully become a nouveau riche. But for adventurers, the ridicule was tolerable as long as the items enhanced their strength.

Shen Yi gave the Psychic Energy Ball they got to Jin Gang. Bloody Crest prompted: Obtained 10 points to increase the energy of Psychic Energy Ball. Do you want to increase it?

After confirmed using, Jin Gang’s energy went from 100 points into 110 points.

Shen Yi looked at the time, then shouted into the radio, “Frost, immediately send four soldiers to search to see if any prey has slipped through the net. Kill them as soon as you encounter them. You have three minutes to complete the sweep. Over.”

“Yes, commander. Over.”

Next, Shen Yi looked at the Medal of Honor. The Medal showed that it could summon a total of 166 paratroopers and two battalion commanders from the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion, 60 elite soldiers, and 104 common soldiers. It consumed 3690 BP. 29 dead common soldiers and three dead elite soldiers made Friendliness Points decreased by 35 points.

Ordinary soldiers’ deaths weren’t important. They could be regenerated anyway. The three elite soldier’s deaths gave Shen Yi a bit of a heartache. After all, these elite soldiers could not be regenerated.

Casualties mainly occurred during combat against the mutants. Although the ordinary mutant constituted a very small threat for adventurers, but the mutants had caused a considerable degree of injury to the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion. As for the soldiers outside the building who were responsible for intercepting those escaping, the damage was not too great, mainly because the United States police they fought with did not risk their lives to attack. After finding they had been ambushed, the police immediately all hid in their police cars and blind fired. As for the National Guard, combat effectiveness was also limited. After all, they were local forces, obviously much worse than the regular army.

The good news was that several elite soldiers were successful promoted. All stats increased by 1, and their main attribute increased by 3 points.

Shen Yi began to consider whether to give all elite soldiers some better equipment.

The current 2nd Paratroopers Battalion still used in World War II old-fashioned equipment. Much less the weapons produced by the Bloody City, the weapons of the mission world were far better in comparison to the battalion’s weapons.

Unfortunately, even though Shen Yi could currently rob weapon stores and equip the soldiers with better weapons, he couldn’t give them quest items. At the same time, they could not take new equipment or leave behind old ones, so the next time they participated in a quest, they could still use only the old equipment to participate. Only the quest reward and purchasing formal equipment in the Blood City could let the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion be permanently equipped, but every quest reward item was extraordinarily valuable. Letting these soldiers use said items was obviously too extravagant.

In addition, it was troublesome to summon the 2nd Paratroopers Battalion since each time consumed a lot of BP. As a result, Shen Yi obviously could not let them go back once summoned. Otherwise, calling for them was equivalent to spending more money. Since it was a rental, he obviously wanted to get the full worth out of the Medal.

But in this way, more than 100 airborne troops would always follow him. This target was too enticing.

Because of this reason, Shen Yi didn’t summon the soldiers at the start of the battle.

How can I make these 100-plus airborne troops play a role without immobilizing the troops because the objective is too grand?

Shen Yi thought. He finally made his decision.

“Frost, send some soldiers upstairs to find clothes, the more the better.”

“Look for clothes?”

“Yes!” Shen Yi cried. “Carry some clothes down, then split your soldiers into two groups. Find some US dollars along the way, too. Immediately after leaving, change into civvies and then disperse. Oh, right. Before changing, rob some of New York’s weapons shops. Group all of your soldiers, five men to a fireteam. Then scatter yourselves as much as possible to observe the surroundings and gather intel. The second an urgent situation arises, notify me!”

“Yes, sir!”

“That’s a good idea,” Jin Gang said with a laugh.

“Forced by the situation,” Shen Yi helplessly answered. Looking at the Bloody Crest, he said, “Time is almost up, so let’s finish the search and leave!”

At that moment, the radio crackled, “Commander, we found a secret room in the southwest corner of the garage. Over.”

Shen Yi stopped moving. “A secret room? Over.”

“Yes, sir. There is a mutant in the secret room. Over.”

“Why not kill him? Over.”

“…you’d better come here and look at this, sir. Over.”

Shen Yi, Wen Rou, and Jin Gang looked at each other, then quickly walked toward the secret room.

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