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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 35

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

Bad news: All IA editors had exams. If nothing change, there is no chapter next week.

Book 3 Chapter 35: Awakening

In the small forest, standing in front of Yang Ping’s body, Shen Yi gently sighed.


    “I’m sorry,” he said.


    An Wen shook his head, “You do not have to say sorry.”


    “It was a fault in my plan that killed your companions.”


    “The plan will never be able to catch up with change, and there are few plans in this world that can be immaculate in execution,” said An Wen.


    In fact, when the adventurer attacked for the second time, and almost killed An Wen, Shen Yi had been roughly aware of the enhancing direction of this adventurer. So when Wen Rou asked him, he had already figured out how to kill the adventurer.


    Including Yang Ping, everyone knew that when the adventurer attacked for the third time, Shen Yi wouldn’t shoot.


    Because he had only one thing to do: focus on finding out where the adventurer might hide.


    However, no one thought that the third attack would cause such casualties. That adventurer’s attacks were far more fierce and vicious than they imagined, especially the counter attack after using Scroll of Battlefield Escape, which exploiter everyone’s psychological loopholes. In fact, it was because they already knew that Shen Yi would find the other side’s location in this wave of attacks, they relaxed a little.


    They had prepared their minds for the scene that would unfurl once the adventurer wouldn’t be able to escape after attacked them, and thus they were unprepared when facing the madness of the enemy.


    It was precisely for this reason that Yang Ping made the wrong reaction and judgment, and was killed by the adventurer.


    During confrontations between people, the outcome depended not only on strength, but psychological reaction.


    Whether it was Shen Yi or that Northern Region adventurer, they had a very good psychological quality. Precisely because of this psychological quality, they could judge their situation correctly during combat, and thus quickly gain the initiative.


    However, not everyone could make the most correct decision at the most crucial moment as them.


    Yang Ping had only made a small mistake, but he had payed for it with his life.


    After that, An Wen’s response surprised everyone.


    After the death of Yang Ping, the woman did not ask if Shen Yi had found the adventurer but instead loudly questioned him.


    At that time Shen Yi instantly understood her plan. While casually talking, he secretly gave her the Poison Dart.


    The adventurer could not see it at all. During their quarrel, they had completed their exchange of gestures and promptly formulated the corresponding operational plan.


    The shot he fired at An Wen was in fact for indicating the location of the adventurer.


    “The style of these guys is really tough,” Jing Gang exclaimed while look at the body of the adventurer.


    He waved, then  the chest dropped by the adventurer flew to his hand.


    Telekinesis definitely was useful for grabbing chests.


    Hong Lang coldly replied, “So what? If I were him, immediately after killing the second person I would have fled instead of giving my opponents the opportunity to attack again. People do not know when they need to advance and retreat, even the more powerful,  won’t go far in this path. “


    “Then you think you may also get a Rank C skill on the first Difficulty Level? Will you be  able to gain the initiative when facing seven adventurers using only these few skills?” Shen Yi asked back.


    Hong Lang was stunned, and could not say a word.


    Although Shen Yi was not the type of person who never retreated, he had one thing in common with the adventurers in the North in terms of his behavioral habits. One thing they all had in common was that they were fearless.


    The difference was that Shen Yi, though not afraid of death, cared about victory, he fought to win; the latter would really put life and death aside, fighting only for the thrill of battle.


    But no matter what kind of performance, they were brave enough to face the challenge, in order to complete the more difficult quest, get higher rewards, and enhance their strength better.


    It is precisely because of this, Shen Yi understood this adventurer better than anyone here.


    Only experiencing the line between life and death on the battlefield, they could really maximize their ability.


    Only when people truly had no fear of death, would they have the opportunity to overcome life-or-death situations, though that was no easy task.


    In contrast, the same three skills, if put in the hands of Hong Lang, he may not be able to utilize half of its power.


    From this point of analysis, Shen Yi was destined not to become the strongest in fighting, but he would often be the final winner.


    Because they pursued different things.


    The voice of Lena suddenly came from his walkie-talkie, “Haven’t you arrived yet?”


    “The hell! Go to help Lena!” Shen Yi cried.


    While patronizing the adventurer, they had forgotten about Lena.


    Five people quickly went out of the palm forest.


    Outside the forest, Lena’s team of four people were fighting against five adventurers. Lake’s arm was injured, his right hand was obviously not capable of lifting up, he fought with his left hand alone. The black youth Feller’s face was bloody, his nose was cut into two halves, but he was still as brave as a tiger. The long-range caster Paulo had fallen to the ground, they did not know whether he was alive or dead.


    As for the five adventurers on the other side, all had Asian faces, two of them were slightly injured.


    “Adventurer from the Southern Region,” An Wen loudly said.


    Hong Lang shouted angrily, “We did not found them, they were first in finding us.”


    Lena and Feller saw them coming and were overjoyed.


    Confidence was a weird thing that could allow a dying person to quickly became lively.


    The appearance of Shen Yi’s group was like giving them a mind-nurturing shot. The strength already consumed seemed to flow back into the body at that moment, and the combat posture was more brave and mighty. Previously they would only wanted to stall till support, but now they wanted to hold enemies, so that none ran away.


    The five Southern adventurers saw Shen Yi’s group coming, surprised they began to shout at each other in a language Shen Yi didn’t recognize. Hong Lang didn’t bother to talk, he roared and rushed over, before punching at an adventure dressed like a Japanese ronin.(1)


    That rogue roared, raised his katana, and fiercely slashed toward Hong Lang.


    “Skill: Cut by Wind (level 3) – using a blade-type weapon to cause one slash dealing defense-ignoring damage to the target.”


    Hong Lang’s response was to attack with his axe.


    “Skill: Axe Chop (Level 1) – Uses an axe-type weapon to make a strong chop attack on the target, deals additional 20 points of damage. When the enemy uses weapons to block, 5% chance to cause damage to the enemy’s weapons. Cost: 2MP, Cooldown: 1 minute. Priority: 18.”


    A burst of crisp sound, the two sides met with force alone, the consequence was that the ronin was sent flying, a trace of blood flowing out of his mouth.


    Hong Lang and that ronin were surprised at the same time.


    The ronin was surprised that Hong Lang’s Strength far outweighed his own, leading to his loss in the fight, but more importantly, his blade was damaged. He did not expect Hong Lang’s skill would have an effect on the weapons.


    Hong Lang was surprised because the ronin’s Vitality was obviously not low, it was estimated to be at least 40, maybe he also wore equipments that increased Vitality, or else it would be impossible for him to withstand that blow so easy.


    In fact, in terms of Strength, Hong Lang was stronger than his opponent, but not to the point that he could send his opponent flying that easily. But axe-type weapon’s speciality was Knockback, while blade-type weapon’s speciality was Impact, and raising Strength’s performance when parrying. So in the clash between the two types of weapons, axe-type weapons often had an advantage.


    In addition, the speciality of Cut by Wind was ignoring defense.


    But for adventurers in Difficulty Level I, except a few like Fatty, nobody gave priority to strengthening their defences. Due to the limited resources for enhancing, almost every adventurer gave priority to increasing their attack and offensive skills, defensive ability only came after Vitality and Strength had reached 40 points, to further strengthen they need to pay more Bloody Points, thus they would consider increasing their own defense mostly by armor. Only after everyone’s defensive capabilities were raised, did ignoring defensive capabilities truly play a role.


    Therefore, in the case of exchanging blows when everyone’s defensive ability was very low, Cut by Wind’s ability to ignore the defensive effect was even less effective than the additional 20 damage of Axe Chop. A level 3 skill weaker than a level 1 skill, in this case, is taken for granted.


    In this fight, the Ronin would have to stomach a loss, his heart was scared and angry. When he was going to fight again, a whistling sound echoed in his ear, a whip came over and wrapped tightly around his body. Binding the enemy was a specialty of whip-type weapons, this time Wen Rou first locked the opponent, then pulled him to her side. The ronin was fierce though, simply rushed to Wen Rou, waved the deadly blade in his hand, fiercely stabbed her.


    He didn’t think that Wen Rou would decide not to evade, her eyes exposed a cynical look.


    That ronin was surprised, and immediately overcome with a sense of unease.


    Jin Gang’s huge figure suddenly appeared by Wen Rou’s side, and delivered a punch that sent the ronin flying.


    Heavy Strike, activated!


    3 second Stun.


    When Heavy Strike hit the body of the ronin, Hong Lang had returned, his axe chopped towards the ronin.


    The remaining four Southern adventurers were shocked. Two adventurers stalled Lena and two others rushed over to aid the ronin.


    They did not expect that two figures would block their way, it was Shen Yi and An Wen.


    Since their last collective enhancing, cooperation like this has been honed through countless training sessions at Bloody City. Wen Rou was in charge of restraining their enemies and controlling the target’s range of activities. Jin Gang was responsible for Stunning enemies and Hong Lang was the main DPS. Shen Yi was responsible for supporting the allies and intercepting the opponents.


    Once such a combination of attacks allowed them initiate combat, no adventurers could resist the onslaught. The previous few times their team had always lacked the opportunity to fully expand this tactic, but the time had finally come.


    That rogue was attacked by Jin Gang, Wen Rou and Hong Lang, but this guy in the end was the physical expert, his Vitality and Defense were high, he was even able to abruptly withstand the three’s attacks which lasted for a mere three seconds, but his HP had dramatically decreased as a result.


    The ronin was scared and anxious, seeing finally that the Stun effect had worn off, he quickly shouted and jumped into the air, trying to get out of the three’s encirclement, he did not expect Wen Rou to lash with her whip, and pull him back to the ground.


    Hong Lang activated item skill Berserk again, Jin Gang also activated item skill Strong Wind Blow and skill Armor-Eating Attack, the two’s attack speed at the same time surged, resulted in the blood of the ronin spreading outside his body.


    This was also the first time that they did not get rid of their opponent during the Stun duration, so they was equally unhappy in their heart.


    The ronin shouted, trying to get out of Wen Rou’s control. His long blade continued to chop on Wen Rou’s body. But she just smiled faintly and remained motionless, she had withstood 3 attacks, but was still holding him tightly, her eyes were full of determination and perseverance.


    Seeing his HP fall lower and lower under the attack of the three people, his fear grew even worse, his flesh was chopped by Jin Gang and Hong Lang into pieces, like two experienced butchers using knives to skillfully dissect a fat pigs, abruptly the adventurer died.


    When the ronin made a croaking scream and finally fell down, his whole body had been mangled. He had been  chopped by Hong Lang, and even his face was smashed into a bloody mess by Jin Gang.


    This bloody and violent attack terrified all who beheld it.


    But even if they just wanted to go, at this moment it was too late.


    Unlike the team of three, Shen Yi stopped the Southern adventurers, he did not take the gun out. Instead, he waved the Vampire Touch to stab his opponent. That adventurer was hurrying to rescue his ally, naturally he did not want to lose time fighting Shen Yi. A punch came towards Shen Yi, while his whole body moved to the side.


    They did not expect Shen Yi only needed to slightly step aside, escape the punch, and crash into his shoulder.


    This collision was swift and unexpected, the adventurer who was hit repeatedly stepped back. Shen Yi succeeded, the Vampire Touch in his left hand had stabbed towards another adventurer’s face. That adventurer backhandedly blocked, but Shen Yi had changed the direction of his stab, at the same time he gave a kick to his opponent, thus the adventurers were forced to retreat. Shen Yi changed from kick to step, the stretched out left arm did not withdraw, an elbow crashed into the adventurer’s face. That adventurer couldn’t dodge again, and was hit by this elbow. Pain bored into him again and again, he did not think Shen Yi’s right knee could have followed, the combo of attacks left eh adventurer in a state of disarray.


    The adventurer screamed, “Expert-level Fighting Forte?”


    Shen Yi coldly replied, “No.”


    “How is this possible?” the adventurer was felt unbelieveable.


    Although he was not a specialist in melee combat, he had Basic-level Fighting Forte, but to the ability to fight like that was simply unfathomable with only Basic-level Fighting Forte. Although Expert-level Fighting Forte did not improve the fighting techniques, if someone understood the fighting to the extend he could upgrade Fighting Forte to Expert-level by himself, he was certainly very experienced in fighting. The adventurers did not expect that such common sense didn’t apply to Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi once again put pressure on his opponent, his hands and feet kept striking crazily at the adventurer. The adventurer suffered a disadvantage since in his previous battle with Lena, he had used up all of his skills, which were still in a cooldown state, so he could only fight with his bare hands. But his opponent didn’t use skills either, and still overwhelmed him, thus he, could not help but feel a chill in his spine. He did not know Shen Yi simply had no melee skills, he thought Shen Yi was full of confidence and looked down on him. His heart was scared, his morale fell to bottom, leading to the direct result that his actions were deformed.


    Originally he could still hold out for a short time, but once confidence fell apart, he was completely ovwewhelmed by Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi’s actions were actually not too fast, after all, his Agility wasn’t high, but his movement was highly coherent. Other people’s attacks had intervals, but his attacks were a series of continuous actions: punch – kick – elbow – knee… Even when the fist pulled back, the dagger in his other hand trailed across enemy’s neck, forced his opponent to retreat, before falling again under his continuous attacks. HIs movements were as smooth as the flowing of water. Moreover, every of his attack came exactly where the adventurer’s defense was weakest, as if he knew every move of his opponent and prepared in advance.


    His eyes were cold, his face was serious, the Vampire Touch drew swooping arcs of blood, his dagger and fist played smoothly.


    That adventurer was scared and angry, if someone told him that Shen Yi was not a melee adventurer, he would be unable to believe.


    He did not know at this moment, Shen Yi had been completely immersed in this crazy personal battle. If Jin Gang’s group weren’t busy with the ronin, they must have noticed that the fighting style played by Shen Yi at this time was quite similar to that of the Northern adventurers who had Expert-level Fighting Forte.


    Fierce, simple, rapid, direct, like an eagle rising into the sky on a current of air.


    While fighting fiercely, Shen Yi’s brain was quickly calculating, he calculated whatever the enemy’s attacks, reactions, counter-attacks would appear. The prediction in combat is actually a simplified procedure after accumulation of experience, and in the end it became second nature.


    Shen Yi finally understood why that Northern adventurer can so effectively interrupt Hong Lang’s skills; because that person’s understanding of the battle had reached a profound point. Shen Yi could not yet be as simple as that Northern adventurer who developed close combat to the point of pure intuition, but he could quickly analyze the other’s reactions, and then make a move to counter.


    One was like the instincts of animals, one was like the high-speed calculations of a computer. Passionate and calm, barbarous and civilized; two different ways, different existences, at this moment had shown a surprisingly similar effect.


    Shen Yi’s fighting style was becoming more and more violent as time passed. He had completely forgotten what he was doing, only to keep punching, moving, attacking, attacking and attacking again.


    Attack, attack, only attack!


    The adventurer was struggling to withstand a storm of Shen Yi’s attacks, and finally one of his skill’s cooldown ended. He shouted out loudly, punched towards Shen Yi’s chest. Shen Yi’s right arm suddenly stretched out, grabbed the adventurer’s elbow, twisted and negated this hit.


    This technique was exactly like the strong from Northern Region before, the adventurer was stunned for a moment, immediately heard a sound that horrified him, “Your skills are interrupted.”


    “AH!” That adventurer cried, due to the skill’s backfire, he spit out a big mouthful of blood.


    Shen Yi struck with his left hand, the Vampire Touch cut his opponent’s right ear clean off, the right hand twisted his opponent’s arms, dislocating the adventurers right arm. Then he seized the adventurers collar and threw him over his shoulder, fiercely slammed the adventurer to the ground. When the adventurer’s body still on the mid-air, Shen Yi’s Vampire Touch had been crazily cutting at the adventurer’s body. His attack power was not high, he was entirely utilizing the wrist strength of a small range of cutting attacks, the consequences of this was that the effective damage was very low, 20 points of Strength’s performance was less than one-fifth, but through this high-speed cutting-type attack, he could create a series rapidly attack similar to Agility-Type adventurers. With Shen Yi’s crazy slashed, the Vampire Touch’s 50% chance of Bleeding effect suddenly triggered.


    When the adventurer fell to the ground, he was no longer able to stand up, all his wounds were desperately bleeding.


    Coldly looking at the corpse, Shen Yi felt dizziness set in.


    He knew it was the consequence of his excessive brain use.


    His nostril felt warm, Shen Yi gently wiped, then saw his hand had blood on it.


    His ear heard sounds coming from Bloody Crest:


    “E5371’s Innate Talent awakening period ended. Confirm that E5371 has good learning and calculating skills in combat, but also has strong memory and observation skills, delicate mind, belongs to the calm type of fighter. Awakening talent: Delicacy.


    “Your Innate Talent makes your mind clearer, your observational ability is improved, more details can be observed. Your body control is improved, your limbs are more flexible, and you can do more complex movements during combat. Your skill in creating, using and controlling mechanical equipment is increased. Your effectiveness in training Firearms Forte, Mechanic Forte and Driving Forte is increased. The actual combat effectiveness and the ability  to master skills is increased. Your memory capacity increases. You can form a three-dimensional image memory for 5 seconds; your ability to control your  power is increased, you can use more of your power distribution.


    “Your Innate Talent improves your ability to grasp details, enhances your ability to use abilities in all aspects, makes distribution more rational, and makes learning more efficient, but Innate Talent will also share more of your attention. Your Will permanently reduced by 5.


    “The bonus effect of Innate Talent depends on your own ability to use it, you must comprehend and enhance it in constant training and combat. You can not strengthen the Innate Talent by any external means.”


TN note:

  1. I think he dressed like Himura Kenshin.

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