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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 39

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: phil

Book 3 Chapter 39: Predestination (Part 1)

When animals encounter danger, a phenomenon called “goose bumps” happens. The body’s hair rises up involuntarily, which is an instinctive manifestation of living creatures when facing a crisis.


    The same is true when people are in danger.


    But for Shen Yi, this phenomenon had never happened since he entered the Bloody City.


    Until now.


    It was an instinctive, beastly instinct, totally irrelevant to his thinking.


    He felt every pore on his body expanding, his hair was upright, as if death was approaching.


    On the other side of the pier stood five people.


    The leading one was an old man who had a thin face, deep eyes, wearing a peculiar helmet.




    Shen Yi’s mouth softly muttered one word.


    Even without Appraisal, Shen Yi also knew who this old man was.


    Magneto, one of the most powerful mutants in X-men, suddenly appeared at this time.


    In the end how strong he was, Shen Yi understood clearly.


    Anywhere there was metal, was equivalent to his territory.


    Any metal could become his shield, his sword, or become a versatile tool in his hands.


    For such an enemy, Shen Yi may not be afraid, but he never would want to easily provoke them.


    Unlike Count Dracula, killing Count Dracula was a fixed Quest with obvious rewards of reward upon his death, and the return was equally as high as the huge risks. Killing Magneto was dangerous, but no good rewards were to be expected.


    This was a competition mission, competition ranking was the only manifestation of value.


    Shen Yi did not mind taking risks, but he absolutely minded taking risks for no value, or the value is insufficient.


    So not only Magneto, he was even reluctant to provoke strong mutants such as Storm and Wolverine.


    The reason was that effort and reward were not directly proportional.


    However, he did not go looking for trouble, but trouble took the initiative to find him.


    Magneto came, without any prior warning.


    Hearing Shen Yi’s whisper, his face also showed an astonished expression.


    “Have you ever met me?”


    “You’re famous, Mr. Erik.”


    “Then I can save myself the introduction.”


    Magneto gently waved his hand, a car’s top flew to his feet, carrying him to Shen Yi’s side.


    He seemed ready to turn this large iron mass into his flying carpet whenever he wanted.


    Shen Yi casually glanced around. Unnoticed by him, the area around him was fully occupied by mutants, the entire terminal had been controlled by them. However, in this seemingly random action, Shen Yi secretly used Appraisal.


    “Erik “Magneto” Lensherr, Level 5 mutant. Psychic Power: Magnetokinesis. Evaluation: Extremely sophisticated control over metal.”


    Unsurprisingly, Shen Yi could only get the  Magneto’s basic info, not even his HP was known. Unexpectedly, Appraisal actually gave unprecedented evaluation.


    Was this the special effects of Innate Talent? Shen Yi didn’t know, but he knew only from the detailed analysis of the data that the power of this old man in front of him could not be imagined.


    He was by no means an old man that had powerful metal control but was easy to kill like in the movie .


    Slowly walking down from the metal carpet, Magneto interestingly looked at the young people in front of him.


    Although elderly, the old man’s gestures were quite dignified, and his movements soothing, which made him extremely confident. His stare showed that he was quite self-conceited.


    He looked at Shen Yi, a moment later he spoke with his own unique, low voice, “It’s funny, you are not a mutant, but have more power than the mutants. I used to think that mutants were the only evolutionary direction of mankind, but now you showed me a new branch. “


    In Magneto’s eyes, mutants were the ultimate manifestation of future human evolution. In his view, the future of the world must be a mutant rule mankind.


    Humans can not accept the rise of mutants, and mutants long for treatment that matched their abilities. The old forces want to retain their original position, the new forces try to get more, at least not less than the old forces. this inevitable conflict caused by different positions, like the authors hate piracy, readers are justifiably for it, everyone is right and proper, it is entirely due to cognitive differences caused by differences in the standpoint.


    It is from this point that this kind of conflict is inevitable. The differences in power caused by mutation is precisely the root cause of the inevitable conflict between mankind and the mutant.


    In contrast, the peaceful coexistence of human beings with mutants, which Professor X has been committed to, was in fact only a childish ideal.


    The reason why humankind has launched wars against mutant people is also because they are aware that with the expansion of the interest of the mutant population, their influence is also growing, and became the real threat to the existence of human beings.


    As the time progressed, mutants would really became the masters of this world, and mankind may only become slaves. As a result, a new form of racism will be born, just like capitalist socialism, a new banner for future social development.


    It sounds very mysterious, but with fertile soil, any bizarre seeds may bear fruit.


    It is also understandable when one thinks about the black’s experience.


    Therefore, humans are determined to flagrantly launch wars against mutant people when they are still the stronger side. Their actions now may be wrong, but they may be considered as humanity’s saviors in the future.


    This is entirely possible from a historical and personal point of view.


    The oppression caused by the proliferation of abilities is more terrible than the oppression of power. At least the oppression of power is only the evil doings of a few people. The proliferation of capabilities means that the evil doings of many people,


    Of course, the problem is much simpler from the point of view of Magneto: Mutants are the ultimate manifestation of human evolution, while stupid humans are trying to stop this evolution and trying to oppress mutants. This unjust act must naturally be contested.


    But the emergence of adventurers complicated this simple opposition.


    A group of peculiar, super-powerful, mutant-like people launched crazy attacks on mutants … They were both mutant and non-mutant. Their abilities varied, not as single or pure as the mutants, but manifested themselves in closer proximity to a strong human and not a mutant. They attacked mutants, but had nothing to do with humans, come and go as they want, unstrained by government, had different ways of behaving … They not only attacked mutants, but also killed each other.


    This was exactly why Magneto appeared here.


    At this moment, he looked at Shen Yi and spoke a single sentence, “Who are you guys?”


    He did not ask why they wanted to kill mutants,  he did not blame them for their passionate enthusiasm, he did not try to convince them that mutants are innocent. He simply asked Shen Yi who they were, but this was what made Shen Yi’s heart tremble.


    This old man was far more aware than the movie ever showed.


    What he thought was no longer personal grudge, but a matter that concerns the future direction of the mutant.


    Unfortunately, he was wrong.


    Shen Yi lightly said, “We neither have any relation with you, nor the new direction of human evolution as you thought. In fact, we are just unfortunate people who have to sit on a train to hell, and here was just one of the stops we need to passing by. “


    When saying “here”, Shen Yi referred to the entire X-men world, while Magneto understood it as New York.


    He frowned slightly: “Can I take it as you are a group of mercenaries? Assigned by someone? So you hunt mutants?”


    From a certain point of view, that wasn’t wrong. Mercenary work was like stepping on a train to hell. At each stop, tourists will get on and get off the train.


    Some of these people get off the train and could not get on anymore.


    The train never stops, but keeps moving in hell. People who get on and get off always appear – no matter how long you stay in the train, hell is your final destination.


    Magneto was a wise old man, so he immediately understood Shen Yi’s last retort.


    They did not murder mutants because of hatred or other causes, which explained why Shen Yi would let go of Jerry and will even run to rescue him now.


    Hearing Magneto’s questioning, Shen Yi smiled, he nodded: “It can be understood like that.”


    “So who hired you?”






    “Yes, fate. You and I are enemies, this is the decision of fate. We can not defy it, unless fate changes its will.”


    “This is simply ridiculous. Fate doesn’t have a will. I am asking you who told you to do it!” Magneto scowled.


    Shen Yi shrugged: “Sometimes, the truth is more difficult to believe than the lies, but it’s the truth. Maybe you do not believe it, but I know including your appearance here, including the wars you are engaged in, and even your ideals, your abilities, are also predestined by fate. You, me, and everyone here are governed by fate. Not only fate exists, it has its own will. You have the power to control the metal, do you think this is really something you had from birth? No, Mr. Erik, that’s something fate gave to you. And we, too, are created by fate. The difference is … we are set by fate to be your enemies. “


    “This is why we are here.” Watching Magneto, Shen Yi coldly said: “You want an answer, this is the answer.”


    “Unfortunately, this isn’t what I want, maybe I should change the way of asking.” Magneto shook his head, his fingers curled slightly, a car whizzed and flew above Shen Yi’s head. The whole car in the air actually began to distort, as if being twisted by strong invisible hands, forming a huge iron bar in the air, and even its head was twisted into a point shape……


    Shen Yi looked at the deformation of large iron mass in the air, and lightly sighed.


    Magneto’s ability has almost been strong enough to be able to make Transformers artificially.


    Facing such a terrible opponent, Shen Yi was still fearless, just calmly said: “The reason I answered your question, Mr. Erik, was not because I fear you, but because I think I don’t need to lie about this issue. If you think you can change my answer by tying me to a pillar and burning me, then I regret to tell you that you are wrong. Whether now or later, no matter how the outcome changes, the answer will always never change, the only things that change … are just you and me. “


    In Shen Yi’s eyes swept a touch of the illusory, that look made Magneto felt chill.


    The next moment, he saw a bundle of explosives suddenly appear in Shen Yi’s hand.


    Triggering yellow explosives, the regular reward after killing mutants.


    When Magneto’s expression changed greatly, Shen Yi coldly said: “You’d better not move, or else we die together.”

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