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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 42

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: TheGoodSheep

Book 3 Chapter 42: An Intense Battle (Part 2)

The emergence of the Wolverine made the situation change dramatically in an instant.


    Only now did the adventurers truly understand how powerful plot characters were.


    As the first protagonist in the X-Men film series, the most terrifying aspect of Wolverine wasn’t his pair of claws, but his regeneration. He could heal any wound almost instantly, so he did not need to pay attention to defense in combat, he could just attack, attack, and attack again.


    Wolverine’s style and Shen Yi’s were exactly the opposite. Shen Yi used rapid short-range continuous attacks. He payed attention to how to make rapid, continuous strikes and could make several attacks at once, but the individual attack power was very low. While Wolverine’s attacks occured one by one, his had high damage, and could seriously injure an opponent.


    This difference was completely related to their personality and ability. Shen Yi’s fighting style in fact, was control focused. The purpose was not to maximize the damage to the enemy, but to instead maximize the weapon’s special effect through the use of rapid coherent attacks and his own Innate Talent, which really did fit this way of fighting.


    Wolverine’s fighting style was to make full use of his own body, which was not afraid of injuries, to create opportunities to counter-attack at the same time the enemy attacked him. He could take full advantage of the opportunity to cause a rapid fierce attack on the target. Whoever was hit by Shen Yi, suffered more than a dozen punches, but often could continue to fight. But as long as they were hit by Wolverine a few times, their fighting power would often have been cut down by more than half.


    Wolverine was strong enough to defeat Lena, Feller, and Lake all by himself, not to mention Storm in the sky and Bobby who stood next to him …


    In the next moment, Storm’s lightning had become fully charged, a thick lightning bolt came crashing down and hit Paulo’s body. Paulo cried, his entire body had to have been struck by this magnitude of lightning.


    Bloody Crest prompted: “You have been hit by Storm’s thunder and lightning attacks, you receive 180 points of damage.”


    Paulo’s Vitality was only 25 points, this blow removed two-thirds of his HP. He was scared and quickly took out a Healing Potion, but the ice Bobby’s cold had struck again. The entire battlefield was cold and windy, forming a low-temperature area, causing people’s movements to become more difficult. Lena and others felt that their speed had been reduced, but Wolverine seemed totally unaffected.


    Years of combat experience had allowed them to adapt to each other smoothly.


    On the battlefield, cold ice covered the ground, thunder and lightning flashed in the sky, and then there was Wolverine, four lives in Lena’s group were in great danger.


    Shen Yi shouted: “Wen Rou, Jin Gang, go and help Lena, leave this guy to me!”


    “Understood!” Wen Rou and Jin Gang quickly jumped out from the Land Rover.


    Bobby waved, and a large piece of the ice flew towards Wen Rou, lightning struck rapidly, and everyone was completely shrouded in this terrible icy thunderstorm.


    “We need to deal with Iceman first!” Jin Gang shouted.


    Hong Lang held his big ax, and rushed towards Bobby.


    Bobby raised one hand, and an ice wall emerged in front of him.


    The axe chopped into the ice wall, and issued a loud crash. The ice wall collapsed into countless snowflake which flew through the air.


    Hong Lang laughed, but when he was about to approach Booby, he saw a trace of satire in Bobby’s eyes.


    He stayed still for a while, and saw that the flying snowflakes had suddenly surged towards him like a tsunami.


    “Hong Lang, retreat!” Wen Rou shouted.


    However, Hong Lang did not retreat.


    The unpredictable snowflakes were like stained glass in the sunlight, sparkling before Hong Lang eyes.


    He stared at these snowflake which danced and wrapped him up like a lover’s hand, stroking him …


    “They are… so beautiful!” Hong Lang whispered.


    In the next moment, Hong Lang’s motion stagnated, and he gradually solidified into an ice sculpture.


    “Hong Lang!” Jin Gang shouted, as he shot at Bobby.


    Another ice wall rose in front of Bobby, and firmly protected him.


    At this point, Wolverine had defeated Lena, and stretched out his arms and ran towards Jin Gang, eyes flashing with indomitable fighting spirit.


    Wen Rou lashed her whip towards Wolverine, the whip wrapped around his body a few times. While Wolverine was surprised, Wen Rou’s arm moved, and Wolverine was thrown into the air. At the same time, Jin Gang’s machine gun spat out a large number of bullets at Wolverine.


    Wolverine’s airborne body was actually beaten by the bullets.


    Hundreds of rounds of bullets poured out at this moment.




    Wolverine’s body smashed into the ground like a meteor, and created a large pit on the concrete floor.


    But in the next moment, he slowly climbed up from the ground again.


    From the countless bloody holes created by the spray of the machine gun, bullets were being squeezed out as they bounced off the ground and issued a rapid burst of crisp sounds.


    Wolverine stretched, his face had a relaxed expression as if that fierce and terrible attack was just a massage.


    Jin Gang desperately shook his head, “Damn, this guy just refuses to die.”


    A giant lightning bolt flashed through the sky, followed by a thunderous roar as it fiercely struck.


    “Jin Gang, be careful!” Wen Rou shouted, her whip wrapped around Jin Gang’s body and threw him to the side.


    Jin Gang’s body grazed the terrifying lightning bolt as it flew over. At this time, the huge lightning bolt suddenly released more than ten small lightning bolts, they moved in the air towards Wen Rou like snakes, and bit fiercely into her body.


    “Wen Rou!”


    Jin Gang was in the air as he saw Wen Rou sent flying by this hit, her whole body glittering with sparks, even Mana Shield instantaneously melted in the face of this terrible lightning attack. Wen Rou spat out a large mouthful of blood, before fainting on the ground.


    When he looked back, Jin Gang found that not far from him, Lena’s group all lay on the ground.


    On the battlefield, he was the only one could stand.


    Everyone else had been defeated!


    No, there was one person left.


    Shen Yi was still fighting.


    With Kurt Wagner.




    Without the intervention of others, the fight between Shen Yi and Kurt Wagner immediately became a one-on-one situation.


    Kurt Wagner fiercely attacked Shen Yi, Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun wildly poured out bullets. But Wagner was like a dexterous monkey as he jumped into the air, his figure flickering through the air, leaving only large tracts of blue smoke, his feet did not even touch the ground. It was like Shen Yi was being faced by enemies in all directions at the same time, he was completely caught in the pattern of struggling to deal with the onslaught.


    However, in this situation, Shen Yi still had on a cold smile.


    Suddenly his left hand flipped, Vampire Touch stabbed into the air.


    Just at this moment, Kurt Wagner’s body appeared from the void, and was about to attack Shen Yi, but he found a sharp dagger had pierced his chest. He let out a cry, his body disappeared into a large blue fog, appearing behind Shen Yi. When he was about to kick, he discovered Shen Yi’s Spirit Flame Gun had turned to aim at him.


    A bright flash appeared at the muzzle.


    Pop, Kurt Wagner teleported again, the bullet flew through the air at the moment it touched his skin.


    The two breathtaking escapes filled Kurt Wagner’s heart with terror.


    He just couldn’t figure out how Shen Yi was predicting the direction of his teleportation.


    Subconsciously, Kurt Wagner thought it was a coincidence.


    He teleported once again, he appeared above Shen Yi, but before his body had become fully apparent, Shen Yi’s left fist had already risen.


    Lightning sparked around on in his fist.


    Thunder Strike, activated!

Item Skill: Thunder Strike—Cost: 3 MP. When attacking the target, it deals damage equal to your attack damage plus 45 points of additional damage. Has a 10% chance of stunning the target. Stun duration: 3s. 10% trigger Critical effect, doubles attack damage.


    Kurt Wagner only felt a tremendous amount of force pouring into his body as all of a sudden his body rose into the air.


    The 10% critical effect actually triggered this time.


    Wagner spit out a large mouthful of blood, and teleported several times in an instant.


    He did not expect Shen Yi to shoot. Three flame bullets whistled through the air and flew in a curved path before striking Wagner’s body.


    Kurt Wagner shouted, and fell on the ground, his body was burned by a blazing flame.


    Wagner teleported again, this time he was not trying to attack Shen Yi, instead he wanted to leave Shen Yi far away. He did not think that when he reappeared ten meters away from Shen Yi, Shen Yi had been driving the Land Rover, and gone straight to his location.




    The Land Rover hit Wagner, the collision sent him fly like a ragdoll. Wagner’s body flashed through the air a few times, but in the end he couldn’t fully offset his huge impact when fell to the ground, and fainted.


    Shen Yi took his Spirit Flame Gun, stopped the Land Rover, jumped toward Wagner and immediately pointed the Vampire Touch at Wagner’s throat.


    At the same time, Storm’s lightning had  just struck at Wen Rou, Bobby’s snow had completely encircled her, and Wolverine was rushing towards Jin Gang.


    “Stop!” Shen Yi shouted.


    “Stop!” Wolverine shouted.




    Like a video on fast-forward had been suddenly paused, the scene froze in an instant.


    The ferocious lightning bolt, Wolverine’s ferocious dash, the tornado of ice and snow, all was fixed in space at that moment.


    Wolverine forced himself to stop, and fiercely stared at Shen Yi. Bobby’s ice tornado moved like snow as it coalesced again in his hand.


    Jin Gang quickly rushed over, carrying Wen Rou back to Shen Yi’s side. His muzzle always pointed toward Storm and Iceman. Shen Yi held Wagner by his knee, and pointed the Vampiric Touch at his larynx, then he used Despicable Healing Arts on Wen Rou.


    Wen Rou gently cried out, before waking from her coma, she saw Shen Yi, chuckled, and said, “You saved me again.”


    Shen Yi smiled and said, “Of course, I’m a ‘divine doctor’. My parents really have foresight.”


    Wen Rou and Jin Gang laughed out loud.


    “How did you do that?” Jin Gang pointed to Wagner, “How did you predict where he was going to teleport?”


    Shen Yi laughed, “Later, now is not the time to talk about this.”


    Storm slowly landed, the wind agitating her clothes, she looked like a goddess descending to Earth.


    She fell to the ground and walked towards Wolverine, the two stood together and she loudly commanded, “Let our comrade go.”


    “That was precisely what I wanted to say,” Shen Yi smiled.


    He glanced at Hong Lang who had been frozen in ice and gestured with his mouth.


    Bobby patted the ice sculpture, the ice broke and melted. Hong Lang coughed and collapsed to the ground.


    His whole body was wet, and he was trembling due to the cold.


    Wolverine grabbed Hong Lang and raised his metal claws to encircle the neck of Hong Lang, “I have a proposal for you: one for one. How’s that?”


    “I don’t like this proposal.” Shen Yi shook his head, “I have another: You release all my people, and then immediately leave, and promise to never trouble us again. In… fifteen hours, I will let this blue-skinned monkey leave.”


    “That’s not fair, you have only one hostage,” Bobby spoke loudly.


    Shen Yi promptly asked, “Why are you after me?”


    “Jerry,” Wolverine answered.


    “Then I have two hostages,” Shen Yi rebuked, “The former hostage for all my partners, and the latter for you to leave me alone for the next fifteen hours, how does that sound?


    “Maybe I’ll kill off your partners ‘till there’s only one left, then we can make the trade” Wolverine shouted, as he pointed his claw against Hong Lang’s eyes.


    “Do you think I care?” Shen Yi sneered, he raised the Spirit Flame Gun at Wolverine: “You have five of my people; if you kill one, I cut off one of Wagner’s arms. Kill two, two arms. Kill three, I take in a leg. Let’s see who, in the end, can’t stand this. Can we start now?”


    Storm, Wolverine and Bobby looked at each other.


    Booby murmured, “The guy must be trying to intimidate us, he’s trying to scare us. It’s inconceivable that he would not care about his partner’s life.”


    “Maybe, maybe not, we don’t know them, we don’t know who they are,” Storm whispered.


    Wolverine cried, “He wouldn’t dare, if he really dared to do so, all his partners will die.”


    “Oh, is that so?” Shen Yi laughed: “That’s no good, looks like I need to kill one first.”


    He suddenly fired three shots at Hong Lang.


    Wolverine was surprised, and hurriedly dragged Hong Lang behind him. In addition to a bullet hitting Hong Lang, the latter two bullets hit Wolverine’s body. Raging flames burned on Wolverine’s clothes, but he couldn’t be bothered to care, he quickly checked on Hong Lang’s condition.


    That shot had hit Hong Lang’s chest, and opened a gaping hole.


    “You madman, you almost killed him!” cried Wolverine.


    “Yes, I said I was prepared to exchange a life for a life. Are you?”


    Storm’s expression changed.


    The Vampire Touch in Shen Yi’s left hand flipped, and he severely slashed towards Kurt Wagner’s left arm.


    “No, wait! He’s not dead!” Storm shouted.


    Shen Yi quickly changed his slash to a stab, Wagner awakened due to the pain.


    Shen Yi punched Wagner’s head, and once again put him into a coma before he could escape with his ability. Shen Yi looked up at Storm and the others, he laughed, “Since he did not die, your friend’s arm wasn’t severed. See, do I not speak fairly? “


    “Bastard!” Wolverine roared.


    He shouted at Storm and Bobby, “This a*****e really can do it! He will do it! He’s not kidding!”


    For X-men who attached importance to their partners, they may never figure out what kind of people could be so merciless abandoned their fighting partners. Especially in this case, that man even volunteered to shoot his own partners.


    “Okay!” cried Storm: “You win, we can return everyone and promise that you will not be bothered again, but you have to return both Kurt and Jerry. We did not actually need to hit this one, we just want to bring back Jerry.”


    “If you guys had come earlier,” Shen Yi regretted, “But now I can only give you this blue-skinned monkey first, as for Jerry, you can not take him away for now.”


    “I’ll be damned if I accept a deal like that!” Wolverine roared.


    “I promise I’ll protect him.” Shen Yi solemnly vowed “I would never contemplate hurting a child. I think you know that we are here to kill mutants, but some mutants are not on our hunter’s list, like you, like this kid. “


    “Why can’t you let him go?”


    “Because I can’t f*****g do it!” Shen Yi shouted angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’ll give this kid back to you after fifteen hours, but for now he must follow me. I said I won’t hurt this child, if I wanted to kill him I would have already done so!”


    “No, never. Even if you speak the truth, he is too dangerous to follow you. Magneto will come to kill you!”


    “Oh, is that so? Then can you help me block them?” Shen Yi asked.


    Storm, Wolverine and Bobby were dumbfounded.


    “This bastard really dared to ask that,” Wolverine murmured.


    Just then, Fatty who had held Jerry, jumped out of the car.


    He whispered to Shen Yi’s ear: “I feel a very strong sense of danger behind me. It may be that Magneto’s people are quickly  catching up to us.”


    Shen Yi’s heart felt a chill.


    He quietly said, “It does not matter whether or not you agree. How about this: you return my people, and I will give you Kurt Wagner. As for the child, we can discuss that later, how about it?”


    “You let go first,” cried Wolverine.


    Shen Yi sneered, “Do I look like an idiot? I am here, and you have five in your hands, of course you must release first.”


    “Like hell I will!”


    “You’d better let go!” Shen Yi brought Wagner to the middle of the venue, “Look, I’m standing here, I’m a hostage, I can’t run. Let my people come back, and then I will also return your people.”


    Storm and Wolverine looked at each other and finally nodded.


    Lena, Hong Lang and the others were returned. They walked past Shen Yi, Lena cried, “Feller and Paulo almost died.”


    Shen Yi raised his hand above the wounds of Feller, and activated Despicable Healing Art.


    Hong Lang clutching his chest and shouted, “You son of a bitch, you actually shot me.”


    Shen Yi threw his Type-92 at Hong Lang, “I have no time to spare, do it yourself, and leave now!”


    Storm’s group of three tried to move, Shen Yi held the Vampire Touch at Wagner throat shouting, “Don’t move! I will give your people back, but you have to wait for my people to leave first!”


    “What about Jerry?”


    “He isn’t related to this deal.”


    “You liar!” Storm finally understood what Shen Yi was thinking, he even preferred to allow himself to be held hostage rather than hand over Jerry to them.


    In the distance, Jin Gang and the others were looking at Shen Yi, Shen Yi roared “What you still standing around for? Get out! Bring Jerry with you!”


    Jin Gang and others didn’t hesitate to jump on the Land Rover, Lena, who once again robbed a Ferrari, drove behind.


    Far away, a large number of mutants appeared from the shadows.


    It’s Magneto’s mob, they finally arrived.


    Storm shouted, “Return Kurt to us!”


    Shen Yi slowly stepped back, “Want him back?”


    Vampire Touch suddenly swiped through the air in a mournful arc, and mercilessly stabbed toward Kurt Wagner.


    “No!” Storm’s group shouted concurrently.


    In a brief moment Shen Yi’s dagger left four or five holes in Kurt’s body, the blood flowed out of his wounds.


    Shen Yi readily threw Kurt’s body out, Storm quickly caught him.


    Wolverine rushed towards Shen Yi, Shen Yi raised his hand and fired a bullet at Wagner. Wolverine was forced to shift directions, and used his body to block Shen Yi’s attack. Shen Yi had turned into an alley .


    Afar, hundreds of mutants emerged, and rushed towards their location.

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