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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 43


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Book 3 Chapter 43: Pursuit

Through the long alley, Shen Yi came to a street.


    Not far from him, a hotel was still open, it seemed that the fighting on the other street doesn’t seem to have much impact on it.


    He walked quickly through the street and arrived at the hotel door.


    At the moment of entering the hotel, he glanced back and saw over a dozen mutant people out there.


    They hid their guns in their clothes, wearing trench coats, and were following Shen Yi. In the distance, Storm’s group were standing on the roof, staring at Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi turned around and walked to the hotel.


    Quickly passing through the lobby, Shen Yi went into the elevator, pressed the button for the top floor.


    A guest was about to enter, but was rejected by Shen Yi politely: “I’m sorry, sir, this elevator has failed and needs repair.”


    Elevator door closed slowly.


    At the time when a mutant has entered the hotel, he saw Shen Yi’s figure disappear behind the elevator door. He turned and shouted: “He got into the elevator!”


    Another mutant looked at the lights on the elevator and immediately said: “He is going to the fourth floor!”


    Mutants went to the hotel, they were led by a man who was one of the two men and two women who stood behind Magneto at the port. That person shouted in low voice: “Surround the hotel, do not let him run! You, go to the exit. You, first go to the fourth floor to intercept, remember, do not be quick to use your gun when you haven’t seen him yet.”


    Two hotel security officers looked at a large group of people rushing in aggressive, coming about to say something, but a mutant has pinched the throat of one of them: “Hey kid, do not give yourself trouble, right now is a very special era!”


    Everyone in the hotel consciously stopped talking.


    Several mutants quickly ran up the stairs.


    Their speed were very fast, not using the normal way to run. Some jumped vertically like a monkey, each jump pass more than half of the floors. Some even used their hands and feet to run on the wall like a chameleon, while others simply ran on the handrails, as if sliding on the handrails in general, only took a moment to come to the top floor’s elevator exit.


    7-8 individuals at the same time pointed the guns at the elevator.


    As the elevator rose to four floors, the elevator door slowly opened.


    Empty as well.


    One of the mutants used the walkie-talkie right away: “George, he’s not here.”


    George, the mutant leader, stood downstairs, immediately turned back: “Larry, look for where he is.”


    A black mutant behind him nodded, his eyes glowing a strange light.


    His pupil reflected the internal structure of the building, with the rotation of the head, the screen kept changing: “This mouse is not easy to find.”


    “Try harder!”


    “Yes I’m working … let me see again … I see him!”


    “Where is he?”


    “What the hell, he’s on the top floor, right in the elevator, with a few of us,” Larry suddenly screamed.


    His pupil screen clearly saw a figure suddenly fly out of the elevator like lightning, and rushed into the crowd of mutants on the fourth floor. The figure was so fast, the left hand dagger flirted and crossed the throat of a mutant man, drawing a bloody arc while the gun in the figure’s right hand at the same time had spit fire and hit another mutant.


    All other mutants immediately jumped backwards, but the next moment, the rapid impact of the figure wasn’t stopped, it crashed into a mutant’s chest, dagger in its hand into that mutant chest, at the same time dragged that mutant to behind him to block the bullets, while using a foot stamped on the wall, have leapt into the sky.


    In the air, it made an elegant arc-shaped rotation, the dagger slid across a mutant’s head, and blood flew out of from the the brain, such as the blowout-like mad.


    When still on mid-air, that figure has continuously pulled the trigger, mercilessly killing the remaining mutants.


    When the figure touched the ground, all the mutants have all fallen …


    A bloody, merciless face appeared in Larry’s pupils.


    Larry, barely able to breathe, cried out: “They’re dead! They’re all dead!”


    “I saw it.” The mutants named George took a deep breath.


    The next moment, Shen Yi collected all weapons, then ran toward the other side of the channel.


    Larry shouted: “He is going to the top floor! I can not stand using my power anymore.”


    After saying that, the mutant closed his eyes and fell down.


    George shouted back: “What’s on the top floor?”


    A receptionist replied, horrified: “It is a revolving restaurant.”


    “Half of you come with me and everyone else continue to block here!” exclaimed George.


    A large number of mutants rushed toward the stairs, and ran toward the attic.




    Passing through a long passageway and turning a corner, Shen Yi opened the walkie-talkie and set the headset aside and continued toward the attic: “Jin Gang, how are you over there?”


    “Paulo is dead.”


    Shen Yi slightly startled: “How could this be?”


    In order to better focus on his fighting, he closed the reminder function of Bloody Crest, did not know it.


    “Your Cure Bullet can not heal Paulo, and the Booby’s cold currents have a very terrible effect, causing his internal organs to rupture and sustaining serious sustained damage… Lena they are very sad, Paulo tanked all Booby’s attacks for them. How are you?”


    When Shen Yi was going to answer, Bloody Crest prompted: “The distance to Jerry Lacios is more than 1 km range, the first warning, the first warning!”


    Shen Yi quickly said: “Jin Gang, don’t leave me more than three kilometers, or I will be dead! Now a large group of mutants are chasing me like a dog, Storm and other X-men have decided to watch, I am in a hotel with them encircled around me.”


    “Understand, where is your hotel? We’ll pick you up.”


    “William Martin Hotel, you’d better work out, mutants must have surrounded the entire hotel, and I need a detailed map of the hotel.”


    “Wen Rou, open the map.”


    Wen Rou talk came from the headset: “I’m opening the map, Shen Yi, tell me where you are right now in the hotel.”


    “On the way to the top floor.”


    “Ok … the top floor is a revolving restaurant, how did you get there?”


    “Take the elevator to the fourth floor, then walk through a promenade and go up the other side of the stairs, where there is a veranda.”


    The sound of Wen Rou click on the map came from the headset, a moment later she said: “Find your current location, the top floor has four entrances and exits, there is an entrance in the southwest, it is an emergency escape exit, the back is an alley. Go out from there, we should be able to meet you. “


    “Understand, how do I go to it?”


    “You move on, go upstairs to the left corner and turn right and you see that emergency exit.”


    Shen Yi quickly walked out of the stairs, according to Wen Rou’s instruction. After walking through two corners, came to a staircase, he clearly heard people chasing footsteps came from downstairs.


    Shen Yi quickly turned back: “This road was blocked, there are mutants came up from here.”


    “Damn!” Jin Gang came an angry shout.


    “I need a new route.” Shen Yi ran faster and faster, behind him are the mutants’ footsteps.


    “Go to the restaurant!” Wen Rou shouted: “There is a utility room in the revolving restaurant, go there and I tell you what to do!”


    “How do I get there?”


    “Just turn right where you got up and you will see a kitchen. Pass through the kitchen, you’ll come to a restaurant, there is a way to escape from there.”


    Shen Yi quickly went back to the original location, turned in the opposite direction, and saw a kitchen. He quickly walked to the kitchen, and at that time the mutant’s footsteps could be heard clearly from the staircase.


    They came up here.


    Shen Yi walked quickly to a refrigerator after the welt stand, a cook holding a cake looked surprised at the sight of him, Shen Yi placed the index finger on his mouth made a shushing gesture to him.


    A mutant just rushed over at this moment.


    Shen Yi turned his hand to grasp that mutant of the collar to carry him over, the other hand twisted that mutant’s neck.


    The chef was screaming. Shen Yi had loosened the mutant and blocked the cook ‘s mouth. He then dug a piece of cake into his mouth, smiled and said, “It tastes good.”


    He turned away.


    Two more mutant people rushed over and saw the body of the previous mutant and shouted back: “He is here!”


    Ten mutants rushed in, guns in their hand at the same time swept throughout the kitchen.

The bullets flew in the kitchen, all the chefs scrambled and crouched.


    “Shen Yi, how are you over there?”


    “Symphony is being staged.” Shen Yi inclined his head, a bullet flew past his face, hit a pan hanging next to him, issued Ding Dong melodious sound.


    A mutant shouted, gliding in the air and heading for Shen Yi, Shen Yi backhand waved, a cauldron flew over and pounded the mutant, hot oil in the pot is poured on his face. That mutant wailed, covered his face and fell to the ground, desperately rolling.


    Another mutant from the back quietly inched over, trying to give Shen Yi a fatal blow. Shen Yi suddenly turned around. Vampire Touch stabbed in that mutant’s skull then quickly pulled out, blood mixed with brain splashed all over his body.


    At least seven or eight mutants then rushed to Shen Yi. He bowed and rushed forward, numerous bullets came from behind him, followed by many sparks.


    The kitchen had a long stainless steel dining table, Shen Yi jumped onto the table and slid across it, all the food placed on the table came crashing down. Flying bullets grazed Shen Yi’s scalp as they flew over.


    Spirit Flame Gun in his hands were firing at the same time. Although his back was against the chasing crowd, the bullets that left the gun automatically changed trajectory, whistling towards there mutants who ran most ahead.


    Each of three mutant’s throat was hit by a bullet, three blood streams sprung out..


    One of them actually dropped a chest. Shen Yi made a push, then the long table immediately flew backwards, Shen Yi rolled over, grabbed the chest then ran toward the other side of the kitchen.


    Bullets chased after him, turning the entire kitchen into a battlefield.


    Shen Yi lifted a gas tank and flung it to the rear, the gas tank dropped to the group and rolled to the feet of several mutant people.


    Their expression greatly changed: “No!”


    Bullets of Spirit Flame Gun have been drilled into gas tanks.




    As the explosion exploded, the intense fire engulfed the entire kitchen.


    Wen Rou shouting next to the walkie-talkie, then throwing the walkie-talkie aside.


    “What’s the matter with you?” Shen Yi’s voice came from the walkie-talkie.


    “Nothing, I was shocked a bit. Remember to say ahead the next time you make such a racket, I just used Enhanced Hearing.” Wen Rou shouted.


    “I’m sorry, I went to the restaurant, where to go now?” Shen Yi went out of the kitchen, looked around.


    Guests in the sumptuous restaurant were watching in horror at the fire in the kitchen and Shen Yi, who just casually walked out from the flames.


    “There are two floors of the restaurant, customers go up and down through a small wooden ladder, have you seen it?”


    “I saw it.” Just glanced, Shen Yi remembered all the details here.


    “There is a door behind the spiral ladder, that is the utility room. Go in.”


    After the sound of the mutants was heard again, Shen Yi no longer hesitated, rushed to the small whirlpool mouth, passing the bar, easily remove a bottle of Louis XIV, smiled at a beautiful female receptionist: “My servants will pay for this. “


    “Where’s your servants?” The terrified female reception instinctively asked.


    Shen Yi used his thumbs to point to a corner behind him, where three or four mutants were looking around.


    The next moment, Shen Yi has quickly walked to the small rotating door, pushed it and went in.


    He looked around and said: “I went to the utility room, there is no way out of here.”


    “There is a vent above the utility room, climb in.”


    “Hell, that’s not the way.”


    “That’s the way for you.”


    “… Well …” Shen Yi casually put the bottle into Bloody Crest, pulled the iron fence on the vents, and then jumped into the vent pipe mouth, while shouting at the headset: “Tell me: Where does this pipe go? “


    “You do not like the answer,” laughed Wen Rou: “This is a garbage dump exit.”


    “… ” Shen Yi helplessly let go, sliding down the pipe.


    Just then, the door to the utility room was kicked open again, and the lead mutant, George Kinnear, watched as Shen Yi slipped down the pipe. He roared and followed after ,jumping into the pipe.


    While Shen Yi jumped down feet first, George Kinnear jumped down head first.


    While Kinnear slid down the pipe, the gun in his hand fired toward Shen Yi crazily.


    Shen Yi’s body even flashed a few white light, Bullet-proof item’s consumption dropped rapidly. Shen Yi turned his gun toward George, but the next scene immediately surprised him. Suddenly, the whole body of George became as flat as if a sheet of paper, slid down against the pipe, and all of Shen Yi’s bullets passed over him.


    “Damn!” Shen Yi saw the shots did not hit, this time they have slipped into the first corner, Shen Yi suddenly disappeared in the eyes of Georgie figure.


    The line of the pipeline was extremely complicated, with many bends and turns, two people falling in tandem could not be seen for a long time.


    Shen Yi shouted at the headset, “There is a guy who can make his body very flat and follow me into the pipe! He is an important man beside Magneto. Ask Jerry who the guy is.”


    A moment later, Wen Rou replied: “George Kinnear, rubber man, the former US Marines, has good fighting techniques. In a combat training, he found his body appeared weird symptoms, his body becomes very bouncy, can unload external attacks, but also to  lengthening flatten… like Mr.Fantastic in Fantastic Four.”


    “Good ability. Now this guy chasing me in the pipe, hell, he slipped faster than me!”


    Shen Yi looked up to see the top, saw George Kinnear come straight towards himself – in order to speed up the guy actually let his body become more slender.


    Out of the first corner of the curve, George Kinnear came to Shen Yi’s head, both saw the other at the same time, and mutually fired at each other. Shen Yi turned his head, George Kinnear’s muzzle pointing at his face spat out a flaming tongue, burning arrogance that almost to cooked his face, while Shen Yi’s bullet grazed George Kinnear’s flat body and flew over. Two people at the same time with the other hand grabbed each other’s gun hand. Shen Yi grabbed the right wrist of Georgie Kinnear, but felt the wrist suddenly became slippery, the entire arm suddenly extended, longer a few times than the original length, while the muzzle has once again aligned Shen Yi’s head. Just in the moment Kinnear wanted to pull the trigger, Shen Yi hit him with the head, the collision made Kinnear lose his grip on the gun, the gun dropped out, and slipped down the pipeline with loud echoes.


    However, Shen Yi also took a hit of George Kinnear, whose arm was like a whip which severely lashed on his hand, the Spirit Flame Gun was beaten away from his palm.


    Two people at the same time lost a gun, rapidly falling in the pipe while entangled with each other, they rampaged in the pipeline, exchanging blows. The whole building only echoed with a rumbling sound from top to bottom, it made people outside dumbfounded.


    In the pipeline, Shen Yi had fallen into a crisis.


    Georgie Kinnear’s two arms wrapped around Shen Yi like a snake. At the same time, his whole body moved like a python, tied Shen Yi’s body as a rope. Originally two people fell separately, now it has become a Georgie Kinnear wrapped Shen Yi to fall together.


    “You’re already dead!” Georgie Kinnear watched her growl and laugh.


    At the moment his body tied Shen Yi, only his head and Shen Yi was parallel, watching Shen Yi struggled, he exposed a grating laugh.


    He suddenly opened his mouth, it was immensely enlarged in an instant, as if a horrible cave. His mouth was so wide that Shen Yi could barely see his face because all his face bones had been squeezed behind his head.


    “Hong Lang, this guy can be more big-mouth than you!” Shen Yi murmured.


    Seeing that George Kinnear was going to bite, Shen Yi suddenly bump into his teeth, the pain made him issued a loud cry, and didn’t see electric light glowed on Shen Yi’s left hand.


    Thunder Strike!


    Because of George Kinnear’s body completely close to Shen Yi, he couldn’t avoid this skill.


    Being hit by the skill, George Kinnear screamed loudly in pain, his whole body pumping up, the elongated body quickly returned to the original shape. The two finally separated. However, although the attack was fierce, it did not cause any fatal injury to him. The Level 4 mutants was not only stronger than the general mutant in terms of ability, but also significantly strengthened in physique and constitution.


    The thunderous plumbing fall finally came to an end, and the two fell into a big trash one after the other.


    A heap of plastic bags completely submerged the two people.


    George Kinnear shouted, a punch came towards the face of Shen Yi, Shen Yi grabbed his feet and pulled, but it suddenly twisted and slipped out. Shen Yi was stunned for a moment, Kinnear has been laughing and made another punch. Shen Yi blocked with his right hand, Vampire Touch in his left hand severely stabbed Kinnear’s lower abdomen. But he didn’t expect that Kinnear’s body was stretched like a rubber band to the rear, the dagger simply could not reach him.


    Kinnear shouted and kicked towards Shen Yi’s chest. At the same time, Shen Yi also kicked to Kinnear’s neck, made his head twisted a few rounds, and then turn around again.


    Kinnear shook his head a few times, it was clear that although this particular way of rotation didn’t harm him, it still made him feel dizzy.


    Shen Yi fell back to the garbage heap, Kinnear smiled and rushed over, fierce punch hit Shen Yi, then he grabbed Shen Yi’s neck and shouted: “I once went to a cinema, an old woman desperately nagging behind, it annoyed me! So I looked back at her, of course, my body did not move.”


    Kinnear proudly laughed: “She was scared to death! Haha, I want to twist off your neck, so that you can take a full look at your butt, I guess you have never seen it in your entire life! “


    “I never wanted to see that disgusting stuff,” said Shen Yi coldly.


    He suddenly grabbed Kinnear’s body, jumped out of garbage and threw him to behind.


    In the air, Kinnear still arrogantly laughed: “It’s useless, you can not kill me!”


    However, the next moment, he was stunned to find his foothold turned out to be a mixer, the huge entrance below like a mouth waiting to devour himself.


    “Oh, no!” Kinnear desperate shrieked into the machine, when Shen Yi threw the Vampire Touch, hit the mixer’s switch.


    The machine started in a loud roar, accompanied by the screams of Kinnear.


    When the mixer exported, a lot of bloody water and meat came out.


    “The next time let the old lady look at this.” Shen Yi coldly said.


    The moment he fell from the pipe, he saw the mixer outside the bin. Innate Talent greatly enhanced his ability to observe the surrounding things, but also to make his memory more accurate indeed. Shen Yi, completely by virtue of the location of the mixer in the memory, throwing out George, easily solved this troublesome guy.


    After Kinnear was killed, there was a chest on the ground, Shen Yi pick up the chest, searched the trash to find out his Spirit Flame Gun, and then recovered the Vampire Touch, finally walked away from the garbage disposal room.


    In the alley outside the building, Wen Rou’s group and their car has been waiting outside the lane, lying next to the body of several mutant people.


    Shen Yi jumped onto the car: “Next time, point me a better way.”


    Next to him, Wen Rou wrinkled her cute little nose: “I think so too… You are too smelly.”

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