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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 44

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Book 3 Chapter 44: Preparations

58th hours.

    The Land Rover flew along the road, the Ferrari following right behind.


    Unfortunately, Paulo was gone.


    “Now you can talk about your secret, right?” Wen Rou suddenly said.


    “What?” Shen Yi confused.


    He was busy changing his clothes. He threw away the dirty clothes and replaced them with a new set of Armani clothing.


    He also readily opened two chests from Kinnear and one other mutant.


    Shen Yi just threw a glance at Jin Gang in annoyance: “Really unlucky. In addition to an Energy Sphere, there are only a bundle of yellow explosives in Kinnear’s chest. The other chest has three bundles of yellow explosives. They’re all benefits for you. “


    Jin Gang giggled and unceremoniously used the Energy Sphere as his Psychic Energy increased to 210 points.


    Wen Rou stared at him: “Do not change the topic, how did you do it? How did you kill the adventurer outside the palm forest, and how did you see Kurt Wagner’s teleport direction?”


    “Ah, that’s the matter … …” Shen Yi nodded. He thought for a moment and said: “It’s a fee-based answer.”


    Wen Rou winded up the whip to do a potential action to Shen Yi as Shen Yi shouted: “Ok, ok, I’ll talk. I awakened my Innate Talent.”


    Everybody looked at Shen Yi simultaneously.


    Jin Gang smashed the steering wheel: “I should have thought of it, you are entering a Innate Talent awakening period. But what is your Innate Talent, and how do you do that?”


    Shen Yi explained his Innate Talent, Jin Gang and others listened in amazement.


    Hong Lang grinned: “I knew your brain is good, even your Innate Talent is also related to the brain. That means you can instantly see, record and learn a lot of things, so you can fight like that guy in the North ? “


    Shen Yi immediately replied: “It’s not just a simple copy of behavior, but must also be trained through continuous fighting, master and improve, I had just started. My attacks may look fancy, but in fact, the damage is very low, killing opponents is entirely dependent on the effect of the weapon.”


    Wen Rou asked: “How did you see through Kurt Wagner’s movement?”


    Shen Yi shrugged his shoulders: “This is thanks to Innate Talent giving me the ability to grasp the details. I can observe his actions far more than he imagined. But the most important reason is that he should not have fought with me one on one. “


    “Isn’t fighting one on one unfavorable for you?”


    “On the contrary, it isn’t when against him.” Shen Yi laughed: “Do not forget what ability this guy has, he can freely move to anyplace. For him, dealing with one person or dealing with four people has no difference, he does not have to care about how many enemies he faces. When he attacked all four of us at the same time, nobody knew who his next target would be, so I couldn’t predict his next move, but when he dealt with me alone it was different. “


    Wen Rou’s eyes lit up and shouted: “He wants to deal with you, so no matter how he jumped, he couldn’t jump far from you, isn’t it?”


    Shen Yi smiled: “Yes, this factor had virtually bound his mobile position. Do not forget I was still sitting in the car, which further limits his possible positions.”


    “Even so, you still had no reason to predict every move of his, especially at the end, he jumped out of the car.”


    Shen Yi blinked at Wen Rou: “Oh, that depended on another thing. I knew that he can only teleport to places he can immediately see.”


    In the X-men 2, Professor X was hijacked by Stryker to kill all mutants. It was Kurt Wagner who used his ability to send himself and Storm pass the metal gate and rescue Professor X. Before that, he had said that he could only teleport to places he had seen before, or he might well have sent himself into a wall.


    Although that time he had resolutely teleported to behind the door where he could not see, but after all, it was a calculated risk-taking behavior.


    In normal combat, Kurt Wagner would never do the same. So in this case, if Shen Yi wanted to know Kurt Wagner’s next teleport position, the thing he needed to do was very simple: capture each other’s eyes.


    At a very young age, Shen Yi and Qing Qing had created a quiz game. Qing Qing would hide a coin in her hand, and then Shen Yi would guess which hand held the coin.


    It was at that time that Shen Yi discovered that every time Qing Qing showed her two hands, she would unconsciously look at the hand which held the coin. Through this eye-catching capture, Shen Yi hit the coin to record the best bet.


    However, this method of eye-catching is only useful to children, adults are better at hiding their eyes.


    But Kurt Wagner was different.


    Every time he teleported, he must ensure that the area is within his field of vision. This was already an instinctive habit. Otherwise, his ability could bring great harm to himself.


    Of course, a person had a very wide field of vision. With a look, a person could accommodate a wide range of distances, so that alone was impossible to predict the movement of Kurt Wagner.


    However, due to Kurt Wagner having fought Shen Yi one-on-one, he could only appear on Shen Yi’s sides, so his teleportation position immediately became extremely limited. Shen Yi could easily catch Kurt Wagner, most likely due to being able to predict possible teleport location, and quickly respond.


    As for the final hit using the car to crash into Kurt Wagner, it was coupled with some psychological analysis.


    Three moves had been captured accurately by Shen Yi, that made Kurt Wagner lose confidence. Shen Yi figured out his psychological state, plus he could pinpoint the next position in the windshield window in front of him. Kurt Wagner couldn’t attack him when he moved to that position, so Shen Yi knew he must want to run.


    A lot of things looked strange, but when put bluntly, were very simple.


    Hearing Shen Yi’s answer, everyone rolled their eyes.


    In the fierce battle to capture another’s eyes, this kind of thing sounded simple, but only Shen Yi who had Delicacy Innate Talent would feel relaxed.


    Hong Lang gave an “incredible” look at Shen Yi: “So to say bluntly … not only have you a very observant ability, you can even review the memory you saw before rewinding it like a tape, and from a variety of angles?”


    Shen Yi nodded.


    “Can you see what you have not seen in your field of vision?”


    “Not tried yet.”


    Hong Lang quickly asked: “For example, you are in a room, I was in another room, you can see what happened to my room?”


    Shen Yi replied: “I guess it is impossible.”


    Hong Lang relieved: “That is the best, otherwise my privacy would disappear.”


    “But as now I sit in the back row, you sit in the front row, even without three-dimensional memory, I can see something I might not have seen, such as … …”




    “Your pants zipper is opened.”


    Hong Lang looked down, issued a weird cry, hastily pulled his pants zipper up.


    Everyone in the car burst out in laughter.


    The laughter spread to Lena’s ear.


    Her face became darker.


    Suddenly she accelerated the car, passing the Land Rover and parked the Ferrari in the middle of the road, blocking the way.


    Jin Gang hurriedly hit the brake, the two car almost dangerously hit each other.


    “Hey, girl, what are you doing?” Hong Lang shouted.


    Shen Yi patted Hong Lang’s shoulder and whispered: “They just lost a companion, we are laughing loudly … We still have to learn to understand each other.”



    Lena pushed the car door and went out.


    Her cold eyes staring at Shen yi said: “If I propose that our cooperation stops here, you would not be surprised right?”


    Shen Yi sighed and walked out of the car, standing in of front Lena, he said: “I know just what we are wrong, for Paulo’s death, I feel sad …”


    “You do not care at all!” Lena exclaimed in a loud voice, “Do not talk to me in such a hypocritical tone, for you we are just a group of people who can be taken advantage of!”


    Shen Yi looked at Lena, the blonde’s breathe was more intense because of anger, thus her boobs constantly went up and down, looking so sexy.


    Thinking, Shen Yi nodded: “You know that lie is a communication tool of human. It can help us to do many things without any price. Sometimes people will be immersed in the feeling of achievement when having cheated opponents, and forget that lie is also a double-edged sword; when the lies used to treat their own people, it will in turn hurt us ourselves. Fortunately, you promptly remind me, I just lied … I am not feeling sorry for his death. “


    “Because you’ve never treated him, or more precisely, us, as friends?”


    “No,” contrary to Lena’s expected, Shen Yi shook his head seriously: “I do not deny that at first I only thought of using you. Although I think it is fair, because I gave you way out, but I really do not see you as friends. But that is the past. You know that people are humane, not only because we can treat things rationally, but also because we can treat things emotionally. Meet, get along, together in the process of fighting, gradually become acquainted with each other,  slowly understand other, develop friendship and even love, that’s how strangers eventually become good friends.”


    “You mean you’ve treated us as good friends?” Vener asked incredulously.


    “Maybe not yet, but at least we are no longer each other’s opponent, isn’t it?” Shen Yi asked.


    Lena was speechless.


    Shen Yi continued: “I feel regret but not sadness at Paulo’s death, not because I did not treat him as a friend, but because we have neither time nor effort to taste negative emotions such as sorrow and sadness. The contradiction of human beings is that on the one hand we are dominated by our emotions and on the other hand we are dominated by rationalism. In our original world, we would always feel more emotional than we are rational, but here we must go in. No matter how sad is the death of a comrade, we must all understand … That is our last destination. “


    “The final destination?” Lena stared Shen Yi.


    Shen Yi nodded: “Yes, this is the ultimate fate of everyone here, the only difference is that who can go further, so we have neither have time to be sad, nor is it necessary. One day, sooner or later, we will die. In this place, a selfish person will choose to be responsible only to himself, the better ones will choose to be responsible for the living friends, and only short-lived idiots will choose to take responsible even for the dead. Paulo is dead, he can not and should not affect anyone here, so I will not be sorry for him. If you do not accept this answer and still insist on leaving … I will not stop you.”


    Saying that, Shen Yi stepped back a few steps, and leaned on the Land Rover, quietly watched Lena.


    Lena’s eyes at this moment showed a little confusion.


    She was obviously hesitating.


    Just then, Lake strode out of the car, Shen Yi frowned and knew it was not good.


    Sure enough, Lake said loudly: “Lena do not listen to him, he just wants to keep letting us work for him. We don’t need to care about them.”


    “Work for us?” Hong Lang glared at the big-eyed monster: “You gang of American mums, leaning on us when you want to earn killing points, and now want to dump us in trouble. Why don’t you f*****g tell “we don’t need to care” before? Really a f*****g group of ungrateful bastards. “




    Shen Yi really wanted to give bad-mouthful Hong Lang a punch.


    Sure enough, Hong Lang’s words made Verena’s face slightly change, and she sneered: “Oh, is it? In your eyes, are we the dog behind your butt? Lake is right, and we really do not need to continue this cooperation, because we do not have a dog’s consciousness. Shen Yi, you are right. In Bloody City, human’s rationality should be greater than emotionality, shouldn’t it? Magneto is chasing you, not us! That Hidden Quest is yours, it does not matter to us, and as long as we are separated from you guys, we are not in danger. People always make choices that are in keeping with their own interests, right? The friendship between us has not reached the point of life and death, so we don’t necessarily to risk our lives for your own benefit! “


    Hong Lang was going to continue to refute, Shen Yi cried: “Enough! Do not be noisy!”


    He gave a deadly glare to Hong Lang, Hong Lang immediately shut up. Wen Rou came to whisper to Hong Lang’s ear: “You stupid, even if it’s the truth you shouldn’t say in that way. Now you made them mad.”


    Hong Lang rolled his eyes, pretending not to hear.


    Shen Yi sighed, raising his hand and said: “Well, congratulations for you Lena, you calmed down from the anger, from the emotion into the rational. When you were angry you wanted to leave, when you calmed down you also wanted to leave. I just solved the angry you, now I’m going to persuade the calm you, is that right? “


    Lena shook her body: “Yes, although the reasons are different, the result is the same. I admit that my decision to leave just now because of your laughter is childish, but now I think the decision itself still brings us great benefit, isn’t it?”


    “Indeed, but I’m afraid that things are not as simple as you think. You should not walk away.”


    Feller also jumped out of the car: “Are you going to kill us?”


    “You can’t worth to be our opponent …” Hong Lang just opened his mouth and was stopped by Jin Gang. Shen Yi turned back to Hong Lang: “From now on don’t talk when I am having a conversation. Now shut up or Jin Gang will knock all your teeth out.”


    “Happy to comply.” Jin Gang smiled and said, cracked his fists.


    Looking back, Shen Yi said: “I will not fight with you, and if you want to leave, we will not block you by force. I just want to tell you one thing before you leave. “


    Lena stomped, Lake and Feller also cried out at the same time: “Do not listen to this guy, we must go now.”


    “Just listen to him,” Lena said quickly.


    Lake shouted: “Maybe we can’t leave after listening to him! That guy is very cunning.”


    Lena looked at Shen Yi, Shen Yi’s mouth showing a faint smile, apparently he did not mind.


    He knew they would listen to what he said.


    After all, during the period of cooperation, although they did not gain many benefits, they did not have any losses.


    Lena sighed: “In fact, you also want to hear what he said, right?”


    Lake and Feller bowed their heads at the same time.


    “Well, what are you trying to say?” Lena asked.


    Shen Yi immediately said: “If you leave now, I can promise that in the next fifteen hours, either Western Region falls to the last one, all of you will be dismissed, or you guys re-enter the list of dismissed, result in dead too.”




    Speaking of the ability to boast, if Shen Yi named himself second, nobody would dare to be named the first.


    This sentence made everyone look at each other.


    Lena stared at Shen Yi and slightly bit her lip: “Tell me why. Because you look down on us? Think we are incompetent? Without you we can no longer hunt mutants?”


    “No,” Shen Yi shook his head: “It is because the speed of others will have greatly improved.”


    Lena was shocked, Shen Yi quickly explained: “Sometimes rivals may not only be rivals, the same can be friends, such as you; when we face a crisis, from another perspective to think, sometimes we would have unexpected findings “


    Lena frowned: “I do not understand what you mean.”


    “There are less than 11 hours left, the competition mission is coming to an end. I believe that there are a lot of people who are in a hurry. Different from the beginning of the mission, at that time we also have time to catch up, so nobody would provoke the untouchables. However, with less and less time remaining, some have no choice but touch the untouchables. The only problem is that even if they want to, finding them isn’t an easy problem itself … New York is big, isn’t it? “


    Speaking of this, Shen Yi laughed: “So if at this time someone gave them news, like … I know when and where Magneto will appear, you say, what will be the consequences?”


    Lena’s expression was greatly changed.


    Shen Yi added quickly: “Southern Region people will certainly come over, they are now the last one. Unlike us, they are not afraid to deal with Magneto, not afraid to deal with his large group of men, there is hope better than completely despair. Hopefully, there will be some people in the North, now they have 21 adventurers, ranking No. 2 in the list of region, and if that situation does not change then 11 of them will be dismissed at the end of the mission. People do not want to face this situation, they have to take risks. Western Region has 17 people, but only five people are eligible to live, and there are three in front of me right now. In other words, there are 12 people who have no choice but to bet one last time, they must also come in. The last is the Eastern District, all the adventurers who are still on the list of to be dismissed will not miss this opportunity. Yes, if I guess right, some adventurers who are not on the list of dismissed may also come. Because they know very well that the lists are changing all the time, and those who rank behind them may be able to replace them at any moment. In short, as long as I say the word, I can put the vast majority of adventurers in this world to side with me against Magneto and his men, turning them into my cannon fodder, my soldiers! Of course, the consequence is that the leaderboards will have huge changes, and no one knows what the result would be. But what about the difference for the dying ones? Have you ever seen a drowning man? When people are drowning, they struggle so hard to grasp everything they can grasp. It can save them or not, that is unimportant, what important is that people do not miss out on any chance of survival. Probably, the chances of surviving when calling reinforcements are definitely greater than the chances of surviving when no reinforcements are called. For me, also for them … “


    Lena’s face became ugly.


    “You bastard!” Lake shouted.


    “You can not inform them,” Lena cried. “You do not even know where they are!”


    Shen Yi come up with the megaphone: “Look, this is predestination too, fate let us get this seemingly useless item, but now it has become our life-saving straw, those competitors actually became our … it’s ridiculous, but real, reinforcements. “


    Lena’s face was completely lost color.


    Feller cried: “I really want to kill you now, bastard! Do you want to let us die?”


    Shen Yi sneered: “Oh, yes? You seem to have forgotten what we are here to do.We are to hunt the mutants instead of being hunted by the mutants! When we see them, we should be like wolves and rush over, not run away like a dog! You seem to forget that killing point is something everyone is longing for. Whenever anyone gets a chance, they will not miss it. Are you afraid, but want others to also be scared? No, it’s a very naive idea. Do you know who is most afraid of change? The ones who already benefited, and you are so afraid of change that you neglect the essence of a competition is to race against others. You want to stop, that is your problem, don’t blame it on anyone. I just accepted my fate, made the choice in line with my interests, and left the rest to fate!”


    Lake sprang and pointed at Shen Yi: “I knew we should not listen to this bastard! See, he took us all! He is a devil! He plotted against all of us. He takes the benefits, gives us the losses. The last time, to save his companions he was also like this. This time it’s still the same thing. When we are on the dismissed list we have to work for him, and when we escape the dismissed list we still have to work for him! This bastard, he provoked trouble, took the Hidden Quest, but we need to help him complete it and we don’t get any benefits. He directed all this!”


    “No, you directed all of this.” Shen Yi loudly said: “If you had not decided to leave, we could have had a wonderful cooperation. Mutants are chasing us, we no longer have to worry about finding mutants! We can know each other more through battle, trust each other more, our friendship can become more profound, I can even treat you as true friends! When we see other adventurers rush to rescue at the most critical juncture, We would cheer rather than getting angry! Unfortunately, you put the issue back to the rational point of view, the interests of the gains and losses, and decided to go. The original plan of calling reinforcements becomes the plan to force you to stay. The same situation, because you have made different choices, the properties of the situation has completely changed! Speak from your heart, is this my fault or yours?!”


    Shen Yi said this loudly as he roared.


    Lena was dumbfounded, speechless.


    It was ridiculous to think about it.


    In fact, Shen Yi had a self-help plan, but because of their attitude change, the self-help program plan turned into a threatening plan.


    No wonder why Shen Yi would be so annoyed.


    Wen Rou whispered to Hong Lang’s ears: “You are also at fault, idiot.”


    Hong Lang closed his mouth, not speaking.


    Lena depressed to cry: “You will no longer trust us, right?”


    Shen Yi said: “No, you still have a last chance, but do not let me down again.”


    Lena: “How about you? How many chances do you think Magneto would give us?”


    “That, you have to ask him.” Shen Yi turned back to point at Fatty.


    Behind them, Fatty wore a mask, standing stiff and straight.


    His voice was dull and emotionless: “We … can win.”



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