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Infinity Armament – Book 3 Chapter 9

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Book 3 Chapter 9: Killing Contest in New York (Part 3)


The time entered the 8th hour.


A hummer on the street roared past from time to time, as Wen Rou still searched for targets with the telescope.


Hong Lang was always concerned about the ranking list on the Bloody Crest.


Fortunately, in this period of time, the increase in Killing Points was limited. The top ten adventurers also seemed to have lost their good fortune and their performance rose slowly.


This made Hong Lang lose his anxiousness.


When someone’s performance was not good, watching other people’s performance was equally bad; it was undoubtedly one of the greatest psychological comforts.


Especially in the case when the performance was related to their own property and life.


The Hummer entered the Brooklyn area, almost officially entering the urban areas of New York.


Brooklyn was once a famous black settlement. Because of the low level of education, it used to be the area that had the highest crime rate in the United States. Many people viewed it as the origin of chaos, dirtiness, and sin. With the changing times and social development, Brooklyn has gradually improved their notoriety; although the blacks here were still hostile towards foreign races. Nevertheless, with the emergence of mutants, racism was abundant yet again, with even the blacks involved in this new race war.


Perhaps because of the history of black slavery, the black people were always hateful of racism. Compared to the whites, a considerable number of black people had sympathy and even a supportive attitude for the mutants. The consequence was that the effect of the war in the Brooklyn area was minimal.


Brooklyn’s street layout was like a chessboard, neat and orderly. Many streets were named with numbers, broad commercial streets on both sides branched out of many quiet residential streets, houses had a variety of styles, but within each street, the architectural style was often more consistent. Other than some apartments reaching six stories, the general homes here were mostly two-story buildings. A tree for shade in the large houses, a fairy-tale flavor of the spire in small houses, a practical double-row in townhouses. The colonial style of the arch, the classic style of the fine column, the Victorian-style of the windows, heavy luxury-brownstone, and so on. These different styles were colorful, clean, and beautiful, with more than a hundred years of history. They were like models who wore classic clothes, had the vicissitudes of life without losing its gorgeousness. Walking in the streets and alleys, people was leisurely enjoying the scenery. Looking at the front yard of each family, that was filled with an ingenuity decorate of safflower and green grass, that was unintentionally scattered in artistic pieces here and there, gave a feeling that left you satisfied and joyful.


The Hummer slowed down on the streets of Brooklyn. Although New York City has now become withered and broken under the destruction of the war, Brooklyn, which was known as the Tree Cities among many areas, remained an intact scene – Among the chaos of New York, this became the best places of law and order. Saying this, it was kind of ironic.


Shen Yi sat in the car. As he watched the scenery of the street, he suddenly pointed to a restaurant and said, “I have eaten at that restaurant.”


Wen Rou put down the telescope to look at Shen Yi.


“Two years ago I went to New York on business, a guy introduced me to this place. A black man went all the way to China to learn Chinese food, came back and opened a Chinese restaurant. Can you imagine it? Most Chinese restaurants are authentic, but their business is not so good, yet his was. I’ve been there a few times, and we became friends… I just saw him standing in front of the restaurant.” Shen Yi smiled at Wen Rou.


Wen Rou tilted her head, thinking, then replied, “Do you think if you went there now, would he still remember you?”


Shen Yi’s eyes showed a trace of doubt. “I don’t know…”


He smiled and shook his head, “No, it’s not possible, it’s not the world we’ve been through and familiar with, they just look alike…-” he glanced at Wen Rou, “-A group of NPCs.”


Wen Rou opened her mouth, wanting to say reply, but could say nothing after all.


Shen Yi watched the restaurant fall behind the car, eyes full of sadness – If people in the mission world were just a group of NPCs, then the adventurers themselves? What were they?


No one could answer.


Indulgent thoughts… Clearing his mind, he patted the shoulder of Jin Gang. “Stop here, I’ll go to inquire and see if there is any news.”


“Are you sure you can inquire about the information you want?” Jin Gang had some doubts.


The location they were currently stopped at the moment was called 230 Street.


Street names in New York are marked with numbers, extending from First Avenue to hundreds of places. Such as the famous Fifth Avenue fashion and so on.


230 Street was the Brooklyn area’s well-known street, not because of its downtown, but because of its chaotic nature.


Before the war between mutants and humans, it was a famous place for chaotic gang fights. There were more than 20 killings, kidnappings, thefts, and countless other cases in the 230 streets every year. In the famous film ‘Die Hard 3’, Bruce Willis played a New York policeman who in this area was stripped of  everything except a pair of underwear, while on his body was hanging a sign saying; “I hate Nigger.” He was almost killed by the local black people.


This moment, facing Jin Gang puzzled eyes, Shen Yi smiled.


He said softly: “A chaotic house will often also have well-informed people.”


A nightclub was on the corner of the street.


In the days of war, hundred of industries withered, but nightclubs were a form of entertainment that was almost unaffected. When people did not have enough money to travel to the beach to see the beauty of the sand and waves under the sun, getting drunk became one of the most economical ways of entertainment.


Especially those gangster, they did not care about the future. For them, spending the time to enjoy everyday was the goal of their life.


The nightclub played sweet music. In front of the big stage, a large group of dancers were singing and dancing, while girls in three-piece rabbit costumes were carrying wine trays around, catering to the guest’s needs. Everywhere guests hugged the girls and loudly joked, cigars in their hands with smoke lazily curling around.


Shen Yi walked to the bar, taking out ten dollars. “Something to drink.”


The bartender quickly made Shen Yi a martini.


This money, Shen Yi exchanged in Bloody City before entering the mission, compared to those who entered the task world after their first adventurer, he preferred to use some soft way to solve the problem. 1 BP could be exchanged for 20 dollars. RMB and USD conversion ratio was a fixed rate of 5 to 1. When Shen Yi first heard this, he laughed and said this is the future forecast of the Bloody City of RMB appreciation, but Wen Rou said the forecast would somehow be little.


“Would you like something more, sir?” The bartender asked with a gracious smile.


Shen Yi readily picked up ten dollars and handed it over to the bartender’s hands. “Answer a question of mine, why don’t you?”


“That depends on what the question is.” The bartender was careful not to take the money.


“I want to know who the most informed people are.”


The bartender’s face showed some awkwardness, Shen Yi thought, as the bartender whispered into his ear, “If it is not too urgent, it’s best not to find him, as that person should not be messed with.”


“You just have to answer the question.”


“Plus ten dollars,” replied the bartender.


Taking twenty dollars, the bartender put the money in his pocket quickly, and then rubbed the table with a rag, saying, “No.3 seat, Mr. Mobley, but if asked,  I will not admit that I told you. “


“Understood.” Shen Yi nodded.


Walking around in the nightclub, Shen Yi found a position to sit down.


From here he could see No.3’s seat. Through the hanging bead, he could vaguely see a middle-aged man, his right arm hugging a woman. Outside the box also stood two muscle men, on their naked arm were large tattoos.


Shen Yi spent a while watching that middle-aged man, and after a while, a female came to his side. “Sir, do you need something?”


Shen Yi readily removed a stack of money to put it in the hands of women. “Choose a good bottle of wine, and bring it to the No. 3 seat of Mr. Mobley.”


“What do I need to say when I bring it?” The girl was very clever.




The girl took the money and left.


Not long after, a bottle of high-grade red wine was delivered to the No. 3 seat.


The middle-aged man was surprised, asked a few question, and after getting the answer, he looked at the distant Shen Yi.


Seeing this, Shen Yi toasted towards the man to pay tribute.


It was not long before the girl came to Shen Yi’s side, and said, “Mr. Mobley has asked for you to come.”




The No. 3 seat, Mobley, was coldly staring at Shen Yi.


This was a cold face. With just a single look, it was enough to know what kind of person he was.


Mobley was a famous godfather here, mainly being responsible for dirty sales. This kind of life required contact with many people who are criminals. He was particularly well-informed about both the light and dark sides of life, so occasionally he did some news trafficking business.


After a moment of Shen Yi sitting opposite of him, he hugged the girl closer.


“Do you know why I had this man called over? Not because he had me brought $800 worth of wine, but because he did not make any demands in the process. You know that in this world, finding a bunch of freaks is easy, but to find a selfless and unrequited person is very hard. “He was facing the girl, but his eyes were still focused on Shen Yi. “I believe he is not the kind of person who does not seek a return, in fact, I also don’t want to talk with that kind of people. It means our friend really has something to ask me, and he is very bold and confident. Alas, he apparently still looked down on this Mobley, he should have used $3000 of wine to attract my attention.”


Mobley pointed to the wine on the table. “This bottle of wine can make you sit in front of me, but as long as you say something that makes me unhappy, I will immediately get my men to throw you out.”


Shen Yi smiled. “I never thought to use eight hundred dollars in exchange for Mr. Mobley’s lunch time. Although you are not Warren Buffett, in some ways, I can also go out for lunch with you if it’s a good price, especially for those of you who are such well-informed.”


“You know that,” Mobley muttered, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Then tell me, what do you want to know?”


“The news about the mutants.”


“If it’s an ordinary news, get out of this box and go ask anyone.”


“What about where they are and how to find them?”


“That may not be ordinary news.” Mobley narrowed his eyes, the thick cigar in his mouth let out a few mouthfuls of smoke, and after blowing a smoke ring, he replied. “Ten days ago, some of them had bought a batch of arms at Lehman Brothers company, and one of them was identified as a mutant. One of my dudes watched the whereabouts of the weapons, and he got an address.”


“I want that address.”


Mobley gave a puzzled look to Shen Yi. Thinking, he put his cigar in the ashtray that was front of Shen Yi, and then slowly said, “I do not know who you are, and I am not interested. I do not even want to know what the relation between you and the bunch of mutants is. If you want to get the news from me, fine, three hundred thousand dollars.”


“Three hundred thousand dollars?” Shen Yi smiled. “Not cheap.”


“Even if the FBI come, it will still be the price.”


“No.” Shen Yi shook his head, “If the FBI come, they will throw you a copy of the information about all the crime you have done over the years, enough to put you in prison for the rest of your life. And then you will take the initiative to tell them all they want to know, in exchange for you to continue to enjoy a comfortable life, including continuing to drain customers like me.”


Mobley laughed while looking at the woman next to him, with his fingers holding the cigar pointing at Shen Yi. “I like this guy.”


Then he slammed his hand on the table and shouted, “Either take the money out or get out of here! For the sake of the wine, I’m giving you one last chance to get out of here with your own legs.”


Shen Yi said, “I forgot to tell you the reason why I gave you a bottle of wine worth eight hundred dollars. Not because I want to use it in exchange for your lunch time, but because I found that this New York and the New York I had expected have differences: This is a messy time, and money, while still useful, is no longer in a dominant position. There is something more valuable than money, and the cost is low. It has little significance to me, so I can give you a more generous number, use it as compensation.”




“Yes.” Shen Yi laughed.


His attack was fast as lightning, a hand held down Mobley’s head, pressing it down into a fruit bowl. Outside, Mobley’s bodyguards heard the commotion, turned and saw the situation, and were about to speak out, when Shen Yi’s left hand extended, grabbed one of the bodyguard’s neck, left thumb pressed to the side of the Adam’s apple. The man fell down unconscious to the ground. The other man was about to draw his gun, when Shen Yi trampled on his foot, his right hand caught his collar, pulled him down, and knocked him on the head, making him faint.


This set of attacks was so smooth flowing, that Shen Yi did not even stand up, but still easily took out Mobley’s two bodyguards. The woman who was sitting beside Mobley had just reacted, and was about to scream, when Shen Yi put his finger in her mouth, making a silencing gesture.


Lifting Mobley up, he noticed his face was covered in fruit.


Taking off a flattened grape from Mobley’s face, Shen Yi holding a small toothpick, smiled warmly at Mobley. “Give me the address, or I will take your eyeball out like i did this grape, and stuff it into your mouth.”


His face was elegant and did not look to be a cruel person. But Mobley was used to seeing all kinds of people in the underworld, and knew that to see a person was ruthless and merciless, was to not look at his face, but to look at his actions. Shen Yi easily knocked out the two bodyguards without even blinking an eye, acting fast and ruthless. This fully showed that this is a man used to seeing iron and blood, and would not say empty words for intimidation.


Mobley could reach this position, obviously, he was not a person who cried after seeing a bit of violence. He immediately replied. “145 Avenue… Hudson Building, where there is an underground garage. There are at least 20 mutants in there!”


“Well.” Shen Yi nodded in satisfaction, the hands holding Mobley slowly released.


Flicking off the dust on Mobley’s body, Shen Yi patted his face and said with a moderate tone, “You know, most of the time I do not like to use violence to solve my problems, but I have to admit that it in many cases it’s a very effective solution. This bottle is an apology, I wish you a pleasant night.”


Saying this, Shen Yi stood up and walked out. He gave a very casual glance around when he was preparing to leave, and his eyes suddenly caught a scene.


A young white man came out of the next seat, and on his wrists, there was a Bloody Crest.


‘Adventurers?’ Shen Yi thought, surprised.


At the same time, the adventurer also saw Shen Yi, his eyes also revealed an incredible look of dismay.


Both he and the adventurer both looked into their respective booths that they came out of.


Shen Yi snapped at Mobley. “Who is the man who was sitting at the next table?”


“My subordinate.”


“The man who found the mutants trail?.”


“Yes.” Mobley did not understand why the other suddenly asked the question.


“Damn!” Shen Yi cursed.


Not far from them, the white man apparently was also asking and got the same answer, issued an angry scolding.


Two people looked at each other again, eyes shining with a flame.


The next moment, they suddenly ran out toward the nightclub’s entrance at the same time.




Shen Yi quickly ran out of the nightclub, and did an action from a Jackie Chan movie, jumping through the window of the Hummer shouting, “Fast! Go! Go!”


At the same time, the white young man rushed out, not far from a red sports car, shouting the same thing. “Fast! Go!”


“What happened?” Jin Gang asked.


Shen Yi’s diffuse sound replied: “Nothing, just ran into other adventurers. They also got the address, so if you do not drive faster, the prey is going to fall into someone else’s hands.”


“Damn!” Jin Gang cursed, pressing his foot down on the throttle, the hummer raced out.


Both the hummer and the red sports car were racing towards 145 Avenue at a fast speed.


The red sports car started a little later and fell behind the rear of the Hummer. The driver was a young flirtatious blonde woman. In the back seat were two men, one white and one black.


The young white man sitting in the deputy’s seat shouted, “Lena, you better go quicker, we need to get ahead of them”


“Rest assured,” replied the blonde woman smiling tenderly.


She readily opened a panel on the control box, which exposed a row of buttons. The blonde woman pressed one of the red buttons, whispering to the white youth while laughing, “Charging the Nitric Oxide.”


All of a sudden, the sports car discharge pipe had a flame surge out, and the red car, like an arrow out of a bow, instantly passed the Hummer.


As the car roared by, the white man from before looked at Shen Yi and gave him the middle finger.


“Motherf*cker!” Hong Lang punched the control panel. His smash made its cover fall off, revealing the numerous wires inside. “Jin Gang how do you drive this piece of junk!”


“The car is a modified one!” Jin Gang loudly replied. “We can not compare the speed of it, and I am not familiar with the roads!”


Shen Yi said. “Wen Rou, look at the map, find the best route to 145 Avenue! Estimate the time we will arrive.”


Wen Rou spread the map, her fingers tracing a line on the map. “145 Avenue in Queens, from here we need to go through at least sixty-eight blocks. If the road is not traffic jammed, then it takes about 40 minutes to get there. But at their speed, I estimate that they will arrive in 30 minutes.”


“Ten minutes is enough to kill all the mutants several times over. We must arrive before them. Wen Rou, find a route that will only take us 20 minutes!”


“It simple.” Wen Rou with a finger in 145 Avenue and their current location, drew a straight line. “Just follow this line.”


Everyone in the car stared at her, while she looked back.


“Oh, no!” Jin Gang shook his head. “That’s crazy.”


“For crazy things, let me do it.” Shen Yi laughed. “This time I’ll drive, Wen Rou, you pilot.”


“But I’m not a professional navigator,” Wen Rou exclaimed.


“We do not need a professional.”


At this point, Hong Lang suddenly cried out. “There is an accident ahead, it is causing a traffic jam. F*ck their mothers, those adventurers did it.”


“It does not matter.” Shen Yi calmly replied. “We don’t need to stay on this road for too long.”


“Put on your the safety belts!” Jin Gang issued a hysterical roar.

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