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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 13

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Translated by: LaPhong

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Book 4 Chapter 13: Comprehend

No. X112 HK-Aerial Transport flew slowly over San Gabriel Mountain, escorted by four HK-Drones. The X-series of large aircrafts was the most important part of the strategic strength of Skynet’s global system. This carrier was a hundred meters in length and could hold thousands of T-series Terminator robots, including large robots like the Harvester, as well as powerful firepower systems.


Although its flight speed was slow and it was also slightly bulky, but as an aircraft carrier, it was an unparalleled deterrent.


When the aircraft carrier passed through a mountain area, an HK-Drone sent a message, “Three human beings located up ahead.”


Its chest opened and a Harvester was dropped to the ground. As soon as it touched the ground, the Harvester released two Moto-Terminators that rushed toward the depths of the mountain.


After a fierce gunfight, two people were killed. The remaining one was caught by the Harvester and sent to the air carrier.


On the carrier, a round door opened, the captured refugee shouted all the way along the pipeline to the cell. But before the cell’s top door fully opened, a flying claw seized the pipe wall followed by a shadow that jumped out very quickly. It was Shen Yi.


Then, Shen Yi took out Vampire Touch, slid along the wall and cut off a large piece of iron and quickly inserted it into the mouth of the pipe plug. The door was stuffed. The retractable channel suddenly got stuck, unable to close.


Shen Yi grabbed the top of the wall and shouted down below, “Xiaofan, climb up.”


The teenager just stared at the ground without reacting. When the passage was opened, all the refugees went out excitedly.


Shen Yi cursed: “Damn!”


He took out his Spirit Flame Gun and aimed at the refugees: “Stop!”


All the refugees stopped in fright.


Shen Yi coldly said, “Send that child up and I can let you go this way. I don’t care about your lives, but whoever dares to grab on and climb before that, I promise they will never leave this cell alive.”


A group of refugees quickly rushed over, held Xi Xiaofan, lifted him up, and him sent to the top. Shen Yi grasped Xiaofan’s hand, pulled him up, and then said: “You better follow behind me, do you understand? “


The teenager nodded.


Shen Yi sighed.


Even someone as timid as Fatty could also be driven by positive emotions and encouragement such that he gradually became less timid. But for an idiot, you really had no method.


He could only pat the boy’s head and say: “Remember to keep up with me. It was my first time waiting for you, and it is also the last time I will wait for you. I won’t stop for you again.”


Then Shen Yi said to the refugees: “You need to go, but it’s best not to follow me. Don’t blame me for not giving you a warning. Don’t follow me and you may also be able to live for some time. Follow me, and you’ll die quicker. Don’t expect me to save you because I will only use you to block the bullets when necessary.”


Saying that, Shen Yi cut the pipe with his dagger. Through the hole, he saw that in front of him was darkness, full of dense wires.


He didn’t know where the path led to, so Shen Yi casually choose one of the directions to walk in. After a long walk, he looked back and saw that the teenager was still behind him. In addition, there were still several refugees ignoring his warning and also following behind him.


This made Shen Yi frown. He wanted to kill those few unruffled refugees, but after some thinking he ignored them. Hearing a ticking sound from the front, Shen Yi suddenly stopped. Everyone behind him also immediately stopped, not even daring to speak, and even the juvenile also stood still.


Shen Yi slowly moved forward to see that ahead of him was a cooling tower. Next to the tower, there was a Terminator. The appearance of the Terminator looked primitive and simple, an emotionless metal face, a pair of eyes made with thermal sensors emitting red light, and issuing ticking sound from time to time. Its entire body was made of a steel skeleton, the outside covered with cold metal skin.


Shen Yi used Appraisal on that Terminator:


“T-600 Terminator robot, Defense 20, AP 220, equipped weapon:

  1. M449 heavy machine gun, bullet damage 12, magazine capacity 500.
  2. Small rocket launcher, rocket damage 200, with 3 rockets.

Evaluation: Rank D, role evaluation: Cannon fodder. Weak points: 1. Control Unit, 2. Energy Core. Features: Can be repaired.”


As the Terminator robot was a non-living being, it had no Will, so Shen Yi’s Appraisal could detect almost all of its data. This Terminator, whether in terms of armor, defense, or firepower, was inferior to a World War II Tiger Tank. But as a humanoid robot, it also did not have the bulky weakness of the tank.


In Bloody City, robots were also a path of enhancement for adventurers, but like gun-strengthening, it was less of a concern for adventurers. People were always more willing to strengthen themselves, and then only turn to the pursuit of external forces when strengthening themselves became fruitless.


This was a manifestation of personal value For instance, given a choice between a Desert Eagle and having a Psychic Power like Electrokinesis, 90 % would choose the Psychic Power rather than the Desert Eagle. However, in a fight with these two elements, the one with the gun would win most of the time  because the speed of shooting was certainly faster than the use of an ability, not to mention that a gun had a further range.


Therefore, one of the most important reasons why firearms were not favored in Bloody City was not that they could not add to an adventurer’s attributes when attacking, but that they belonged to external force rather than self-strengthening. This made most adventurers not willing to focus on enhancing direction of science and technology.


The same was true of robots. People were more willing to exchange for a Rank D skill, rather than exchange for a Rank D robot, even if a T-600 Terminator was actually more practical than a Rank D skill.


Moreover, in order to exchange for a robot, one not only needed BP but also would have to have the corresponding Energy Core. Because of this, when Shen Yi saw the T-600 Terminator, he suddenly realized one thing – the Terminator’s mission world highest reward must be the Energy Core that can be used to buy the corresponding robot bodyguards.


Just as the Van Helsing world rewarded Bloodline and skill, the WWII world rewarded mercenaries, and the X-men world rewarded Psychic Powers, this world of machines had its own major methods of giving rewards.


Through this understanding, Shen Yi also thought that as of now he had been to magic, war, abilities, and machines themed worlds. He predicted that in the future there could be xianxia, wuxia, ghosts, science fiction, monsters, and worlds with other themes. The rewards from each world would be related to the special theme of that world. Winged Serpent Martial Art probably would be the reward from a xianxia world. As it had the effect of increasing attributes through cultivating, it would be extremely rare and valuable. As for Bone and Joint Dislocation Hand, it should be a reward from a wuxia world, as it improved combat skills through practicing.


Thinking deeply further ahead, these special themes, in fact, will determine the adventurers’ future expertise. Some are good at melee, others are good at sneak attacks, some are armed with technology, others fortified their bodies, and later they formed a great variety of mighty ones that competed on the same battlefield.


Thinking a level deeper, what the Difficulty Level 1 adventurers would need to do first is not actually raise their fighting power, but to determine their own direction of development, after all, no one can strengthen each of their aspects.


The so-called enhancing direction here is not buying a few melee skills and then calling yourself a melee adventurer, but should be to participate in the mission worlds which are suitable for their own enhancing direction.


Strengthening in Bloody City is like family education, on the one hand it is to give you a foundation such as adding attributes or buying a skill. On the other hand, it allows you to come back to home to do homework and extracurricular activities, such as skill level training or using Bloodline, so that the items they obtained in mission worlds formally play a role.


The mission world was like school, not only allowing you to display your speciality, but also letting you have a targeted harvest. For example, displaying their own strong points in battles, which would be equivalent to a class learning process; small gain after a fight would be equivalent to accumulation of knowledge;  the highest reward after a mission was completed would be equivalent to additional awards after getting first place in an examination; occasionally exploring a Hidden Quest would be equivalent to finding and participating in a class of one’s subject of interest; acquiring a home world would be equivalent to receiving special additional counseling, a privilege for honor students only.


The principles of the wilderness would be equivalent to the social community. If you are too young but still run out to work, careful about being bullied, but at the same time bearing the high risk, the return is even more obvious – the same 100 dollars, in the eyes of adults and in the eyes of secondary school students obviously had different values.


So Difficulty Level 1 mission was like a primary school curriculum, the enhancing here was like homework, you have to learn everything, you are best at nothing. The main purpose is to let you try a bit in all basic aspects. Because at this time you neither know what you are going to do in the future, nor are you eligible to set foot in the community.


However, when it comes to the Difficulty Level 2, it is equivalent to entering junior secondary and senior high school. At this time, the courageous one can run sporadically in the community, but just in a short time, otherwise problems will come out.


When you reached Difficulty Level 3, it is almost equivalent to entering university, this time you need to select a professional topic, on the one hand but also participate in social practice, beginning to pay equal attention to both learning and practicing.


Entering Difficulty Level 4, would be equivalent to university graduation, you have to find a job, accumulate social practice and strength. At this time, the problem is not what you should learn, but whether you can make the best of what you learned. In other words, the mission world is no longer the school, but the company.


At Difficulty Level 5, social achievements are the main goal. This is no longer what you learned, but what you have. In other words, what kind of status you will have in Bloody City and what achievements you make will eventually decide whether or not you can enter the Tower of Babel.


Shen Yi did not expect that just seeing a T-600 Terminator would let him suddenly comprehend a lot of information, but the more he thought, the more he realized, so he could not help but continue to think about it.


The reason why Bloody City did not give any information was that adventurers needed to explore and comprehend for themselves. This is similar to how most students will not worry about their future job, but a few students, who have ideals and are willing to fight for them, will be clear about their future at an early stage. After having a goal, there will be a direction in which to struggle, which will lay a good foundation early on.


School is more humane than Bloody City, the teachers will follow each of the good student’s footsteps to guide them to a bright future. Bloody City only paves the way, hides it, and waits for you to discover it using the most primitive method of “survival for the fittest” to filter the adventurers.


Because there is no express provision, so Difficulty Level 1 adventurers would never imagine that Blood City’s setting still hid such a significant meaning, but at this moment, Shen Yi had realized it.


Of course, setting a direction is one thing and how to achieve it is another thing. Students in life can choose schools whilst Bloody City’s adventurers may not be able to independently select the mission world. But at that moment, Shen Yi’s mind suddenly remembered what Hong Lang had said: “Thirty days is only a deadline; as long as you are willing, you can go to a mission world sooner.”


In the World War II mission, when he first saw Hong Lang and asked him how had entered this mission, this sentence was the answer Hong Lang had given. At that time he did not care about this answer as he had wondered who would not be willing to advance into the mission world? But at this moment he suddenly awakened to the intention of that arrangement.


“I’m so dumb!” Shen Yi smiled.


This was clearly the opportunity Bloody City had prepared for people who already specified their own enhancing direction!

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