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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 14

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 14: T-600

The thirty-day break meant that you could find the mission world you want by getting ahead of time, rather than passively accepting a mission world on the last day. For instance, an adventurer determined to progress in the enhancing direction of science and technology, if he encountered a science and technology world on the 25th day, he could enter in advance and then get technology rewards. No one was certain if on the thirtieth day God would give them a science world.


This was clearly through entering in advance to access the right to choose a mission world! This kind of autonomy was precisely the future trend of adventurers. Similar to Wen Rou having been willing to lower a rank to choose her own rewards and the value of the rewards she had received, it was easy to understand what autonomy of choice meant.


Of course, you could only choose from 30 missions given by Bloody City. It was just like the saying “can’t have both bear’s hand and fish (1)”, you do not know whether if you will miss a mission, you can get a better one or not. Maybe you would wait for thirty days but couldn’t wait for the world you want, but even then you would have a relative right of choice. Relative choice was at least far better than passive acceptance.


Shen Yi finally understood and kept cursing himself foolishly. In fact, it was not his foolishness, but it was because he had too little information. No one’s wisdom was based on nothingness.


When looking back at history and looking at many classic battles that had taken place in history, we often scoff at the stupid decisions made by a general, but we do not know whether most of the generals’ decisions were based on information available to them at that time. Critics who had seen countless pieces of records and received multi-party information, stand on God’s point of view to comment on historical people, could sit on their chairs and talk endlessly about what they would do, not realizing that they would do nothing different at all if they had been in the same situation.


In fact, in Bloody City, people that could realize this important key factor were as rare as hen’s teeth. Even in the Difficulty Level 2, there were too many people who were not aware of this – there were countless adventurers who aspired to be muscular, mighty individuals, but became unscrupulous because they missed their opportunities to choose, again and again.


It is one thing to have an ideal, dedicating everything to an ideal is another matter – to choose a mission world, you have to pay a price: a short stay in the city.


Of a hundred adventurers, there were ten or less who would realize the importance of specifying an enhancing direction and choosing a mission world. However, only one of these ten people could achieve their goal successfully.


It could be said that hesitating, wandering, suffering, and so on were obstacles on the path to success. At this moment, having figured out a series of problems in succession, Shen Yi’s heart was relieved, he knew what should he do in the future.


But this comprehension was another matter, the current problem still had to be solved. Not having a far sight to plan for the future, of course you wouldn’t have a bright future, but if you only looked at things afar regardless of what is right under your feet, you would also be tripped by a stone. And Shen Yi did not intend to be tripped by a T-600 cannon fodder.


Thinking, Shen Yi waved to the rear, indicating that they all get down. To his surprise, he did not know whether his gestures were seen or not, but Xiaofan consciously squatted down, and the other refugees also followed, crouching.


Having no worries, Shen Yi rushed out.




When Shen Yi had just jumped out of the channel, the T-600 Terminator had heard the rapid movement from the rear and turned around. A pair of thermal-detecting eyes quickly captured an image of the figure behind, and the control unit quickly generated rows of related data, but while the data processing had yet to be completed, Shen Yi had stepped on the wall, flying towards it.


The Terminator could only twist its head to follow Shen Yi’s action, but in the next moment Shen Yi had fallen from the air as the transparent Vampire Touch in his left hand stabbed into one of its eyes.


In this strike, Shen Yi’s strength performance was nearly 80%. The Terminator’s eye exploded and sparked, its AP dropped by 32 points. The Terminator only stepped back a bit, then lifted the M449 heavy machine gun. Shen Yi suddenly kicked at the heavy machine gun, knocking it away. At the same moment, his right fist ruthlessly hit the robot’s wrist.


His Strength at this time had reached 45 points with the addition of Thunder Gauntlet, this punch was stronger than a bullet and could break an ordinary steel rod.




Shen Yi’s punch smashed the Terminator’s right hand while his Vampire Touch fiercely slashed down cutting the handle of the heavy machine gun into two.


The Terminator dropped the heavy machine gun and punched Shen Yi. This attack actually caused 14 damage. Shen Yi immediately calculated that if the T-600 had been an adventurer, its strength would be at least 33 points or more.


He turned with a reflexive restraint, elbowed the terminator’s chin and knocked down the rubber lining on the terminator’s chin, whipping the Terminator’s steel teeth. Then Shen Yi punched it rapidly.


The T-600 was the earliest human skeleton robot, an earlier model of the T-800.


Even robots like the T-800 were not indestructible. In the Terminator 1 movie, the T-800 played by Governor Arnold was overpowered everything and everyone, but looking closely, one would find that there were so many ways to destroy it. Sufficient powerful explosives or high pressure could kill it, and its alloy skeleton wasn’t really bulletproof. The T-800’s power and prestige to a large extent, were based on the incompetence of ordinary people. Fighting against Shen Yi whose physical qualities were far above ordinary people, would immediately make it seem clumsy.


Compared to the T-800, the T-600 was much worse. As a robot, its reaction speed was more likely to be more sensitive than people, but Shen Yi’s melee attack was based on being fast, continuous, and well-calculated as a specialty. Coupled with Delicacy, each of his punches had taken into account the opponent’s reaction so the T-600 Terminator didn’t even get a chance to fight back.


Hundreds of punches hit the Terminator’s body. When Shen Yi stopped, the robot was frantically spewing sparks, and finally fell to the ground, not moving.


Having defeated this Terminator, Shen Yi finally felt relieved. He was nervous not because he was afraid of dealing with the T-600, but because he was afraid that he could not stop it from shooting which would lead to other robots coming there. So, from the start, he sought to quickly settle things with a stormy offensive.


Even with the element of surprise, it also took him a lot of effort to get rid of it. The most horrifying thing about such robots was not their durability, but rather that even if they only had 1 AP left, they would still fight.


Seeing this scrapped robot, a thought suddenly flashed in Shen Yi’s mind. He quickly squatted down, placed a hand on the Terminator’s body and at the same time activated  Activation.


Bloody Crest prompted:


“T-600 Terminator, 30% damaged, technology level: Rank D, AP 0/220, can be repaired,  complete repair needs to consume 70 energy. You can choose to control the energy output to determine the integrity of the repair and decide to repair damage and/or AP value, but the less you repair, the higher the proportion of energy consumed. Note: This Terminator does not belong to you, you can not control it after repairing.”


“Retail is always more expensive than the wholesale?” Shen Yi chuckled: “Let’s try to repair 1% AP.”


“Restoring 1% AP, repair requires 2 energy points.”


Shen Yi immediately used 2 energy points to repair it. This limited recovery was his unique ability through Innate Talent, even the original user, Jerry, could not do this.


The next moment, the unbroken eye of that T-600 Terminator suddenly lit up. It fiercely sat up and punched Shen Yi. Shen Yi casually dodged, twisted the terminator’s arm off, and readily gave it a punch. The Terminator only got a 1% AP repair, so the punch knocked it back down again.


Then Shen Yi used Activation again.


Bloody Crest prompted:


“Terminator damage 31%, complete repair needs to consume 75 energy, to restore 1% AP repair requires 3 energy points.”


Shen Yi again used 3 points of Psychic Energy to restore 1% AP, that Terminator once again sat up, followed by Shen Yi punching it down. This Terminator was really unfortunate, Shen Yi repeatedly tortured it a few times. From time to time, it sat up, lay down, sat up, lay down. Its mechanical brain could not understand why a human would want to perform S/M with a robot.


After breaking and repairing the Terminator six times, Shen Yi had roughly understood this Terminator’s function and all aspects of it.


Robot’s AP was similar to the concept of a human’s HP. Damage was a direct impact on its function. At the same time, the higher the damage, the greater the energy consumed to repair it, so under normal circumstances priority should be given to repair damage. But repairing the damage does not repair the AP value, the robot still will not operate normally.


In this respect, robots, like adventurers, also had separate functions and lives. When all the functions stopped, just as human beings would not be able to recover, robots would not be able to be repaired anymore. To prove this, he tore all the Terminator’s exoskeleton apart and pulled the wires, then he took out the energy core that glittered with peculiar light.


Bloody Crest prompted: “Terminator T-600 Model damaged Energy Core, can be used to make Rank D Terminator. This item is not a mission reward item and you can not bring it back to Bloody City.”


Followed by another line of prompt:


“T-600 Terminator core system has been completely damaged, 100% damage, can not be repaired.”


“Haizz!” Shen Yi sighed again.


It was as expected.


Humans or robots, all manifestations of life have their own ultimate restraint. Once this limit is breached, they can no longer survive.


For Shen Yi who had Activation and Despicable Healing Art, of course he hoped his own ability would be as powerful as possible, but precisely because he knew it was impossible, the best method was to discover his own shortcomings before others do, but also to find a way around them.


This experiment not only made him aware of the Terminator’s key parts, but also made him fully understand the relationship between damage and vitality. They were in fact the same.


Another piece of good news was that Activation was much more comprehensive than his healing skill in terms of recovery. Despicable Healing Art only restored HP, but could do nothing for damaged organs, but Activation could both restore AP and recover damaged parts.


Taking out the PDA, Shen Yi found the robot’s information, and then typed: “T-600 Terminator, Strength 33, Agility 15, AI Rating: 5. Advantages: Defense is high, will fight to the death, strength does not decrease when being damaged. Disadvantages: dull reaction, incapable of thinking, average speed, inadequate protection against blunt attacks. Can be repaired.

The first weak point: Energy Core, located in the heart’s position, after breaking this part, the robot can no longer be repaired.

The second weak point: Control Unit, located behind the head, not recommended as a primary attack target.

Personal judgment: Destroy the Terminator without undermining the Energy Core, can increase the chance of obtaining the corresponding Energy Core reward.”


After inputting the data, Shen Yi sent it to everyone’s Bloody Crests with the information sending function on the PDA: “I just added T-600 data that Bloody City doesn’t sell, take a look at it.”


From the team channel came roaring gunfire, along with Hong Lang’s shout in disdain: “T-600 is trash, I have already killed two!”


Shen Yi asked: “What information did you get?”


“… nothing. Anyway, they’re easy to deal with.”


Everyone shouted: “Then shut up!”


Shen Yi coldly said: “This mission is not like previous ones. The robots must have a fixed model, understanding how to deal with one means understanding how to deal with all of them. So we must pay attention when collecting information. If anyone finds anything, add it here. One more thing, this is Survival mode, don’t think that destroying one or two T-600s is a great achievement. Oh, I forgot to write that my Appraisal evaluation of the T-600 is cannon-fodder.”


“Damn!” Everyone shouted out loud.


A Rank D cannon-fodder terminator already made them spend some effort, they could hardly imagine how strong the next force would be. Everyone withheld their contempt.


TL’s note:

  1. An idiom means “there is no perfect result/ every good thing have a bad side”

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