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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 15

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 15: T-650

Exiting the cooling tower, in front of Shen Yi was a wide internal corridor. No one knew where it led to. Looking at the time, there were more than forty minutes left. He temporarily wasn’t in a hurry.


Main Quest 1 was only a small task with a difficulty worth 500 BP. Not to mention such a task could be easily done, even if he failed, he could still bear the deduction. So, he still had time to look around, analyze the internal structure of this air carrier, and at the same time give everyone the T-600’s data from his previous encounter.


From time to time in the team channel came the sound of gunfire. It sounded like the battles were quite fierce for the other team members. Only Shen Yi leisurely groped here and there, not finding any enemy along the way.


This should have had something to do with the escape route he had chosen. The other team members had taken the same action as Hong Lang, breaking through the prison walls to make a way out.


After hearing Shen Yi’s analysis, Wen Rou asked: “So what you mean is that in the future we should further establish our enhancing direction, and then according to it, check what mission world appears each day, join if it’s suitable and wait if it isn’t, right?”


“Yes, that’s what I mean,” Shen Yi replied.


Jin Gang on the other side said: “What Shen Yi said makes sense, after all we really should be as independent as possible to choose the mission worlds. Shen Yi, what enhancing direction do you intend to take?”


Shen Yi replied: “Enhancing is not unlimited, the direction of strengthening should be related to our existing abilities. I’ve already thought about it, I now have some support abilities, according to the current situation, continuing to develop into a pure fighting adventurer is unlikely.”


“That’s right, no single pure fighting adventurer has four skills but no offensive skills.” Hong Lang laughed.


Wen Rou also laughed: “Had never expected you to be quite bullish. Shen Yi, you have Activation which allows machines to resume normal operation, as well as a healing skill and Communication. Coupled with the 2nd Paratrooper Battalion, I think you have the potential to become summoner.”


Shen Yi laughed: “I think so too. The problem is that we don’t know what kind of world will correspond to that enhancement direction. I can’t simply become a summoner by buying a summon skill or buying a robot.”


“So we don’t have enough information to make the right decision, only enough to form an understanding.” Jin Gang sighed.


Even if you know the direction you should walk, but you also have to know how many roads are in that direction and where they lead to, isn’t it?


Shen Yi casually said: “Therefore, we should first increase our attributes to lay a good foundation, rather than hurrying to make ourselves become the kind of adventurer we want.This road is very long, we can only move slowly now, but always establish our goals. Knowing these now will give us a clear idea of ​​what to do when we do things later on, and when we face some choices, we will know what to do.”




Shen Yi stopped after a corner and carefully looked outside, only to find a T-600 Terminator at the end of the tunnel. He whispered: “Talk later”, and waved to the rear. The people behind him all squatted, and then he looked out again.


The T-600 in front of him seemed a little different from what he had seen before. It had the same cold metal skin, but with his Innate Talent, Shen Yi still paid attention to a small detail: color of this Terminator’s metal skin was different from skin color of the one he previously destroyed.


Its skin looked more realistic, the original metal skin gave a cold, cruel feeling, but this one looked a little slightly warm. Other parts showed no major change, but the steel skeleton looked more sturdy.


Shen Yi’s heart fretted, he used Appraisal.


“T-650 Terminator robot, defense 22, AP 240, equipped weapons:

  1. M449 heavy machine gun, bullet damage 12, magazine capacity 500.
  2. Small rocket launcher, rocket damage 200, with 3 rockets.

Available ability: Suicide Bomber, damage 320, automatically starts up three seconds after AP falls below 1%. Can’t be repaired after activating this ability.

Evaluation: Rank D, role evaluation: Cannon fodder.

Weak points: 1. Control Unit, 2. Energy Core.

Features: Can be repaired.”


Seeing this information, Shen Yi turned back and retreated. After a certain distance, he opened the team channel and said eagerly: “Everyone, I noticed that there are T-650 Terminators, which are an enhanced version of T-600. It looks the same as the T-600, but when its AP falls below 1% it will explode, damage 320 points, countdown three seconds!”


Hong Lang shouted: “I’ve encountered one here. I didn’t know it was a T-650, I was almost killed by it!”


“Pay attention to it’s skin color, it’s different. It looks more human-like!”


“Motherf*cker, it’s a T-650 and I just killed it!”


“Run!” Shen Yi cried.


Hong Lang turned to run.




A huge explosion from the team channel reached everyone’s ears. Everyone’s heart dropped.


Shen Yi frantically shouted: “Hong Lang! Are you still alive?”


He even shouted loudly a few times. After a long while, Hong Lang finally replied: “I was just seven meters away when it exploded, received 120 points of damage. Damn, I spat blood!”


Everyone laughed loudly.


Jin Gang smiled and said: “Ha, did you mean you were just knocked out by a cannon fodder?”


Although they were joking, but the fact a cannon fodder almost killed one of them made everyone sweat.


Just at that moment, from the outside sounded the sonorous footsteps of the Terminator. Shen Yi knew that the sound when he had ran had alerted it. While the Terminator appeared in the corner, Shen Yi strode to rush over and kicked in the T-650’s metal chest.


The Terminator was sent flying across the tunnel, hitting the metal wall behind it and made a loud noise. Shen Yi pulled his left hand back, aimed at the Terminator and punched and broke parts of it, and constantly hit every joint, paralyzing its ability to act.


He constantly twisted the Terminator’s internal wires causing some of its functions to be paralyzed, neutralizing the Terminator for a while. As he had said, Terminator had fixed models, the advantages and disadvantages were the same. As long as there was a way to deal with one, this method can be copied and continuously used to deal with the rest.


When Shen Yi’s last punch fell on its body, the Terminator’s chest suddenly glowed with a bright red light, issued a series of sound. Shen Yi’s punch broke the Terminator’s head depleting the last of its AP, and then he seized the Terminator’s body and threw it.




A violent explosion, the top of the tunnel was unexpectedly blown up and a gap was exposed in front of him, a ray of light shone through it. The original position where Shen Yi threw it was an upward channel, only a layer of iron cover in there.


This was not his luck, but Shen Yi had noted it before the attack. A strong explosion quickly attracted the attention of the other Terminators. From the end of the tunnel sounded a strong set of footsteps. From the analysis of the footsteps, at least three Terminators were coming to this side.


Shen Yi had no scruples as he simply took out the Spirit Flame Gun, faced the T-650 Terminator which was most ahead and fired. Sparks shined, but two other T-600 Terminators had come from both sides.


Shen Yi’s thumb gently pushed on the band, as he softly said: “Piercing Bullet.”


The Spirit Flame Gun automatically switched to the Piercing Bullet magazine. A bullet flew out of the chamber, swirled in the air and flew into the chest of the T-600 Terminator on the left, went through its steel skeleton and hit its Energy Core. That Terminator crashed down, at the same time fell over the last Terminator.


The moment he shot, the two Terminators also fired back. A large number of bullets flew out like a rain storm, but Shen Yi quickly flashed into a channel next to him. The two Terminators at the same time ceased fire and chased after him.


In the end they were still robots, their reaction was not flexible enough and they did not even know how to check before passing a corner. Shen Yi leaned against the wall, waited until the arrival of a T-600 Terminator before he grabbed its right hand and pulled it to shield himself, at the same time he held its right arm, pulled the M449 trigger, and fired at the T-650 Terminator which followed behind.


Two Terminators frenziedly fired at each other at the same time. Shen Yi stood behind the Terminator only to hear the sound of metal crackling. The Terminator’s body kept shaking due to the violent impact of bullets.


Finally, as soon as the tiny sound from its internal machine stopped, Shen Yi knew the life of the Terminator, which he controlled, had come to an end.


He pushed the T-600 forward like throwing a large piece of iron, hitting the body of the T-650, and quickly came out, punched at its left shoulder. Before the T-650 could react, he seized its two legs, then lifted it up into the air.


This move sent the T-650 to the hole he had previously blown up. It got stuck in the gap, half a mechanical head hanging at the top, not up, not down, only the heavy machine guns in its hand still frenziedly firing, but due to being at a height, Shen Yi didn’t even need to hide, the bullets only flew over his head.


Shen Yi leisurely looked at the T-650 and readily tapped on it’s mechanical body, the damage took 3 AP off it. The next moment, T-650 red light shined again.




Accompanying the second explosion, the channel to the top of the air carrier finally widened exposing the vast blue sky and white clouds outside. When the channel had exploded, several refugees cheered at the gap. They worked hard to climb out of the gap.


Then they were stunned to find themselves standing on the outer deck of the aircraft carrier, in high altitude, with nowhere to go.  Overlooking the fortress from the sky, they were just several insignificant small, black spots.


After great hope, came deeper despair. All the refugees cried. Shen Yi was the last one to arrive on the deck. Standing on the top of the aircraft carrier, he felt like he was standing on a large ship, surrounded by steep peaks with lush trees at the bottom forming a green sea.


Slightly down a glance, Shen Yi roughly estimated the distance from the ground being at almost five hundred feet.


He promptly told the team channel: “I’ve come out. Everyone, as I noticed, the aircraft carrier here is flying about five hundred feet above the ground. We can’t directly leave the mother ship, and it’s better to be able to grab an airplane to go down. “


Jin Gang asked: “Where are the airplanes?”


“… they’re coming themselves!”

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