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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 16

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 16: Mini Hunter

Four HK-Drone escorts found there were silhouettes that had appeared on top of the air carrier. Two of them whistled and flew over, spraying bullets. The one-foot-long metal shell of the air carrier was not afraid of an ordinary bullet attack, but for those refugees, the whistling bullet was the call of the death.


Several refugees wanted to hide behind Shen Yi but did not expect that Shen Yi, after a single dash, had already stood behind one of them. In his hand, the Spirit Flame Gun fired at two drones. When those drone had just fired at that refugees’ chest, Shen Yi had slid to stand behind another one and continued firing.


Instead of attacking, his real purpose was to lure a drone closer to himself so that he could use Appraisal on it.


“L-500 Hunter, HK-Drone, Defense 30, AP 450, Equipped Weapon:

  1. T99 Aircraft Artillery, bullet damage 12.
  2. Rattlesnake missile, damage 350, capacity of 4 missiles.

Technology Evaluation: Rank C, role evaluation: Regular force. Weak points: 1. Engine, 2. Energy Core.”


Shen Yi surprisingly found out that these drones also had Energy Cores. However, he did not have time to think more deeply about that because the next moment, two drones had begun to dive towards him.


These unmanned fighters were smaller and more flexible than traditional fighters. The machines’ properties made them fearless of death, and pilot-specific maneuvers meant nothing to them. They were not afraid of being attacked, their only mission was to attack the enemy, so their actions were simpler, more direct, and more efficient.


Two drones spat out four chains of bullets to tear down the human wall in front of Shen Yi, then they flew towards him. Shen Yi turned to run, the drones did not hesitate to chase him as bullets poked holes on the air carrier’s surface. A hail of high-speed bullets approached Shen Yi’s feet. The moment they were about to hit, Shen Yi jumped and spun mid-air as a large number of bullets flew past his body.


Whilst the two drones had yet to turn around, Shen Yi had already aimed at one of them.


His eyes flashed with a touch of a predator’s gaze as he coldly spat out the words: “Piercing Bullet!”


Three consecutive rounds of Piercing Bullet flew towards the drones. Two shots successively hit the head and tail of one of the drones. That drone was shocked a little but its flight ability was unaffected. The last shot hit the other drone’s belly. It exploded into a huge fireball, also enshrouding the other drone in the explosion.


Flames swept over the air carrier’s surface as they sent Shen Yi flying more than ten meters away. He spat out a large mouthful of blood. As he looked up, he saw the other two drones had also flown over.


One of the drones had launched a missile. Shen Yi ran towards the gap they had exited from, but found that young idiot Xi Xiaofan was still foolishly shaking his body on the deck.


“Go back! Return to inside of the air carrier!” Shen Yi shouted.


The teenager only looked at him dumbfoundedly. Shen Yi rushed to grab the boy, not caring about the youngster’s struggling and shouting, carried him and jumped into the gap.




The miniature missiles landed near the gap causing a huge tremor across the air carrier. Just as Shen Yi jumped into the gap, he still felt a surge of hot air waves. Those refugees who had followed him earlier and believed that they had escaped were completely killed by the missiles.


Shen Yi didn’t have time to mourn those people as he shouted at Xi Xiaofan: “Don’t run around again, do you understand? I’ve neither so much power nor so much kindness to take care of you!”


Xi Xiaofan held his head and curled up, screaming: “Ah! Ah!”


It looked like he was scared by Shen Yi’s roar.


Shen Yi sighed reluctantly: “Well, well, do not be afraid. I won’t hurt you, follow me!”


Reprimanding an idiot was meaningless. He took the teenager towards the other side.


“Shen Yi, how are you over there? I heard a lot of movement over there, are you okay?” Wen Rou’s cry echoed from the team channel.


Shen Yi casually replied: “I was just pushed back right when I had gone outside. These machines are crazy, they even bombed their mothership via missiles.”


“So inhuman.” Fatty muttered.


Wen Rou laughed: “They aren’t human, they don’t have a human’s strengths, and also don’t have a human’s weaknesses. Looks like you received a loss?”


Shen Yi walked while putting his hand on his chest to use Despicable Healing Art, and at the same time replied: “From a numerical perspective, I lost two MP, they lost two drones. I’ll pass the data of those mini hunters to you. Remember, don’t allow the missile to hit you directly! There is a weak point at their belly, but I don’t know if it’s the Energy Core or engine.”


Hong Lang: “I don’t care about weak points, just chop it and it will die.”


“Have you found any way to leave?” Jin Gang exclaimed, “I’m about to get to the edge.”


Shen Yi was going to answer but a T-600 Terminator suddenly appeared in front of him.


He dashed and kicked the Terminator’s head, then said to team channel while fighting that Terminator, “This is an air carrier. There must be a large number of fighters and flight paths in the ship’s body. I’m looking for a hangar but I don’t know the internal structure of this air carrier. We prepared the Terminator World map but didn’t prepare the structure of the aircraft carriers! In addition, even if we find a fighter it won’t mean that we can fly out.”


“We still have thirty minutes, I don’t want to lose 500BP. More importantly, I don’t want to lose to a quest worth only 500 BP difficulty.” Wen Rou said.


“I will find a method, there must be a way out!” Shen Yi’s punch smashed the Terminator.


He readily pulled out all the terminator’s wires as the Terminator fell down and stopped working. It suddenly issued a strange sound from its chest. Shen Yi’s heart fretted as he opened the Terminator’s chest, from the heart’s position as he took out a core.


Bloody Crest’s sound echoed: “You got a T-600 Terminator’s Energy Core. After paying 3,000 BP you can acquire a T-600 Terminator.”


“I got an Energy Core. This thing doesn’t drop in chests, you need to extract them from the wreckage.” Shen Yi said.


“Wow!” The team channel sent a sharp whistle and laughter.


“Ha, I will kill several more. Let’s set up a mechanical corps, although this stuff is not very powerful, but you can repair them anyway.” Hong Lang laughed.


“If you want to make 100 robots, you must have 300,000 BP. If you can pay, I will consider it.”


After Shen Yi said these words, everyone coaxed each other in the team channel. Walking in the air carrier flying high in the sky, chatting with his teammates, fighting life and death battles with Terminators, but also trying to find ways to escape, Shen Yi quite enjoyed the thrill of this stimulus.


The air carrier’s internal space was very wide, from the outside it was like a spaceship. The entyre hull was connected by multiple parts: decompression chamber, hangar, and other spaces, almost every room had a T-series Terminator guarding it. Along the way, Shen Yi had killed dozens of Terminator.


In front of him was a closed compartment with a sign that read “reference room”. Shen Yi was about to open it when he suddenly heard the roar of rapid acceleration from the front corner. An unmanned Moto-Terminator appeared.


Shen Yi raised his gun but what made him surprised was that the Moto-Terminator actually made a very smart flash as it flew towards the side wall escaping Shen Yi’s bullets. At the same time, through the collision’s reactive force, it severely accelerated towards him.


Shen Yi quickly pushed Xi Xiaofan to the side as he inclined to the back. The Moto-Terminator flew over his chest as Shen Yi’s left hand swung the Vampire Touch, swiping it across the Moto-Terminator’s tyre. As the rubber blew out, a scream of panic was heard: “Don’t move! I’m human!”


Stunned, he looked back and saw the Moto-Terminator had crashed into the ground. Suddenly, on the motorcycle actually appeared a man wearing black leather. Shen Yi had actually not seen how he had just hidden.


The man emergency braked with a spin, the motorcycle stopped firmly. He turned back, then shouted in anger: “Damn, you destroyed my tyre!”


Then, both were shocked at the same time.


Shen Yi cried out: “You?”


It was Zhou Yiyu who he had met in the city.




Zhou Yiyu distressingly looked at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The rear tyre had deflated.


Shen Yi apologized: “Sorry, I didn’t see a driver, so I thought it was a Moto-Terminator.”


“Have you seen ancient Huns riding a warhorse?” Zhou Yiyu snappily asked, “They hung themselves under the horse and pulled the bow from the side so that they could avoid attacks from the front.”


“I understand what you mean.” Shen Yi laughed: “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize your motorcycle. How did it turn out to be black?”


Zhou Yiyu pressed a button and the Harley-Davidson’s color immediately changed back to sky blue, and then again changed back to black. He was very helpless as he said: “Bloody City products are usually multi-functional. Mine had a camouflage function. I don’t blame you, I really use it to pretend to be a Moto-Terminator, but i didn’t expect that I still haven’t fooled any robot yet, but it successfully fooled you. Now it can’t run. “


Shen Yi smiled and walked over, put his hand on the motorcycle and got a prompt: “Harley-Davidson heavy motorcycle, 1% damaged, 0 AP loss, technology evaluation: Unranked.

A comprehensive repair needs to consume 1 Psychic Energy.”


With Activation started, Zhou Yiyu could only stare and looked at that damaged tyre even drum up again.


He glared at Shen Yi: “This is …”


“My Psychic Power, I hope you will keep quiet about this.”


“Your Psychic Power is to repair the machine?”




“Hell, our responsibility here is to destroy the machine.”


“This is exactly where I feel helpless.” Shen Yi shrugged.


They glanced at each other and suddenly smiled at the same time, the previous misunderstanding had also completely disappeared.


Zhou Yiyu laughed: “I thought I was the only adventurer in this air carrier, didn’t expect to run into you.”


“I thought you were a Common District adventurer, didn’t expect you to be a Slums District adventurer.”


“I went there to sell some things.”


Shen Yi readily used Appraisal on Zhou Yiyu.


“ID 4292, Zhou Yiyu, First-class Private, Strength 10 (14), Vitality 25, Agility 18 (22), MP 18, Will 12. Expert-level Driving Forte.”


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