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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 19

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Book 4 Chapter 19: Control (Part 2)

“Why did you bring that thing in?” Behind him, Zhou Yiyu called out in rage.


Shen Yi looked back and saw him busy studying the air carrier’s data recorded on the handheld computer to study how to fly this ship.


“It has its use.” Shen Yi casually replied as he readily punched the Terminator head.


“What can you do to help me fly this damned stuff?” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


“I don’t understand why you have to study everything before you can fly. You don’t even have to learn how to take off, you just need to know how to control it to. The third section in the first part of the manual is a detailed description about landing.” Shen Yi quickly said.


At that moment, the Terminator was about to fight back so Shen Yi had kicked its arms, and then grabbed its throat as his left hand punched its face.


Zhou Yiyu was dumbfounded, scratching his head as he said: “That’s right! How did I not think of it?”


Then he took a look at Shen Yi: “But there’s still a problem, the system here is controlled by Skynet, and if it can’t be solved, even if I can land it, Skynet will control it and let it fly again.”


Shen Yi pinched the Terminator’s neck, punched at the Terminator’s head and only the head, while asking: “Why don’t you let Xiaofan control that system?”


“I already asked. Xiaofan said he couldn’t because the terminal is connected to Skynet headquarters and it’s directly controlled by Skynet headquarters. He can deal with a Skynet separate system, but to deal with the main system is difficult. You know that all hackers actually target the loopholes in programs to attack. With Skynet main system’s super computing speed and its ability to make judgments, it can fix its own loopholes at any time and change the programs to resolve any hacking attempt.”


“If we can’t solve the problem from the software, then try to solve it from the hardware end.” Shen Yi threw the M61 Vulcan back to Zhou Yiyu, “Demolish its connection system. Without Skynet headquarter’s support, Xiaofan should be able to hack it, and then you can manually fly it.”


Zhou Yiyu was stunned: “Damn, did you think of this plan since long ago?”


“Yes,” Shen Yi replied with a smile, turning around and hitting the Terminator’s face again.


This punch finally took away the last of the Terminator’s AP value. Then he called Xiaofan over, pointing at the Terminator, and handing it to him.




Although in the Terminator world Skynet was ubiquitous as a program, programs on mainframes were still quite different from programs on small systems. The relationship between Skynet’s host program and a Terminator’s own program in fact was similar to the relationship between a person and sperm. The host was a person while a variety of the Terminator’s own programs could only be regarded as seeds.


Seeds could germinate and grow, but before they grew, they were still seeds. Even if the seeds were spread all over the world, it only meant that it would be hard to completely destroy them as they could grow back again at any time, but that does not mean that they could not be destroyed.


Thus, although the Skynet program was still destructive, it could be eliminated, and even controlled. Otherwise, in Terminator 2, John Connor would not be able to send a Terminator T-800 to return to the past to save his own mother and himself. Also, towards the end of Terminator 2, the T-800 had to ask for destruction of itself because the seed could not be left alive, otherwise it would grow again.


At Shen Yi’s reminder, Zhou Yiyu cut off the mothership and Skynet host contact, then shouted to Xi Xiaofan who was busy to do something: “Well, it’s up to you now… What are you doing?”


“Give him a minute” Shen Yi said.


A minute later, Xi Xiaofan returned the PDA to Shen Yi, and then returned to the terminal to take over the air carrier’s control procedures. Compared to hacking the data room, this task was obviously more troublesome and grander. Contents on the screen changed rapidly, many kinds of commands were input while the air carrier’s self-defense program was constantly resisting.


“There are fifteen minutes left!” Zhou Yi Yu shouted: “He better hurry and solve the problem!”


Shen Yi was still calm: “I believe him!”


Just then, from Bloody Crest suddenly sounded the prompt tone:


“You broke into the core area of the ship, alert status change. Terminators changed from ‘active search and kill’ mode to ‘full assault’ mode.”


The next moment, just listen to the carrier’s alloy door suddenly came a continuous sound of bombardment.


The control system prompted: “Alloy door AP value is falling, the current total damage is 1%, 99% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 10 minutes.”


Terminators outside began to demolish the alloy door.


Zhou Yi Yu was shocked: “How can this be?”


In his mind, a 500 BP quest that required getting a hold of a carrier and landing it must be pretty ridiculous. Not only it did it require a professional pilot, but also a talented hacker to help complete the quest. Even so, it seemed that Bloody City felt this difficult task wasn’t difficult enough, it even let Terminators engage in an all-out attack.


Now the door was being attacked again. Once the Terminators outside the door would break into the central control room, a fight was bound to happen. No matter who won, the final result would be that the central control room was destroyed and the plan to forcefully land the air carrier would fail.


However, facing such a bad situation, Shen Yi’s expression didn’t have even the slightest change, but he said faintly: “They attack is normal. Not attack would be strange. This is the core area after all, the Terminators will never sit idly and watch us take control.”


Zhou Yiyu stared blankly at Shen Yi, suddenly he seemed to understand, grabbed Shen Yi’s neck and shouted: “Bastard! You lied to me, didn’t you? Here is by no means the only way to complete the quest! It’s unreasonable that the difficulty of a 500 BP quest is so high!”


“Yeah.” Shen Yi nodded: “There are escape capsules in the ship, so as long as we can find the escape capsule in an hour, everyone can easily accomplish this quest.”


“Why did you do this? You pushed all of us into a dead end!” Zhou Yiyu did not expect Shen Yi to actually be so crazy, he didn’t take the easy way as any normal mind should, but chose the most difficult method to complete the task. If he could, he would kill Shen Yi immediately.


Watching the burning fire in Zhou Yiyu’s eyes, Shen Yi gently smiled and suddenly said: “Didn’t you say you would love to be mecha pilot? Why is it when your own dream is in front of you, you don’t dare to take a risk?”


“That doesn’t seem worth it! I don’t want to fail this quest, it’s equal to me losing 1000 BP.”


“Ok, ok, how about I compensate you?”


“What can you do to compensate me?”


Shen Yi made a snap, a finger pointed to the remains of the Terminator not far away.


Zhou Yiyu dumbfounded: “What does that mean?”


Shen Yi walked over, put his hand on the demolished Terminator, “Repair 1%.”


With a few inputs of Psychic Energy, the Terminator stood up and automatically stood behind Shen Yi, but did not attack him. Instead, it was like one of his soldiers in general.


Zhou Yi Yu stared in disbelief.


“How did you do that?” He cried.


“Terminator 4, haven’t you seen it? John Connor used a handheld computer to take control of a Terminator. Since he can do, I have reason to believe that our young genius can do better.” Shen Yi slowly answered.


What Shen Yi made Xiaofan do for him previously was to modify this T-600’s control procedures. Compared to the extensive aircraft firewall system, it was a lot easier to breakthrough the defense system of a single Terminator T-600.


A Terminator couldn’t deal with Shen Yi and other adventurers, but it was entirely due to the difference in fighting methods. This was like a wolf certainly not being a tiger’s opponent in one on one fight, but the wolf’s own brutalness would not be hidden. If the tiger could take the wolf as an underling, it definitely would be an increase to its fighting strength.


In addition, as individuals, Terminators couldn’t really play their role – their AI level was too low, they did not understand how to use tactics. But human beings were different, the same T-600 in the hands of adventurers and in Skynet’s ability would play a very different role. This was like the difference between giving a gun to a gunner and giving a gun to a normal person.


Terminators under the command of adventurers would form a better match. They could both be used as a meat shield and as an independent attack system, tactically approaching was more flexible.


Therefore, considering the practical value, a Rank D robot was far more powerful than a Rank D skill, but to get such a robot, adventurers would have to have the corresponding Energy Core, and most of the adventurers, because of their own enhancing direction, did not want to spend precious BP in that area.


However, Shen Yi gave Zhou Yi Yu this Terminator because its control program was forcefully changed and therefore did not belong to the formal rewards allowing it to only be used in this mission world.


Anyway, receiving a little was better than nothing so Zhou Yi Yu could only accept this “pirated” Terminator.


Taking a look at the Terminator which he had owned, Zhou Yiyu bit his teeth as he recognized this loss: “Count you ruthless to trick me once, now tell me why you did it in the end?”


“You’ll get the answer, but you’d better land the air carrier before then. I’m sure that you will not want to float in the sky when those Terminator breaks in.”


Xi Xiaofan at this time had broken through the the air carrier’s first defense system, and had taken control of some parts of the air carrier.


Zhou Yi Yu returned to the front of the control panel, trying hard to make preparations before landing the the air carrier while asking: “Ah, if that idiot couldn’t take control of the Terminator, what were you going to use to compensate me?”


“Oh, then you wouldn’t have any compensation.” Shen Yi shrugged.


Zhou Yiyu stunned, spat out a few words from the teeth: “F*ck you bitch!”




Another heavy blow was heard.


The control system prompted: “The door received damage degree of 3%, 90% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 9 minutes.”

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