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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 20

Compared to Book 1 and 2, chapters are getting shorter. So the regular release will be increased to 3 chap/week.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 20: Exploring

Shen Yi opened the team channel.


Wen Rou’s urgent voice came: “Shen Yi, are you still in the air carrier?”


“Yes,” Shen Yi replied.


“Central control room?”




“What the hell!” Everyone shouted.


Hong Lang roared: “Shen Yi, what are you doing? Time is running out, if you don’t leave the air carrier, you will fail Main Quest 1!”


All members of team 64 had escaped from the air carrier and completed Main Quest 1. They were on their way to Los Angeles but didn’t expect that Shen Yi would actually still be in the air carrier.


Shen Yi replied: “I’ve done a good job preparing for failure, I can afford to pay 500 BP.”


“But why do you want to do that?” Wen Rou asked in confusion.


“There are many reasons.” Shen Yi paused for a moment, his ears heard another announcement: “The door received damage degree of 10%, 80% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 8 minutes.”


Shen Yi took a deep breath and said: “I don’t have much time left, so I’ll make a long story short. I’m risking failing Main Quest 1 to take control of this air carrier for four reasons. The first reason is that I want to know if Bloody City has a strict standard for executing the mission or not. If we take control of the air carrier but don’t have time to leave, will Bloody City confirm the completion of the Main Quest?”


“Does that have any meaning?”


“Of course! This would determine whether Bloody City’s evaluation of missions is rigid or not.”


In accordance with the provisions of Bloody City, the adventurers’ first Main Quest was to flee the air carrier. “Escape” was the main point, “the air carrier” was only a limit of range.


It was conceivable that if this order had been given by a human officer and Shen Yi had not fled the air carrier but in turn controlled the air carrier, that officer would definitely not think Shen Yi’s mission failed, but that Shen Yi had performed above expectations. After all, escaping was a forced choice, but taking control reflected victory. So when Bloody City faced this situation, what would it do?


That was hard to say. It would be like a teacher asking you to solve a problem with a binary equation whilst you could use calculus to solve it. So the teachers started to have a headache… At the end, is the method used to solve the problem correct or wrong?


This was what Shen Yi wanted to know. For Shen Yi, he would get an answer no matter what Bloody City would do. The answer itself was not important, what was important was that he would understand how Bloody City resolved unexpected problems.


“Got it. Anything else?” Wen Rou asked.


“The second reason… remember the World War II mission we completed eight hours in advance?”


“Yes, what’s wrong?”


“In that mission, the highest team reward suddenly appeared, but it was also more difficult. I want to know if this was already planned, or it’s related to our method of completing the Main Quest.”


In the World War II mission, Bloody City’s initial prompt did not give the highest reward for the Optional Quest. Until they easily completed the main quest, was the Optional Quest officially announced, then they were notified of the highest team reward quest; all of it was very strange. And the difficulty of that quest had been beyond everyone’s imagination.


What Shen Yi meant was that he doubted that the difference in completing a quest would directly affect the follow-up quests. The completion of a quest may lead to changes in the difficulty and reward of subsequent quests. As they had taken a detour, they not only completed the main quest ahead of schedule, but hadn’t sustained any injuries. So Bloody City increased the German offensive forces, but also gave the highest reward. In addition, in the X-men mission, Jimmy was taken by the United States government army in an inexplicable way, and then fell back into Magneto’s hands, the Hidden Quest followed this incident. Shen Yi not only got two different Psychic Powers, but also got a hundred percent recovery speed, but had to face the powerful Magneto.


Whether this was in line with the due process of the Hidden Quest, it was also debatable. If these two things were really related to Shen Yi’s trickery, it may be able to explain Bloody City’s attitude to treat cunning adventurer.


To deal with cunning adventurers, Bloody City would correct the loophole and then increase the difficulty, but when the quests became more difficult, it would also give additional rewards.


To some extent, this was similar to teachers plotting against students suspected of cheating. The students would have to sit more difficult surprise exams. However, after the students pass, they often express satisfaction and give awards as compensation.


This was one of the answers that Shen Yi wanted to know.


“The third reason is whether the mission mode can change.” Shen Yi continued.


“Mode changes?”


“Yes, any mission mode should be based on a certain foundation. For example, if you want to make this Survival mode, you must make the Terminators more powerful than the adventurers, right?”


“Of course, how could we be hunted down by some trash weaker than us?”


“It shows that from the beginning Bloody City had analyzed both side’s strength and it should be very sure that the adventurers’ strengths cannot contend against Skynet’s Terminators . But the problem is that once the basic condition ‘Terminators are stronger than the adventurer’ changes, then how does the quest continue? “


Everyone exclaimed loudly, Shen Yi even wanted to change the balance of power?


According to Shen Yi’s idea, once he controlled the aircraft carrier, the strength of the two sides would have a major change in comparison. If Bloody City still arranged Skynet to send troops as scheduled, it would be much more difficult to kill the adventurers.


Shen Yi wanted to know what Bloody City would do when it faced this situation. Would it adjust the mission mode and all quests altogether? Or directly increase the amount of troops that hunt?


A small change could lead to a variety of consequences resulting in numerous deductions, and what Shen Yi wanted was the answer – a variety of answers – which would allow him to better understand the existence of Bloody City.


When the above three reasons were combined, you would find that this was actually how Shen Yi explored how Bloody City intervened in the process of taking on the quest of adventurers in the mission world.


“Bloody City would intervene in the process of implementing the quests”, Shen Yi had doubted that since the World War II mission. In the X-men mission, this suspicion rose to the maximum – Jimmy was inexplicably taken and a Hidden Quest was forced upon him. Then Shen Yi began to understand that Bloody City, by no means, just put adventurers into the mission world, gave them a few quests, then didn’t bother to care anymore.


It was like God, always watching you from the clouds …


If you wanted to carry out God’s will, then you would have to first know how much God will interfere with you during your mission, and whether your conduct would be in accordance with his will. So Shen Yi wanted to test God.


It was like how soldiers obey politicians’ orders to fight and not only need to complete their mission accordingly, but must also be able to know what punishment or reward they would receive for failure or success respectively. Most importantly, how much “Generals outside don’t have to follow the king’s orders” power did they have?


A truly good general must be good at three things: understanding the enemy, understanding subordinates, understanding their superior. For adventurers, it was the same as learning to understand the mission world, mastering their own ability, and finally being good at understanding Bloody City’s intentions.


In fact, this standard applied to any occasion such as sales staff needing to understand the customer, to understand the product, but also to understand the boss; also group CEOs need to understand the market, understand themselves, but also understand policies; even an author of novels needs to understand readers’ needs, understand their own ability, to understand their editor’s tastes …


If the occasional minor failure could make you see more clearly about what kind of person your boss was, it was definitely worthy.


Hearing these series of reasons, even Zhou Yi Yu nodded. If a 500 BP mission failed in return for many of these answers, it was indeed very worthwhile.


“The question is, how will you do this? How can you control this air carrier?” Jin Gang did not understand: “I don’t believe that entering the central control room means the air carrier is yours.”


Shen Yi smile: “In here, I have made two very important friends, you already know one of them.”


“That idiot?”


“To be precise, he is a genius. I really didn’t expect him to be able to help us control an air carrier. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have made such an adventurous decision.”


Shen Yi used the shortest words to roughly explain Xi Xiaofan’s ability. All of them, hearing about it, felt dull.


Hong Lang cried: “You say that the child is not an idiot but a genius, and yet you treated him like an idiot?”


His tone was full of contempt and relish, which made Shen Yi very uncomfortable, he coughed lightly: “… I said I’ve never been exposed to such people before. Mentally retarded or autistic, I’ve only seen it on television only, and I know that there are so many people with autism in the world but I had not meet one until I entered Bloody City, and he was also a genius! I know only true idiot, that’s Hong Lang! “


“F**k your mom!”


Anyway, this information surprised everyone. It was because Xi Xiaofan’s emergence that Shen Yi resolutely decided not go to escape module, instead attacking the aircraft carrier’s control room. Because it was only Main Quest 1, all Terminators were in a guarding state, so they are easily succeeded. Bloody City seems to have never predicted such a result would appear, and now… Xi Xiaofan was about to break the third layer of the air carrier’s defense system.


Wen Rou asked: “The last reason?”


“The last reason is that, since adventurers are dispersed in different air carriers, it’s impossible to be able to complete the first main quest at the same time. Since the time each of us completed the quest is different, our performances are not the same, then the treatment should also be different, and this is what we have already proven. In theory, the worst performer amongst the adventurers should be the first to be attacked by the Terminator … “


Based on Bloody City’s provisions, upon failing to complete Main Quest 1, on the surface it would seem like only 500 BP were deducted, but things obviously could not be so simple. The completion of the previous quest would directly affect the implementation of the next quest. The farther the adventurer who escaped from the air carrier was attacked by the Terminator later, the adventurer who had fled the spaceship just before an hour deadline would have a higher chance to be the first to be attacked.


From this point of analysis, the air carrier was not only a captor of adventurers, but was also responsible for the first round of chasing.


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