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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 22

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 22: Destruction

“Quick, think of a method!” Zhou Yiyu had been roaring up: “I just got an air carrier, I don’t want it to be destroyed!”


Shen Yi immediately said: “Xiaofan, enter the command: a foreign force has invaded the air carrier, start the internal firepower system, destroy all targets from the central control room, and then blow up the Terminator production plant!”


Xi Xiaofan did not speak as he carried out Shen Yi’s instructions.


Zhou Yiyu shouted: “You better make him hurry!”


“Don’t rush him! He mustn’t be frightened!” Shen Yi snapped at Zhou Yiyu, saying: “You’d better first land this air carrier, I don’t want to float in the sky without absolute control!”


“I’m trying, give me two more minutes.”


Bang… bang… bang!


Three successive loud sounds were heard as the alloy door fiercely shook a bit.


System prompted: “The door received damage degree of 12%, 10% remaining. Analysis from the current attack strength, the alloy door can hold for 10 seconds.”


The AP of the central control room’s door dropped quickly, even beyond the expected support time.


Zhou Yu looked at Shen Yi with a pale face: “Not enough time.”


“Talk less nonsense!” Shen Yi, in a single stride, rushed to the front of the gate, put his hand on the door, and used Activation.


The deformed door was slowly restored. At the same time, Shen Yi’s face became ugly. Repairing the door required far more Psychic Energy than repairing a Terminator. His Psychic Energy dissipated quickly, bottoming out in less than a minute, but the repaired AP value was still less than a quarter.


Shen Yi was harsh with himself and did the same as Jin Gang: consumed his own HP to continue repairing the door. His HP rapidly declined and at the same time his left hand was placed on his chest and activated Despicable Healing Art.


Feeling this was not enough, he simply took out the spirit guns and whispered: “Cure Bullet!”


Two rounds of Rank D Cure Bullet went into his own body. After the series of actions and after consuming all his Psychic Energy and 90% HP, Shen Yi finally repaired the door to two-thirds of its original AP value.


Zhou Yiyu was stunned as Shen Yi turned back and roared: “Don’t waste time looking around! Be faster!”


Zhou Yiyu was like just awakened from a dream, and quickly continued to operate the control panel. After a while he shouted: “The landing procedure is completed. It will take two minutes and forty seconds!”


Outside the door, the Terminators were still crazily attacking as the door once again bore the intense attacks.


Seeing the AP value of the door drop again and again to the bottom, as the prompt continuously sounded, Shen Yi tried to restore his HP in preparation to use Activation a second time.


Just then, Xi Xiaofan suddenly whispered: “Done…”


In the next moment, the firepower system inside the air carrier was fully activated, a large number of internal heavy machine guns extended from the deck above the frame.


The Terminators, who were carrying out a full-scale hunt-and-kill order, looked blankly above their heads. A large number of machine-guns fired, spitting out numerous flames and frenziedly enveloped these robots.


Although the Terminator robots had a powerful metal skeleton, ordinary bullets hardly caused them harm, but anything that had quantitative change to a certain extent would cause a qualitative change. Enough cannon-fodder Terminators could cause adventurers who were stronger than them to run, and enough bullets could destroy the Terminators which couldn’t be destroyed by normal bullets under regular circumstances.


When a large number of bullets were madly spat out, expressions such as like hail or like a storm, could no longer represent their overwhelming power. The large number of bullets in the air were like a big steel plate smashing down, those tough Terminators were crushed like flies.


Seeing this fierce and frightening offense on screen, Zhou Yiyu and Shen Yi were dumbfounded. If they had been going through Main Quest 1 under normal circumstances and then had failed to leave the air carrier in time, then no matter how powerful they were, they would have been torn to pieces.


“My mother!” Zhou Yiyu finally shouted, relieved.


Just then, the air carrier’s body suddenly trembled violently, as if something exploded inside the air carrier making it unbalanced.


“What happened?” Zhou Yiyu angrily shouted.


“Don’t worry, just the Terminator production line being blown up!” Shen Yi replied, smoothly switching the screen to other parts of the ship.


On the screen, the Terminator production plant inside the air carrier also started a series of explosions. A huge ball of fire exploded and shocked the entire air carrier.


Without the Terminator production line, the drones’ attacks on the engine system finally stopped. Although the  engine had been damaged by more than 15% at this time and its mobility was halted, it was still possible to maintain its flight. At this point, after finally gaining full control of the air carrier, Zhou Yiyu piloted the air carrier to land on the ground.


Bloody Crest prompted: “ID E2213, E4292, E5371 completed Main Quest 1 (modified). Each get 1000 BP reward.”




Three minutes later.


The air carrier finally landed on a patch of grass in the mountains. Its landing posture was ugly, falling straight down thirty meters from to ground, making it more likely to crash rather than land, not only leaving a deep crater, but half of its body also still lay precariously on the edge of the cliff.


Surprisingly, the integrity of the overall structure was maintained. However, for Zhou Yiyu, this was the most successful landing he had ever made.


Looking at the air carrier, he laughed and shouted: “See? I did it!”


“Congratulations, you’ve been fired from the Skynet Airline Company due to a series of irregular and undocumented landing,” Shen Yi said in anger, turning aside and clearing the messy things that hit him.


“Ha! Anyway, we have an air carrier, don’t we?” Zhou Yiyu laughed.


Compared to the 1000 BP reward, Zhou Yiyu was even more concerned about the air carrier he had obtained.


However, Shen Yi sighed and replied: “I’m afraid that’s just a beautiful fantasy. “


“What are you talking about?”


Suddenly, the system prompted:


“K112 carrier was fully hijacked by the enemy, has been determined as unable to be recalled. Skynet self-destruct system starting, countdown of three minutes …”


“M**********r!” Zhou Yiyu shouted and jumped up.


“Go!” Shen Yi shouted and picked up Xi Xiaofan, stomped on countless Terminator’s broken body parts and ran. Zhou Yiyu took out his motorcycle, shrieking as it rode out of the central control room .


The cold and uninhibited countdown sound still echoed.


Just as they were about to dash out of the air carrier, Shen Yi suddenly shouted: “Wait!”


Zhou Yiyu roared: “What do you want to do?”


“There’s an arsenal here!” Shen Yi kicked a big iron gate down and jumped in like a lightning bolt, opened up the storage space in the Bloody Crest, and desperately collected the weapons inside.


Zhou Yiyu was anxious, almost going mad: “It’s going to explode soon, let’s go!”


“Give me some time, you go first!” Shen Yi shouted, while searching the arsenal for heavy fire weapons, explosives, and other weapons, stuffing them into the storage space.


Zhou Yiyu could only stomp in anxiety, but his character was quite good as he didn’t really run away but desperately shouted: “You’d better hurry! We already have guns, what do you want to do?”


“I have my use for them!” Shen Yi cried, desperately searching.


“Time is running out!” Zhou Yiyu was angry and afraid at Shen Yi’s craziness.


Though Shen Yi tried his best, but the warehouse was filled with weapons and he could only take a small part of these things. Knowing he couldn’t eventually take everything, Shen Yi sighed and came out of the arsenal, madly crying: “Go!”


Three people ran crazily out of the air carrier. They had not gone far when they heard the sound of a huge explosion. The whole air carrier exploded from within. A super, huge fireball like the sun appeared, and quickly spread in every direction, instantly enveloping the entire ship. The huge air carrier was dismembered into numerous pieces which flew towards the sky.


Shen Yi held Xi Xiaofan and rolled on the ground and then jumped into a pit in front of him, followed by Zhou Yiyu. Huge flames blew over their heads. If anyone opened his eyes and looked up, the whole world looked like it was a cloud of burning fire.


The flames in the air lasted at least seven or eight seconds before subsiding. As a result, some forests were caught fire and the fire was gradually spreading. The wreckage of the exploded air carrier filled the land within a radius of a few kilometers. Some broken Terminators’ skulls had been blown far away and could be seen everywhere.


Zhou Yiyu was burned his head was charred. He crawled out from the soil to see the surrounding horror scene. Seeing the air carrier no longer existed, he was disheartened: “How could this happen … didn’t we control the carrier already?”


Shen Yi also drilled out from the soil: “The logical answer is that Skynet has a self-destruct system, it doesn’t allow its force to be controlled by humans. The real answer is that Bloody City may make a small-scale adjustment according to the situation, but never makes change in general direction. It’s like a general, after having developed a strategy, no one could easily change their plan. In the last mission, I entered the  X-men world, got a mutant who could deal with all mutants, can you guess what was the result? Bloody City took him away, and this time, if we controlled the air carrier, it would have likely led to the failure of the entire Survival mode. Bloody City can’t accept this and started the self-destruct system.”


The answer to the third question was finally being revealed. Bloody City’s mission would not be changed because of any situation. It wanted adventurers to participate in Survival mode, then the mission mode would always be Survival mode. Even if an adventurer hijacked an air carrier, Bloody City naturally had a way to get it from them.


From this point of view, Bloody City absolutely didn’t allow its own authority to be questioned. It could condone you on small details, but the big picture must not be ambiguous.


As long as it thinks you should only be hunted down, then you will have to accept the fate of being hunted down. But in turn, this also meant that Bloody City would not easily change the original forces that carried out the chasing. If the adventurers had the ability to eliminate the forces that chased them, they could still treat the Survival mode like a normal fighting mode.


How to arrange the mission was Bloody City’s job, how to implement it, was the adventurer’s own choice.


This moment, looking at the flames in the sky and the fragmented air carrier, Zhou Yiyu issued a desperate sigh: “Then we were busy for nothing?”


“The situation isn’t that bad.” Shen Yi shrugged, and he casually replied: “Thinking of it from another point of view, we’ve resolved the first wave of the forces that chased us, and we’ll have twelve hours of free time, right? “


Zhou Yiyu was stunned.


Right, wasn’t this air carrier responsible for hunting and killing them? Although now they did not own an air carrier, at least they got rid of their fate of being hunted.


The most important thing was that they now had 12 hours to rest.


But he still gave a wry smile: “Thinking about it again, I still feel it’s not worthwhile. We spent so much effort, took such a large risk, and even controlled an air carrier, in the end it was only an extra 500 BP reward.”


“That may not be.” Shen Yi said: “Bloody City has always been very fair. How much you invest, that much return you get.”


Along with Shen Yi’s words, Bloody Crest prompted:


“ID E2213, E4292, E5371 destroyed the K112 air carrier. Each will earn an additional reward: 800 BP and one universal Energy Core which can be used to make any type of Rank D Terminator robot.”

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