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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 23

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 23: T-1000 (Part 1)

“Wow!” Hearing the prompt, Zhou Yiyu could not help but whistle.

800 BP plus a universal Rank D Energy Core, although the reward wasn’t high, but it effectively eased the pain of losing an air carrier. Contrary to him, Shen Yi frowned, seeming quite dissatisfied.


Zhou Yiyu confusedly looked at him: “What’s wrong?”


Shen Yu replied: “Something isn’t right, the reward is too low.”


“I feel that it’s already good enough. Remember, this is just the first round, should someone like you not expect it to give a high reward?”


Shen Yi shook his head: “The problem isn’t that. We didn’t destroy the air carrier in a battle, but took control of it. That’s not simply eliminating the force that chased us, but gaining total control of that force. It could have become our important fighting power, but it was destroyed by Skynet according to Bloody City’s will. This loss should be compensated.”


“How do you know?”


“Because this is its style of doing things. Why do you think I needed to study Bloody City for so long? Do you feel it’s easy to take control of an air carrier? If it wasn’t exactly you, me, and Xi Xiaofan, the three of us being here together and our abilities complementing each other, how could we control an air carrier? Speaking till here, I realized it’s really interesting. Fate seemed to bless me and the three of us just happened to be on the same air carrier. This is truly a miracle, the probability of such an occurrence is almost zero! It’s very likely we won’t have such a chance in the future. There’s no justification for not giving us extra compensation! “


“Anyway, maybe there really isn’t any further compensation.” Zhou Yiyu shrugged.


Shen Yi thought for a moment then murmured: “Maybe there is… but we just haven’t realized it?” In deep thought, he shook his head: “Well, we should first leave.”


“How? This is a mountainous region!” Zhou Yiyu pointed to the large mountain that was in front of him.


Whilst Shen Yi was thinking about this problem, an open-top car suddenly descended from heaven and fell heavily before their eyes. It was an SUV that had been blown out by the exploding of the air carrier and ended up hanging up in a tree before falling out at this moment.


Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu traded glances, then Shen Yi shrugged: “Look, fate always makes arrangements.”




They rode the Mercedes-Benz out of the mountains and into the uninhabited wilderness. Zhou Yiyu sat in the driver’s seat, Shen Yi was in the front seat, and Xi Xiaofan was in the rear seat, gently swaying his body and humming an unknown song.


Shen Yi was using the PDA from time to time access all the information he had previously received. Taking such a risk, the material harvest Shen Yi had obtained was just 500 BP plus two Energy Cores and a Terminator T-600, but the value of the information was immeasurable. With the understanding of Bloody City’s interference with the mission, it would have a huge impact on their future actions.


Information has always been the foundation of everything. There has never been any wisdom in the world not built on experience. Gathering information itself was a manifestation of wisdom. Now with this collection of information, Shen Yi was more confident in the execution of his future missions.


At this time, Jin Gang and the others were still being hunted by the Terminator robot army. Although the sound of guns still rumbled in the team channel, but no one met any real danger. After adding attributes, the physical quality of team 641’s members had been strengthened in all directions, and Survival mode to some extent, in fact, was a long-distance race, a competition of endurance, physical strength, and stamina; so Shen Yi temporarily didn’t worry about them.


Sitting in the car for a while, Shen Yi suddenly said to Zhou Yiyu: “Can you sell your Rank D Energy Core to me?”


“What?” Zhou Yiyu looked at Shen Yi with timid eyes .


Shen Yi readily took out his T-600 Energy Core from Bloody Crest : “I’ll use this to exchange for it.”


Zhou Yiyu glanced at it in disdain, saying: “Do you think I am a fool? Using this garbage to exchange for my universal Rank D Energy Core? Do you think I don’t know? No matter the skills, weapons, or equipment, there are qualitative differences among the same Rank products, so the robot is no exception. T-600, T-650, T-700, are all Rank D and can be exchanged for the same price of 3000 BP. But the T-700 is much stronger than the T-600!”


“In other words, in your hands, this universal Energy Core could only be used to exchange for a T-700 Terminator, right?” Shen Yi leisurely asked.


While Zhou Yiyu fell into silence, Shen Yi said: “I’ll add 1000 BP, do you want to trade?”


Zhou Yiyu thought for a moment and shook his head: “Unless you tell me what you want to use it for.”


“If you exchange with me, I’ll tell you.”


“Ha, then forget it.”


“Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. I have an idea about this universal Energy Core, but it’s just a guess. In case this speculation fails, then I’ve won’t benefit from this deal, it can only be used to exchange for a T-700, just like you said. But if I guess correctly, I may be able to get more benefits. This guess involves very important and very valuable information, I can guarantee that you’ll think it worthwhile after listening. If you still want to hear it, you must also sign a contract with me promising not to leak this out. “


Zhou Yiyu puzzled look Shen Yi: “This information is worth 1000 BP?”


“Absolutely worth that much.”


Zhou Yiyu thought, then answered: “Add 500 BP to the deal. This is not me being greedy, you also know that information is not worth the money when it’s leaked out, but it can’t be valued if it isn’t revealed. But if your information is really valuable, I will give it back to you.”


“Yeah.” Shen Yan actually agreed very readily: “But I have an additional condition.”




“I want Xi Xiaofan’s universal Energy Core.”


“No!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


As a serious patient with autism, in fact, both Shen Yi or Zhou Yiyu had thought of how to deal with Xi Xiaofan from early on. No matter what an adventurer wanted to do to him, Xi Xiaofan would be unable to resist. However, because of these two’s scruples with each other, neither one wanted to mention it first, until Shen Yi brought it up.


Seeing Zhou Yiyu’s eager response, Shen Yi smiled: “I won’t take it for free. In the latter quests, I’ll give him full protection, this Energy Core is my compensation.”


“Ha!” Zhou Yiyu faced upwards and laughed: “It’s really a coincidence. My heart is also very soft, it can’t see others fall. Seeing an autistic youth struggle to survive, I feel very uncomfortable. There’s no way, I’m such a soft-hearted person, so I have decided to protect him properly. Of course, protecting someone like him will inevitably lead to some hardships, and taking the benefits will not be excessive, right?”


At this moment, both Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu stared at each other, suddenly smiling at the same time.


Shen Yi shook his head and said: “Well, all right, in that case, it’s fair. Xi Xiaofan will be protected by the two of us and his harvests will be divided into three parts, one for himself, one for me, one for you. How about that?”


“That should almost be fine!” Zhou Yiyu fiercely stepped on the accelerator as the car became a streak on the road, but the driving was unusually smooth: “Xi Xiaofan gained 1800 BP in the previous quest, I think we shouldn’t touch that. The price of a universal Rank D Energy Core is 3500 BP, that’s not excessive, right? “


Shen Yi glanced: “2000 BP is the right price.”


Zhou Yiyu laughed: “Don’t play dumb with me. An Energy Core has always belonged to unique items, the average price of a Rank D Energy Core is still almost 2000 BP and this is a universal one, its value would be at least 1500 more. Since you want it, you’ll need to pay more!”


“No matter how good things seems to be, I have to see it work first. I don’t want to pay too much for a guess.”


“You want to prove your theory, you have to take the risk. Didn’t you do exactly that on the air carrier?” Zhou Yiyu didn’t back down.


Shen Yi thought, then finally nodded: “If you make the price 3000, you take 1000, and Xi Xiaofan 1000BP, I’ll take the Energy Core. But it can only be delivered after the mission is over. I can’t get so many BP right now.”


Zhou Yiyu thought for a moment, finally nodded: “OK, but you must pay me 500 BP for my Energy Core right now!”




Thus, Shen Yi got two universal Rank D Energy Cores, signed two loan agreements, and Zhou Yiyu signed a confidentiality agreement. Both were clever, greedy people. If it were other adventurers, they would ration all Xi Xiaofan’s rewards, let alone that Energy Core. But both did not do so, but at the same time decided to leave some BP for Xi Xiaofan. He was a poor teenager after all and also contributed greatly to this mission. Whether it was Shen Yi or Zhou Yiyu, they did not want to hurt the boy too much, but at the same time, they were not the kind to stupidly offer charity. Xi Xiaofan certainly did contribute, but without them, Xi Xiaofan would also have died prematurely on the mothership, so the modest collection of benefits became the best choice.


It was precisely because of this that Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu had a lot of goodwill towards each other. As long as there was still a bottom line of morality, people wouldn’t do things beyond a certain extent, and dealing with such people was much more assuring.


If Zhou Yiyu had said that he and Shen Yi share all of Xi Xiaofan’s property, Shen Yi’s next idea would have been to ensure to find ways to make this person become cannon fodder in the next quest. For ruthless people, Shen Yi had always been even more ruthless.


At this moment, the transaction was concluded.


Zhou Yiyu said: “Well, now can you talk about what you want to do with these three Rank D Energy Cores?”


“Before answering your question, I must tell you one thing, that is, rewards can be split …”


Shen Yi told him about how Wen Rou split additional rewards in the previous mission. He did not say what they got, but he clearly told Zhou Yiyu that splitting the rewards was an option, so that their revenue could greatly increase far more than the expected benefits. This was quite a shock to Zhou Yiyu. He had never thought that the quest reward was actually splittable.


“But what is the relationship between this and the three Rank D Energy Cores?” Zhou Yiyu some do not understand.


Shen Yi chuckled: “Haven’t you heard that there is a noun called reverse thinking? Since the reward can be split, then why can’t it be merged?”


Zhou Yiyu was dumbfounded: “You mean … merge the reward? You want to merge three Rank D Energy Cores into a Rank C one?”


Shen Yi gently nodded: “Yes, I want a Rank C Terminator. I don’t know in the end if it can be successful, but I think, since you can split the reward, then it should be able to combine rewards, but I think it can only be done after the mission is completed.”


“But didn’t you have a bigger return after splitting the reward?”


Shen Yi gave him a strange look: “Who told you that you must split your rewards to gain more benefits? The reason that splitting rewards was a success was because my companion was given the opportunity to actively choose. She selected according to market value and practicality, so the return was very large. If it was still given at random, the return wouldn’t necessarily be very large.The purpose of splitting the reward is actually to pay a Rank D item in exchange for limited opportunities to choose. It’s like having more divisions in the battlefield is always better, and different battles and having different needs under different circumstances. There was no such thing as the best one, only the most suitable one.”


Zhou Yiyu blushed, but he still persevered with his view: “Even if you can combine the three Rank D Energy Cores, a Rank C Terminator is not a big deal.”


“That depends on what kind of Terminator you would exchange for.” Shen Yi laughed.


“What else can it be?” Zhou Yiyu said in disdain: “The Rank D Terminators are T-600, T-650, T-700, Rank DD should be T-750, T-800, T-850. Then Rank C should be T-900, T-950, T…”


Zhou Yiyu suddenly lost his voice, the SUV suddenly stopped with the sharp sounds of braking. Zhou Yiyu hurriedly turned back, looking in panic at Shen Yi.


He shouted at the top of his lung: “T-1000? The liquid metal Terminator?”


Shen Yi looked at him sympathetically: “Do you finally understand?”

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