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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 24

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 24: T-1000 (Part 2)

In the Terminator series, from Terminator 1 to Terminator 4, the Terminator that had appeared the most was the Terminator T-800, which was played by Arnold. He also played Terminator T-850 in the third movie and that Terminator looked exactly like the T-800, but its functions were further improved.


However, from its performance, although the Terminator T-800 was powerful, its strength was actually limited. it plainly that it was resistant to damage and not easily destroyed. But the “not easy” was in relation to ordinary people, for adventurers, something an ordinary person could defeat, like the Terminator, may not be very difficult to deal with.


According to Blood City’s damage rules, when an attack damage can not break the other’s defense, it would still cause 1 basic damage. However, when the attack damage is less than one-third of the opponent’s defense, then it wouldn’t even cause basic damage.


In this respect, the T-800 Terminator could be almost indestructible when facing normal firearms, but some powerful guns could still harm it. They also had the ability to repair themselves, so by the scene of shock, most ordinary people felt it invulnerable and lost the courage to fight back.


The Terminator that left the deepest impression, in fact, was not the T-800 but the T-1000. This was the liquid metal Terminator in the second movie.


Although in the third movie the Terminator series introduced the T-X, a more powerful Terminator model that had stronger abilities in ranged offensive and mimicry changes, could control all kinds of Terminators, and could be called the pinnacle of Terminators, but if it is was a one-on-one battle, the T-X Terminator may not be stronger than the T-1000.


The T-X’s strength lay in its sharp offensive and control over other Terminators. As for its mimicry capability, it was limited to the surface, therefore, when it came to changeability, flexibility, and the ability to bear damage, it was worse than the T-1000.


For adventurers, solo performance was always the first priority, flexibility and the ability to bear damage were also more important than their offensive abilities. Therefore, the T-1000’s practical value was actually higher than that of the T-X’s after all, nobody could know what kind of world they would go to. The use of the T-X was limited, it was more suitable for the modern world whereas the T-1000 was almost suitable for any mission world.


In this regard, the T-1000 far more valuable than T-X, if it was sold to Bloody City, it could be treated as a Rank B product and was absolutely one of the best sellers.


In addition, Shen Yi had learned that all of Bloody City’s  actions were based on the background of respecting the original mission world and would not easily change the balance of power. In other words, since in the original plot the T-X was stronger than T-1000, then it wouldn’t make the T-1000’s value surpass the T-X’s. The T-X, as the strongest unit in the Terminator world, was definitely Rank CC, but also could not be raised again to increase T-1000’s value.


Upgrade one level was Rank B. However, Rank B belonged to Difficulty Level 3, the robot’s strength would have entered the level of Transformers this level, and this was the conclusion Shen Yi reached after collecting information from the store, it was absolutely correct. As a result, the strongest being in the world of Terminators had been fixed at only Rank CC and it could not be changed, and it could not be more powerful.


Then T-1000, destined to be one grade lower than T-X, could only be rated Rank C. As a result, there was a logical paradox – for adventurers ,the Rank C T-1000 was more practical than the Rank CC T-X. If they could choose, adventurers would be more willing to get the T-1000 rather than the T-X, not to mention the 9000 BP cost difference in exchanging.


This was obviously not acceptable for Bloody City. There were two ways to solve this problem. One was to weaken the T-1000, and the other was to increase the purchase difficulty of the T-1000.


To be honest, both of these possibilities existed, and Shen Yi was not sure which method it would be. However, all the world figures he had experienced so far had only seen the ones that had been strengthened and had not seen them weakened.


From this point of view, weakening the strength of certain weapons or characters in order to keep the balance was not  Bloody City’s customary style. On the contrary, engaging special products was one of its habit.


As a result, Shen Yi was convinced that it would choose the latter way – to increase the difficulty of buying. That is, listing the T-1000 as a special item, which is extremely difficult to get. Like a Bloodline or Practicing Manual, you must have the Energy Core in order to exchange for the corresponding robot.


Also happens that T-1000 was a liquid metal. The so-called liquid metal, from its ever-changing nature, there was no Energy Core. In other words, even if you killed thousands of T-1000s, you wouldn’t get any Energy Core. Since everyone can not get it, the purchasing difficulty naturally improves. However, giving no chance obviously also wasn’t Bloody City’s style – since it can not be obtained, why should it exist?


Therefore, Bloody City would simply come up with a universal Energy Core. Anyone whose performance of a task was good would be rewarded a piece. As long as they could make up a Rank C universal Energy Core, then there would be a chance to get the T-1000 Terminator.


All the problems would be solved naturally. Otherwise, if the corresponding Energy Core could be exchanged for the corresponding robot, why did Bloody City have to create a troublesome job such as making the universal Energy Core?


Taking control of an air carrier, forcing Bloody City to take drastic measures to blow it up, why would such great success only result in each of them being awarded a Rank D universal Energy Core?


This was the answer. You must collect, integrate, and combine the rewards before you could truly discover its reward value. Of course, all of this was just Shen Yi’s speculation. He was not sure whether it is was right or not, but he thought it was very likely, because he always felt that the awards did not match their own contribution, then there must be some trick that existed.


So he kept thinking until one thing flashed through his brain, he remembered Wen Rou had tried to split the reward and managed to do that. Information is the basis for everything, the more information you have, the more detailed and reliable the data that you could roll out.


Shen Yu thought that since rewards could be split, they could also be combined. Through the various details of each type of Terminator and Bloody City’s previous solution to various problems, it prefered balancing methods. Then through the contribution of the quest that he had just accomplished, and his understanding of information on things currently on sale in the stores of Bloody City, he came to a conclusion.


For Bloody City, it had already given an opportunity. Whether to grasp it successfully or not, that would be your own business. If you were able to seize the opportunity, you could understand that this is your reward for completing a life-threatening difficult task.


For Shen Yi, things got simpler – he speculated a way to get the T-1000, and the rest was to take action and take risks. With his character, it would be strange if he didn’t gamble.


Robots’ enhancing direction originally had one property: a robot was far stronger than a skill of the same Rank. For example, the T-600 was stronger than a normal Rank D skill, the T-800 was stronger than a normal Rank DD skill, not to mention that the T-1000 belonged to hidden goods, it was only Rank C but its practical value could be Rank CC or even Rank B.


At this moment Zhou Yiyu did not think so much, he finally realized that what Shen Yi may get was a huge return, he cried with a smile: “Damn, a T-1000! It’s several hundred times better than the T-600. No wonder you’re so bold, I really should have asked for more money.”


The cost of this harvest was that an air carrier that was under their control was lost, and now the rewards had all fallen into Shen Yi’s hands. The agreement had already been completed, so it was too late for Zhou Yiyu to regret.


Shen Yi patted Zhou Yiyu on the shoulder and laughed, “Don’t worry. It’s just speculation. I don’t know if it’s possible or not. Maybe there are other conditions? No one knows. But I can assure you if I really can get T-1000 at the price of 9000 BP, and I’ll give you some more benefit.”


“Really?” Zhou Yiyu’s eyes were bright.


“Of course, but before that, I hope you can fulfill your other promise.”


“What promise?” Zhou Yi Yu stammered, he could not figure out what he had promised before.


Shen Yi’s replied: “You said that if the value of the information I gave you is really worth the money, you’ll give me 500 BP back.”


Zhou Yiyu opened his mouth and said nothing. After a long while, he said: “Damn, you’re ruthless!”


He reluctantly returned the 500 BP to Shen Yi.




The SUV traveled straight on the country road to Los Angeles. It was the place where Shen Yi and his partners would gather. Perhaps because they had a lot of time, Shen Yi and Zhou Yi Yu were not in too much of a hurry, but were at leisure all the way, commenting about the sightseeing, watching the scenery.


Passing by a deserted motel, they even got off to make a good meal for themselves. Shen Yu’s skill was quite good, and Zhou Yiyu ate again and again.


The time went by like this and quickly entered the afternoon. During this time, Hong Lang, Jin Gang and others had still spent time in killing, cursing noisily and running in their struggle – different people performed the same task, their performance was also different.


Zhou Yi Yu actually did not want to be with Shen Yi’s partners – it would make him lose the dominant position on the situation, even though he now had no dominance, but whatever the outcome, but at least it was one-on-one, wasn’t it?


However, after all, this was Survival mode. Adventurers had no advantage in killing each other. In addition, Zhou Yiyu’s current understanding of Shen Yi was obviously that he was trustworthy. Therefore, he finally agreed.


“Hey, we talk about bad things first. This boy is jointly protected by you and me. Others can’t intervene. Even if they are involved, they can’t participate in the distribution.” While driving, Zhou Yiyu said this to Shen Yi.


Shen Yi was looking at his PDA reading all the information he received from the air carrier database. His brain automatically filtered out unwanted parts and then extracted important content to mark. This moment, hearing Zhou Yiyu’s word, he didn’t even lift his head: “Is this not fair? Everyone put their efforts, we can’t ignore others’ contributions.”


Zhou Yiyu grinned: “If they came, what benefits would I get? If things would happen this way, it’s better that we part the ways now.”


Shen Yi immediately replied: “The people I have worked with, as long as they were friends, they did not want to leave.”


“Then you’ve met one now.”


“Well, Zhou Yiyu.” Shen Yi finally raised his head up, he laughed: “I know you’re in a very unhappy mood, but you ask yourself, from the first time we joined together to complete the task, did you and I have any loss?”


Zhou Yiyu was stunned.


Shen Yi locked his fingers and stretching them, then said: “If you completed Main Quest 1 the normal way, all your benefits would be just 500 BP. How about your current situation? 1800 BP, a Rank D universal Energy Core, a temporary Terminator T-600, in addition I still owe you 1000 BP. It can be said that you couldn’t have gotten those things without me.”


“You couldn’t do it without me too.”


“Yeah,” Shen Yi nodded very positively: “But I can cooperate with any adventurer and let them fulfil their role. Without you and Xi Xiaofan, at best, I could not control the aircraft carrier, but I could use other ways to get other benefits. There are always many opportunities in the mission world, if I don’t get these, I can get something else. As long as you have intentions and are willing to think, you will always find opportunities, the only difference is the benefit you will gain. How about you? Are sure you can get extra benefits every time?”


Zhouyi Yu could not speak for a long while, though his familiarity with Shen Yi was limited, but he had some understanding of what kind of person he was. He was really good at discovering Hidden Quests and hidden roles of items. This depended on how well a person collected information and how much of it they could use. Like the PDA in his hand, its price was not expensive, but not every adventurer would buy it.


But he still said: “But you get more benefits.”


Shen Yi wore a serious expression: “Zhou Yiyu, don’t always look at others’ benefits. Can I get the T-1000 or not, that’s still unknown, no one knows if in the process Bloody City set other thresholds. Even if I get the T-100, that’s because I thought carefully and was willing to take the risk, so I got the returns. The same opportunity had been presented in front of you, you didn’t grasp it, so you can’t blame others for seizing it. If you think that this cooperation with me is inappropriate, then I can only say that you are a very unlucky person. Only those who stare at others’ benefits can’t become a successful man.”


Zhou Yiyu was stunned by Shen Yi’s words. Thinking for a moment, he nodded and said, “You’re right. I was careless. I felt embarrassing of wrong things I just said. Now I’m re-declaring that I’m glad I can cooperate with you.”


He stretched out his hand toward Shen Yi.


Shen Yi took a look at Zhou Yiyu and smiled lightly: “Little children are easy to teach.”


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