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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 25

I tried my best to stay faithful to the original content, but I still skipped sentences that were unimportant to plot or repeated.

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 25: Harvester (Part 1)

The two formally shook hands, the previous little gap between them also disappearing. In fact, if it had been another adventurer, Shen Yi simply wouldn’t have had the patience to say these things. However, this was Survival mode, which meant that their ability to escape was far more important than their ability to fight.


Zhou Yiyu had Expert-level Driving Forte, had a grand dream of becoming a mecha pilot, and therefore had a strong ability and a deep understanding of driving. It could be said that in the Terminator world, his ability could perform the fullest. It was proven when he had successfully landed an air carrier despite having just read the manual.


Shen Yi did not know what kind of danger they would encounter next, but having the help of an adventurer who could drive a variety of vehicles, and had driving techniques even better than Lena’s in this case, was undoubtedly extremely important.


Shen Yi’s greatest cleverness was that he knew how to use others’ powers and was always good at leveraging others. He used the townspeople in Van Helsing, organized the adventurers in the World War II mission, co-operated with Lena in the X-men world, and so there was no reason he wouldn’t do the same in this Terminator world.


People often say wisdom, but wisdom was also divided to many kind.


Some are good at organizing, some are good at reasoning, others are good at analyzing, others are good at calculating, others are good at quick scheming, some are good at getting things done, others are good at cheating, others are good at copying.


There are thousands different kinds of people and over a hundred different kinds of wisdom. It is obviously not enough to simply sum it up in a single word.


The wisdom that Shen Yi was really good at was not calculating, but rapid thinking in the face of emergencies, the ability to adapt spontaneously, and the ability to understand and use people’s hearts. The latter was the key that made him become captain of team #641.


Like Xie Rongjun, captain of team Strike The Blood had said: ‘In Bloody City, the first thing to learn is to not be afraid of troubles, but the second is to learn not to stir up trouble. A truly strong adventurer would never make enemies easily, but would be more willing to make more friends.’


Using the strong to crush the weak, using large numbers to overwhelm the few in number, this was the right way to win a war! For example, Shen Yi had only persuaded Zhou Yiyu using words, which was obviously much better than threatening the other party with his fists. The consequences of the latter approach was a high risk potential hazard, which was what Shen Yi disdained taking.


As for the prior information search, premeditated planning, summarizing the analysis afterwards, and weighing the pros and cons, these things were more a kind of good habit than a wisdom, a kind of logical thinking ability that could be acquired through training. Of course, even though this ability could be acquired through training, adventurers who could develop it were rare in this bloody world.


At this moment, seeing Zhou Yiyu didn’t object again, Shen Yi opened the team channel: “If you’re still alive, let me hear you breathing.”


Jin Gang: “Ha …”


Hong Lang: “F**k their mother, I’m almost exhausted due to running.”


Wen Rou just issued a laugh.


Fatty sobbed: “It’s too dangerous, captain …”


“Get a hold of yourself, Luo Hao!” Shen Yi’s roar made Fatty swallow his words back.


Subsequently he said: “My new friend and I are approaching the outskirts of Los Angeles, where are you now?”


Wen Rou replied: “Hong Lang and I are still on the road, it will be a long while before we can meet yet.”


“How about the Terminators chasing after you?”


“We’ve escaped their pursuit, but now we don’t have a car, we can only walk!”


“Forget about it, as long as you can run it out, we will have enough time to meet. Jin Gang, Lou Hou, work harder.”




The team’s call was ended and everyone accelerated.


Zhou Yiyu glanced meaningfully at Shen Yi, then suddenly said: “I really should thank you. Without you, I may have met the same problem as your teammates right now, being hunted down by a large number of Terminators and not even having time to stop and rest.”


Shen Yi casually replied: “I hope your thanks can last until the end of this mission.”


Zhou Yiyu was dumbfounded: “What do you mean by this?”


“Because our own problem has also arrived.”


When Shen Yi’s words had just ended, the ground suddenly violently shook with tremors like an earthquake. The rumbling sound came from a distance, as if a heavy object was rolling.


“What’s that?” Zhou Yi Yu was struggling to drive on the shaking ground, shouted.


Shen Yi did not answer but Xi Xiaofan in the back suddenly stood up, his right hand pointing to the front. Zhou Yiyu looked in the direction of his fingers. In the distant horizon, a huge figure gradually appeared. It was a large, transformable, heavy robot that looked like a steel fortress with a heavy metal gun on his shoulder.


Seeing it from a distance, it was like the Godzilla monster walking towards them. Each of its steps caused the ground to vibrate, and the shock waves had even reached down to their feet.


“Harvester!” Zhou Yiyu cried out: “Twelve hours haven’t passed yet, how did the second round’s forces that are to chase us arrive so early!”


“Then it means that it’s not an official chase. It’s just that we were unlucky enough to run into a Harvester that was passing by.” Shen Yi shrugged.


“Hell, you mean this robot was just passing by? This wasn’t an arrangement Bloody City especially made?”


“To be honest, I’m not sure.” Shen Yi laughed.


The Harvester was one of the most appalling robots invented by Skynet. It was more than ten times larger than a normal Terminator. As tall as a building, it had huge manipulators such as grapples that could easily kill any human being. Not only could it release a variety of small Terminator robots, but it also had its own powerful artillery on its shoulder.


The moment he saw the Harvester, Shen Yi had already used Appraisal.


“Harvester C-400, Defense 45, AP 1500, equipped weapon:

1: 188 heavy-caliber artillery with 350 damage per round, 20 rounds of shells.

  1. Superalloy Cable

Assist Attack System:

  1. Shaped cutting machine arm
  2. Saw blade
  3. Built-in Terminator, including: 8 Moto-Terminators, 4 T-600 Terminators, 2 T-650 Terminators, 2 T-700 Terminators, a detection robot.

Evaluation: Rank D, role evaluation: Regular force. Weak point: Energy Core. Features: Can be repaired. Note: armor that covers its heart’s position has Defense 60.”


Shen Yi readily opened his PDA, recorded all the information, sent it to his teammates, then handed the PDA to Zhou Yiyu.


After reading, Zhou Yiyu issued a strange call: “This thing is more powerful than the Harvester in the movie. Rank C? Such a powerful robot is just Rank C?”


“It’s evaluation of technology and practicality, not evaluation of strength. This things’ technological content isn’t too high, just that its production cost is relatively high. The T-X certainly is Rank CC. It can control all robots in the Terminator world, so all other Terminators are at least one grade lower. That’s why such a big guy is only Rank C… its real power should be much higher than the technology evaluation, that is estimated that it’s a special model which is difficult to get… Wait, this is weird, how can it only be regular force? Since there is a regular force, there should be main force and elite force… What the hell, in this mission world, what’s more powerful than this stuff?” Shen Yi’s heart suddenly felt a chill.


Rank C Harvester was just the regular force, then how strong would the main force and elite force of the Terminators be? According to this reasoning, would the second round include the T-X? The third round would be Transformers? The fourth round would reach the level of Death Star?


‘Is there any mistake in my own inference?’ Shen Yi realized that there may be something he had missed or not thought of.


Looking at that monster walking towards them step by step, causing a dust and earthquakes, showing such a mighty force, Zhou Yi Yu also murmured. “It’s also Rank C, maybe you can reconsider exchanging for this thing instead of the T-1000.”


“It’s too big to fit into my storage space, and the built-in Terminators must need other kinds of Energy Cores to be exchanged for. Without the built-in Terminators, its value would fall by at least one quarter. It’s AP value is high, but after all, unlike the T-1000 it still can be destroyed by physical attacks. I still prefer the T-1000.”


Facing this powerful, terrible Harvester, the first thing these two adventurers thought of was not how to escape, but calculated in the end which one would be better between the Harvester and the T-1000.


“The second round of pursuing, will it be this stuff?” Zhou Yiyu exposed a bitter face.


“It’s very likely. The cannon fodder are useless, it’s normal to start using the regular forces. Bloody City has always done that, the more competence you are, the higher the burden it places on you.” Shen Yi relied.


Zhou Yi Yu cried out weirdly: “Oh God, why? I’m not a communist party member. Should a capitalist increase wages when workers show more competence?”


Shen Yi said very frankly: “It was already increased, remember that universal Energy Core?”


“Yeah, but it’s in your pocket now.”


“Instead of remembering what’s in other people’s pockets, you’d better not forget the ownerless thing right in front of you. Kill that big guy, and our benefits won’t be low. The greater the difficulty, the higher the rewards.” Shen Yi said while slowly taking out the Spirit Flame Gun.


Zhouyi Yu clenched the steering wheel while tying Xi Xiaofan with the seat belt. The two looked at each other, suddenly laughing at the same time.


“Division of labor?” Zhou Yiyu asked.


“You’re responsible for defense, I’ll be responsible for counter-attacking.” Shen Yi laughed.




The next moment, the Harvester suddenly stopped, the cannon on its shoulder fired, a heavy artillery had flew towards them. At the same time the Harvester fired , Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu had also acted together.


Zhou Yi Yu’s foot stepped throttle, SUV suddenly accelerated. He didn’t dodge to the side, but rushed to the Harvester. When the shell hit, Zhou Yi Yu suddenly quickly braked, reducing the SUV’s speed. Shen Yi couldn’t see how he had done it, but at that instance, the SUV actually raised it rear, as if hitting an obstacle at high-speed, the entire car rolled forward.


At the same time, the artillery shell also exploded, a huge air wave instantly swept out, fiercely hitting the SUV at the bottom. The entire car suddenly was pushed into the air, as if it was a flying toy car, but the people in the car were unharmed.


While the car was tumbling in the air, Shen Yi, who was seated in the car, had fired a series of bullets that darted to the Harvester’s body and caused many sparks, but the Harvester wasn’t impacted in the slightest. Ordinary gunshot damage could not break the Harvester’s  45 points defense, it could only cause 1 basic damage as the flame attached to the bullets had no effect.


As the car just landed, it quickly changed direction as if it had its own spirit, then it continued to rush forward. The Harvester quickly lowered the muzzle and the heavy artillery was again aimed at the SUV.


In the moment the second heavy artillery was fired, Zhou Yi Yu turned the steering wheel as the SUV made a beautiful drift. After leaving a trail a few metres long, it suddenly rushed towards the side as the second heavy artillery shell again exploded behind it.


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