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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 26

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: bollockz

Book 4 Chapter 26: Harvester (Part 2)

Zhou Yiyu, who was constantly changing the direction of the SUV, shouted: “Hey, how long do you intend to play? It still hasn’t gotten a scratch.”


“I’m enjoying your car skills, well done.” Shen Yi laughed.


“Of course! This is my speciality! You won’t let me get bombarded, right?” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


The muzzle on the Harvester’s shoulders had been adjusted again to lock onto the SUV. However, under Zhou Yiyu’s control, the vehicle was  as flexible as human limbs, suddenly turning left, suddenly turning right, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, its trajectory was completely unpredictable.


“Don’t worry, I just want to know my partner’s ability first. Do your work well and you will see what you want to see.”


“Then you’d better hurry!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.


The Harvester’s heavy artillery had fired towards them for the third time. Zhou Yiyu fiercely turned the steering wheel as the SUV inclined, only moving on its two left wheels. The shell grazed the car and missed again, but at this moment, the fourth shell unexpectedly landed. The Harvester had learned, it had fired two shots at once. The fourth shell exploded only less than three meters away from the SUV.


Zhou Yiyu had no time to balance the body of the car. Seeing the air waves hit, he suddenly pressed on the car’s body and exclaimed: “Spiral Dance!”


The SUV which had just been lifted up into the air began to spin, under the impetus of the air wave it rotated like a spinning top. Shen Yi had seen this move in the air carrier, it could make the vehicle rotate like a drill, both attacking and bouncing the enemy’s projectiles.


No wonder Zhou Yiyu had bought himself a motorcycle, he really had his own uniqueness. The next moment, while the car was still in the air, Shen Yi finally made a move.


“Piercing Bullet!”


Three Piercing Bullets whistled towards the sky, formed a triangle and flew towards the huge Harvester and directly entered into the Harvesters shoulder gun barrel.




The SUV crashed into the ground and skidded for dozens of meters. Zhou Yiyu saw the muzzle of the Harvester release thick black smoke and fail to fire again. He could not help but shout: “Nice! How did you do that?”


“Like you said, this is my speciality.”


Expert-level Firearm Forte and Arc Trajectory, if he couldn’t hit a relatively stationary target, then it is was called a problem. Not only was the Harvester’s main weapon system thus destroyed by Shen Yi’s shots, but it also lost more than 100 AP. But that Harvester was not going to stop there.


The next moment, eight Moto Terminators and other Terminators in the T-Series jumped out of the Harvester, rushing towards the SUV. Eight Moto Terminators began to fire frenziedly from both sides at the same time. Although Zhou Yiyu’s driving techniques were extremely wonderful, but they could not withstand such a barrage attack – no matter how quickly a person dodged, they could not avoid the rain.


Multiple bullets hit the SUV breaking all the glass windows, creating countless sparks. Xiaofan Xi held his head as he shouted in fright.


Zhou Yiyu snappily shouted: “You’d better make him shut up!”


Shen Yi pressed a bit on Xi Xiaofan’s neck and the young boy immediately fainted. Then Shen Yi turned and began to return fire. One of the Moto Terminators was hit by many Flame Bullets and it blew up into a ball of fire. However, the other Moto Terminators still rushed towards them, and a large number of bullets shot at them from all directions. There were a few rounds of bullets hit the tires of the SUV.


Zhou Yiyu shouted: “Damn, get rid of them quickly. Didn’t you say that you are responsible for counter-attacking? “


Shen Yu put his hand into the body and used Activation. The smashed tires were returned to normal. He angrily said: “You said that you are responsible for defense, but I need to help you defend!”


“There are too many of them, how can I dodge them all?”


“Then why did you want me to destroy all of them at once?”


Stopping the bickering, Zhou Yiyu swiftly changed his direction, and the off-road vehicle banged into one of the Moto Terminators, knocking it into the air. Shen Yi already fired at that Moto Terminator, but it actually still moved like nothing had happened, continuing its attack.


Shen Yi put Spirit Flame Gun back: “Give me your Vulcan, I don’t have a suitable gun to deal with them, using Piercing Bullet is a waste!”


“Didn’t you grab many heavy weapons from the warehouse?”


“Using other’s stuff always feel much better than using your own stuff, not to mention that your gun has infinite bullets!”


“Damn you!” Zhou Yiyu cursed, as he took out the M61 Vulcan and threw it at Shen Yi’s hands, madly crying out: “Kill them all!”


The M61 Vulcan fired, instantly tearing two Moto Terminator into pieces. Compared to the Vulcan, the Spirit Flame Gun’s power was indeed a lot worse. However its advantage was in being able to use a wide range of bullets. Zhou Yiyu’s M61 Vulcan was like its owner, only strong in a certain aspect.


From this aspect, the two’s characters could also be seen. Shen Yi paid more attention to stability, control, and sustainable development. Zhou Yiyu was more eager to pursue ultimate and gorgeous abilities.


However, this time using the Vulcan, Shen Yi was still amazed and shook his head: “It’s still fun.”


The next moment, eight T-series Terminators had approached them. A T-600 fiercely jumped onto the car, one hand stretched towards the broken glass window as it grabbed Shen Yi’s neck, trying to pull him out of the car.


Shen Yi coldly glanced at the Terminator: “Get out of my sight!”


The Vulcan gun fired towards the Terminator’s heart like crazy, the rebound shells fell on Zhou Yiyu’s body even stirring up a few white light flashes.


Zhou Yiyu suddenly braked, the Terminator fell out to the front, then he started the car and ran over the Terminator’s body, at the same time shouted at Shen Yi: “Don’t fire so close to me the next time! Bullets rebounding can be considered long-range attack! “


“Focus!” Shen Yi suddenly exclaimed.


A black whirring shadow suddenly fell down towards their head.


It was the metal hand of the Harvester. After releasing a large number of small Terminators, the big guy himself wasn’t idle, but rushed towards the SUV and punched. Zhou Yiyu roared, he placed his left hand once again on the SUV as the car suddenly jumped in place, rolled into the air and hit the Harvester’s chest.


This was Shen Yi’s first time seeing a car jump straight in place, but he had to admit that this move was quite effective. Even with its huge body, the Harvester couldn’t offset this impact and had to step back a few steps. In the meanwhile the car ran over its head and jumped towards the rear of the Harvester.


Whilst leaping over the Harvester, Shen Yi’s Vulcan gun has been continuously firing at the Harvester. The bullets hit the Harvester’s head, creating many sparks.


Boom! The SUV fell back to the ground as Zhou Yiyu made a sharp turn as the car faced the Harvester and drove backwards. Shen Yi stood in the car, the Vulcan continued to open fire.


Zhou Yiyu, distressed, shouted: “You’d better take it easy, although my gun has infinite bullets, but as long as you keep firing for a while, the gun barrel will get hot. If you continue to fire then, it will explode.”


“Don’t worry about that problem.” Shen Yi activated Activation again.


The barrel instantly cooled, bullets still swept over the Harvester without a stop. Although the Vulcan also failed to break the powerful defense of the Harvester, its superb shooting rate caused the Harvester’s AP to drop at a visible rate.


Zhou Yiyu did not hide his jealous: “I wish I had your ability.”


“I want your car skills too. Before today I didn’t think Driving Forte could actually move a car to this extent.”


“This is not only Driving Forte. I said earlier that I could get my car to make whatever action I wanted it to make.”


“Can you tell me how you do it?”


“Sorry, it’s a professional secret!”


Two Moto Terminators came to attack the car from both sides. The two men stopped their conversation, Zhou Yiyu made a 180 degree turn as the rear severely hit a Moto Terminator sending it flying out whilst the Vulcan gun in Shen Yi’s hand also destroyed another Moto Terminator.


His Activation not only let him be able to use the Vulcan gun without worrying about the overheating barrel problem, but also ensured that Zhou Yiyu’s extreme driving techniques didn’t affect the normal operating of the SUV. It could be said that his Psychic Power was the largest logistics guarantee in the battle.


The SUV under Zhou Yiyu’s hands was like a living being, moving forward and backward freely. The huge Harvester robot viewed this little thing as a slippery rat at its foot, but it couldn’t hit the rat. It fiercely shook  its arms as its right hand arm suddenly produced a huge cable half a meter in diameter, lashing out with it like a whip.


“Be careful!” Shen Yi cried.


Zhou Yu Yu hit the steering wheel, the SUV once again flipped onto two wheels, but unlike the previous positive flip, this time it turned out to be a side flip. The car flipped 360 degree in the air to escape the whip. The super alloy steel wire plunged into the ground causing a large crack on the ground, adding a new scar to Mother Earth’s face.


The SUV slammed to the ground as Zhou Yiyu shouted: “F**k, too dangerous. Fortunately, I’m not a rookie, otherwise it would reduce us to waste!”


Just then, from the Harvester’s right arm joint flew out three large dish-shaped flying blades. Roaring in the air, they flew towards the SUV. The blade of the flying blade was large and thin, and it could cut the entire vehicle in half as long as it hit. Seeing Zhou Yiyu had no time to escape, Shen Yi raised the Vulcan’s barrel up, bullets flew out like a hail storm.

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