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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 27

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 27: Harvester (Part 3)

Expert-level Firearm Forte enabled him to greatly enhance the ability to capture the movement of objects and increased his shooting accuracy for high-speed objects, which coupled with the Vulcan gun’s high rate of fire caused a huge impact force. The saw blade broke into countless pieces, shining in the sunlight brilliantly.

At the same time, Zhou Yiyu desperately maneuvered the vehicle. He literally pulled the car away from the ground by one meter. The car escaped the second blade, but the third blade cut right at them and could not be avoided.

Seeing the saw blade was about split them by half, Shen Yi suddenly threw the M61 Vulcan into the car, and used a punch to block the saw blade.

Thunder Strike activated.

Bang bang! The whirling saw blade even stopped a bit, but Shen Yi’s left arm was also smeared with blood. However, the next moment, Shen Yi turned his fist into a palm, and with a slap on the plane of the saw blade, he deflected it towards a Terminator not far away.

That Terminator was immediately cut in half, inside its body many wires were exposed. Despite that critical wound, it kept crawling on the ground, trying to attack Shen Yi.

“You’re not bad!” Zhou Yiyu had never seen anyone who could use power so cleverly. “How did you do it?”

“Professional secret, like you said.” Shen Yu picked up the Vulcan gun.

The distant Harvester once again wielded its huge alloy cable.

“Damn, this big guy is actually annoying, I am angry!” Zhou Yiyu cried.

“If you can send me to a height parallel to its head, I’ll take responsibility for killing it!”

“No problem!” yelled Zhou Yiyu.

At this time, the Harvester’s alloy wire lashed once again. At the same time its metal arm also slammed at the car.

The SUV jumped over the swept cable, and crashed towards an abandoned building. Zhou Yiyu touched the car body, the SUV drove vertically up the building wall.

From the higher ground, Shen Yi smashed a T-650  which had been chasing after them. That Terminator exploded, destroying half a floor.

Miraculously, the building did not collapse, and the SUV drove up, making its way wildly to the rooftop.

However, the next moment, the giant Harvester together with a group of Terminator slammed at the building, reduced it to the ruins of rumbling layers.

A Rank C robot could beat two capable Difficulty Level I adventurers; its strength was indeed shocking.

On the rooftop, the Mercedes-Benz finally reached the same height as the Harvester, and Shen Yi began to discharge bullets at the Harvester, hitting it all over its head.

Although the weak point of the Harvester was its heart, the armor there was too sturdy. If M61 Vulcan shot there, it would not even cause a single coercive amount of damage.

In the ongoing frenzy of attacks, Shen Yi suddenly shouted: “Give your T-600 to me.”

“What are you doing?”

“Less nonsense! Hurry up!”

Zhou Yiyu quickly took out his T-600 from Bloody Crest.

Shen Yi’s left hand, holding the M61 Vulcan, continued to fire, while his right hand caught the T-600 Terminator and operated its rocket launchers. He pressed the trigger, and a rocket was launched.

At that time, the Harvester’s head had been slammed down by the fierce bombardment of the M61 Vulcan, and a huge crack had appeared. Its AP value dropped by more than half from this continuous attack.

Expert-level Firearm Forte had also improved the ability to use ordinary large weapons. The discharge of this gun  had been extremely accurate, and the rocket was about to hit the crack in the head of the Harvester. The rocket exploded against the head of the Harvester and blasted parts of the Harvester’s head, leaving only half a head still shaking.

“Well done!” Zhou Yiyu shouted.

Shen Yi snappily replied: “That is not my goal at all.”

He pressed the firing trigger again, and the second rocket whistled out and flew again towards the Harvester’s head.

This time it was slightly under-centered, hitting the left of the Harvester’s head.

BOOM! The body of the Harvester suddenly issued a rumbling burst of explosions. It turned out that its head was actually a heavy artillery shell storage.

What Shen Yi was aiming for was precisely there. The previous attack was only to find and confirm the specific location of these shells.

A large number of artillery shells continued to explode inside the Harvester’s body. The huge and mighty Harvester robot exploded into large pieces of fast metal fragments, causing fiery and gorgeous fireworks.

Zhou Yiyu stopped the car and watched the spectacular scene. He gave a wonderful salute in admiration: “It is a beautiful scene.”

“It looks good.” Shen Yi agreed as he vomited down on the seat.

Dealing with this robot cost him a lot of efforts.

But the next moment, he suddenly bounced up and shouted with all his strength: “Drive away, fast!”

Rising from the huge smoke, a huge shadow suddenly emerged.

It was the Harvester’s special alloy wire.

The huge alloy wire was like thunder and lightning that cracked from the sky. They slammed down and split the entire building into two. Brick fragments were flying everywhere with smoke billowing, as the off-road vehicle zipped straight downwards.

Just then, Zhou Yiyu once again demonstrated his amazing car skills.

The SUV launched in the air, as agile as a martial art expert, landed on a block of stone, and then quickly leaped to another piece of debris. This continued a few times, and the SUV finally landed on the ground.

At the same time the car landed, its four tires exploded and the whole body almost fell off its frame. However,  it soon returned to normal under the effect of Activation. The car sped out of the collapsing building. Behind them, the building quickly turned into a ruin.

Shen Yi and Zhou Yiyu who were desperate to escape the fate of being buried alive, looked back at the tragic and spectacular scene behind, and suddenly burst laughing loudly at the same time.

The two men clasped each other’s hand, and Shen Yi said: “Good job.”

“You too.”

After experiencing such a difficult battle together, the two men developed an appreciation for each other.

Shen Yi valued Zhou Yiyu’s amazing driving skills, Zhou Yiyu valued Shen Yi’s ability to keep a calm mind in a fierce battle

At the same time, the two jumped off the car and headed for the destroyed Harvester.

A Terminator suddenly came out of the rubble and grabbed Shen Yi’s leg with its hand.

Shen Yi walked like nothing had happened, stepping it back into the mud and then pulled out something long from the soil – it was that super alloy wire, which was still connected to the Harvester’s metal arm.

Shen Yu detached the thick cable from the Harvester and threw it into his own Bloody Crest.

“What do you want to use that thing for?” Zhou Yiyu curiously asked.

“It may be useful to keep. This big guy has a lot of good things. I want to detach everything that can be detached. Even if they can’t be brought back to Bloody city, they may still be used here.” Shen Yi said while separating the Harvester’s cutting machine arm.

Later, the ejectable saw blade was also removed. His action was very fast as he demolished the Harvester in a short time, and put all of its weapons into his Bloody Crest.

Having completely “harvested” the Harvester, Shen Yi finally came to the heart’s position. His hands adeptly plunged into two pieces of alloy steel, and ripped them apart.

His hand relentlessly dug into the wound covered in wires for a long time. When he pulled his arm back, his palm came out revealing one more thing: the Energy Core of the Harvester.

“How about it?” Zhou Yiyu asked him.

Shen Yi sighed and shook his head: “It really is a special type. The Bloody Crest prompted me that Harvesters had four different types of Energy Cores.  A combination of four different types must be collected in order to synthesize one Harvester , and must be synthesized before leaving the mission world. Fortunately, every Harvester is bound to drop one Energy Core. However, we cannot expect it to be available directly from reward chests. You would have to obtain it directly from a Harvester’s wreckage. It means we have to control the battlefield to get these things. “

Zhou Yiyu said: “That means your guess is correct? The combination is indeed possible.”

“This is the combination of same type, it’s still not confirmed whether it’s possible to combine three Rank D into a Rank C one.”

“However, from the perspective of the difficulty of obtaining it, the Harvester is easier than T-1000. At least it has an Energy Core to collect, and four can be combined into one.”

Shen Yi really wanted to give him a knock in the head. Zhou Yiyu performance had been brilliant, but how did he suddenly become so stupid?

He reminded Zhou Yiyu: “The four types, and each one is different. How can you be sure that you get rid of four Harvesters, you can get each of the four types?”

Zhou Yiyu stayed blank, and he only was able to speak again after a while.

“You…you mean…”

Shen Yi nodded: “Yes, taking into account the possibility of repeating, in order to get the all four different types of Energy Core, if we aren’t lucky, we may need to destroy more than fifteen Harvesters. Under normal circumstances, I think I would have to get rid of about ten Harvesters. It’s not easy! “

Zhou Yiyu spat out: “Fifteen Harvesters! Facing just one already endangered our lives, and we need to kill fifteen of them? I don’t want it anymore. We should forget about getting a Harvester soon.”

Shen Yi sighed: “I’m afraid even if we don’t want it, they still want to offer to us.”

“What?” Zhou Yi Yu didn’t understand.

Shen Yi’s tone of voice suddenly became extremely bizarre: “Did you forget that this is Survival mode? In terms of the number of enemies, we’ll never have to worry about there being too few of them. Look over there…”

Zhou Yiyu was dumbfounded. He finally noticed Shen Yi’s eyes were looking at a different direction.

Looking in that direction, he saw several Harvesters appearing at the distant horizon.

Zhou Yiyu’s eyes instantly widened.

He swallowed his heart back: “OMG, why are they so ferocious?!”

“Run!” Shen Yi shouted.

Both men ran back towards the car at the same time.

The SUV accelerated while the Harvesters in the distance marched, creating big rumblings in their wake.

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