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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 31

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 31: Apocalypse Wasteland (Part 1)

After saving Jin Gang, the SUV continued ahead.


Bullets flew in the sky, hitting the vehicle while issuing  a series of crisp sounds, leaving many dents on the vehicle.


Eight Moto Terminators were chasing behind and the drones in the sky circled and dived down.


Shen Yi stood up and swept the Vulcan towards one of the drones.


A long series of bullet flew into the sky, and resembling a fire whip, lashed at that drone. It was hit and fell to the ground to explode into a huge ball of fire.


The muzzle of M61 Vulcan moved to aim at another drone, and again spat out bullets giving the illusion of a fiery fire snake.


In the sky, the drones fell one by one, such that even the production rate of the air carrier could not even keep up the consumption.


At that moment, the car suddenly snapped and dropped its speed.


Jin Gang shouted: “What happened?”


“Nothing, it just happens that the car is out of fuel.” Zhou Yiyu pointed at the control board while answering.


“Damn! What should we do next?”


“Guys, do not worry.” Zhou Yiyu took an item out from Bloody Crest.


It was the infinite energy battery.


Zhou Yiyu tossed the battery in the air; the SUV suddenly accelerated, and while leaping into the air, it rolled over, causing the battery to be attached to the chassis. The SUV’s fuel meter on dashboard rose to the top.


The SUV rolled over in the air, landed steadily on the ground, and roared as it  once more rushed forward.


As he was not wearing a seat belt, Jin Gang was almost knocked out of the car. He was shocked; he looked at Shen Yi: “Where did you find this guy? How can his driving skill be so good?”


Shen Yi shrugged. The M61 Vulcan in his hand destroyed a Moto Terminator approaching them, then replied: “As he said, this is his speciality.”


The SUV crazily sped on the road, crossing one gully obstacle after another. Even though the path is difficult, in the eyes of Zhou Yiyu it was no different from an open avenue, and all Terminators would soon be left behind.


After killing the last close Moto Terminator, and observing that the other Terminators had been left far behind, Shen Yi finally sat back, throwing back the M61 Vulcan to Zhou Yiyu. Taking a long breath, he said: “Jin Gang, talk about how your shameful situation. This is just the first round but you almost die. With your ability, you should not lose so fast.”


Jin Gang wryly smiled: “Come on, there’s no chance you could not have figured it out. This damned situation is purely the result of mutual harassment.”


“Talk about the specific situation; what happened in the end?”


Jin Gang described what had happened, and then he sighed: “We agreed to unite to overcome the crisis, but that bastard wanted to harm me, and then … …”


Shen Yi bluntly interrupted him: “Then you counter-attacked, and made the situation worse and worse, resulting in getting yourself seriously wounded?”


Jin Gang opened his mouth but could not speak. He wanted to explain, but he found serious discontent in his eyes.


He thought for a moment, and he finally nodded: “Yes, I was wrong, I should not act by emotion. In that situation, I should have ran away from the two guys immediately … …”


“Not only did you not do that, but you also made a mistake, and harmed a person who didn’t attack you first!” Shen Yi’s tone was filled with a harshness.


“… yes …” Jin Gang reluctantly answered.


Shen Yi sighed.


There was no doubt that Jin Gang was a wise man, but now it seemed that this guy had a fatal weakness: he was not calm enough. It was not that he did not understand the consequences; it was just difficult for him to control the anger in his heart, and he even made the mistake of angering others.


Many people had high IQ but low EQ and were therefore unable to control their emotions; even if their minds were wise, the unstable emotion in their heart would make it difficult to pursue the wisdom. A beautiful plan could fail because of impulsiveness and anger; it was not uncommon in history.


Although this mission mode was called Survival, it could also be understood as a co-operation mode. As long as cooperation was achieved, everyone could complement and support each other. Even if they could not fight back, at least they could scatter pursuers, and reduce pressure.


The worst situation when fleeing together, was that some might want to use others as bait, resulting into mutual harm, and making the fighting strength suffer a big loss.


The saying that “I do not need to run faster than wolves, as long as run faster than you,” was a type of thinking typically based on each person’s selfishness, and  would inevitably result in mutual harassment.


In fact, when Jin Gang asked Shen Yi to kill the tall adventurer, Shen Yi had already guessed what had happened. In his own thoughts, saving people was far more meaningful than killing them.


In the X-men world, he knew Xie Hongjun had murdered An Wen, but still kept that guy by his side, because he was extremely good at squeezing the value of others. He was certain that if the tall adventurer had fallen in his hands, he would have become Shen Yi’s own cannon fodder. Even if he did not have time to save that man, at least letting him go would have attracted some of of the Terminators.


However, he eventually chose not to do so because he knew Jin Gang was angry, and doing so would further arouse his anger and cause him to lose his teammate’s trust. So he chose to grant Jin Gang’s wishes. However, after the death of that person, the anger of Jin Gang disappeared, and he had to give some advice and lessons to Jin Gang.


At that moment, Shen Yi only said a few words to let Jin Gang understand what kind of mistakes he had made.


Jin Gang finally realized the difference between Shen Yi and himself.


He was worse than Shen Yi not only in terms of wisdom, but also in another important regard: he was lacking Shen Yi’s mind that always remained calm to analyze the pros and cons of the heart. Although Shen Yi may hold vengeance, but he did not let that get in his way and make him lose an opportunity for maximum benefit.


Fortunately, Jin Gang, after all, was not stupid. After thinking calmly, he also had some regret: “I should have let you save him. That guy was strong, and rescuing him could have been very useful to us.”


Shen Yi laughed: “You have understood that in the Bloody City, forgiveness may not be a virtue, but it is sometimes indeed a good weapon that can make the enemy into a friend, and make the opponent into a helper. It’s pity that too few people understand that… Well, regardless of this, I’m happy that you escaped safely.”


There was an outsider here, and Shen Yi did not want to make Jin Gang feel too embarrassed.


Zhou Yiyu suddenly interrupted: “In fact, killing that guy was not necessarily a bad thing for you.”


“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?”


Zhou Yiyu grinned: “Come on, don’t forget you showed me all your cards. You have the Steal skill, right? Tell me what you got.”


“How can you be sure that I succeeded in one try?”


“Cut the bullshit, I did not see what you got, but I saw you put something into your Bloody Crest. Besides, that guy was killed too quickly!”


Shen Yi shook his head and laughed: “Your observation is not bad. This is my first time using Steal. I did not expect it to succeed, maybe it’s good luck.”


After saying that, he readily threw a piece of equipment to Zhou Yiyu: “See for yourself. You also contributed to this thing.”


“High-quality heart armor (Rank D), after wearing, Defense +7, range damage the user received is reduced by 7%. Can be upgraded.

Item Skill: Critical Block. After activated, when the vital parts are attacked, the double damage effect disappears. Duration 3 minutes, cooldown 10 minutes, cost 0 MP. Priority 22.”


That was the first truly strong defensive equipment he acquired since he had entered Bloody City. Compared to it, equipments like Cotton Armor were simply rubbish not worth mentioning.


When the adventurer had previously been attacked, the adventurer showed a fairly powerful defensive ability, and one of his armor was very conspicuous.


In this world where they were the ones being hunted, strong attack abilities did not make much sense, and on the contrary strong defensive abilities were extremely important. Therefore Shen Yi did not hesitate to use Steal on that adventurer to try to snatch pieces of defense equipment. He had no expectations of success, because after all, Steal’s chances of success were not high, depending on too many factors. In addition to defying his expectations and succeeding, the skill also seized a very good armor.


This Rank D item’s quality was not low, and the defensive effect was also justified. With it, survivability immediately greatly increased.


Zhou Yiyu put up a finger: “1000 BP, one-third of the price, is not excessive, right?”


“800 BP. Whatever the outcome, I am also the user of the Steal skill, so I must have priority.”


“Deal, then you owe me 1800 BP now. And I will not ask you sign a new contract for this additional 800 BP. See? I place much trust in you.”


“It does not matter, anyway, I can’t pay that much now. Jin Gang, this thing is for you.” Shen Yi threw the armor to Jin Gang.


Jin Gang put on the armor, while saying to Shen Yi: “It looks like you are already so familiar that he even knows your abilities?”


“So I’m better at making friends than you are.”


Shen Yi then recounted some of the Zhou Yiyu’s circumstances to Jin Gang.


Hearing about Zhou Yiyu’s Innate Talent, Jin Gang exhaled a long breath: Bloody City was really full of talented people.


One should never look down on any adventurers, because one would not know what bizarre guys one could encounter.


Speaking along the way, the vehicle soon entered downtown Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, based in the West Coast of California, was the second largest city in the United States after New York. As one of the centers of world culture, science, technology, international trade and higher education, the City of Angels had once enjoyed a very high international reputation.


Unfortunately, after the turmoil, no matter how bustling the city had once been, it was now only a glimpse into the dusty past. Today, Los Angeles was just the place where the ruins of the land were declining; it was the land of despair and the bloody land of death after Judgement Day.


Compared with New York in the X-men mission which was also in the war era, but was still at least popular in the United States, and though there was chaos, there was still hope.


Now Los Angeles was only a lifeless ruin.


Looking around, collapsed buildings could be seen everywhere. The streets were desolate and rubbish piled up like mountains, like a big landfill. Abandoned firearms could be seen everywhere, and the ground was full of bullet shells. Occasionally there would be some broken Terminator wreckage in sight. They were piled up on a hill, and some were marked with flags that marked the final victory of mankind. There was a small mark on the banner, which was the mark of the human resistance army.


The history of Skynet attacking mankind was also the history of human resistance against the machines.


From Judgement Day, beginning with only two people, John Connor and his wife Kate, mankind gradually formed a large-scale human resistance organization.


While the machines were developing in the war, humans were also learning how to fight and survive in the war.


They were as tenacious as weeds, fighting and growing in every corner of the world.


Fourteen years had passed and the war was still continuing…

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