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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 32

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 32: Apocalypse Wasteland (Part 2)

Days had darkened. Driving on desolate streets, occasionally some Terminators would come out to “rob”, but those things would then overwhelmed by Shen Yi’s group.

But all along the way, they did not see a living being.


“In front of us is Los Angeles City Hall.” Zhou Yiyu stopped the vehicle.


Not far from them was a broken red building standing in the wind. A sign marked with the words “The Los Angeles City Hall” lied on the ground. A gust of wind blew through it, bringing a buzzing sound and silent sorrow.


Jumping out of the car, Shen Yu headed to a collapsed stone monument.


There were some words on it.


“In 2004, July 26th, two days after Judgement Day.”


“The robots are finally here.”


“We resisted for two days, but we could no longer stop the attacks of these cold-blooded machines. Emily is dead, Margaret died, and Lance died. My comrades-in-arms, my lover, my child, all my partners are dead.”


“They have made great contributions to the prosperity of this country. They were once the best scholars and experts in the world, and they finally became the bravest fighters.”


“They died and died under the wheels of the machine.”


“It was us who invented the machine. It was our creation that in turn overthrew us.”


“The LA city is about to fall, and the world is already in darkness, but humanity will not perish. May future generations bear in mind today, this moment. One day, humanity will return and become the master of self again.”


“This is the final announcement of Clifford Armstrong. It will surely become a true future prediction!”


Concentrating on this stone, Shen Yi focused his eyes.


He slowly erected the collapsed stone monument and bowed before it.


That was a tribute to the warriors’ spirit, whether or not they actually existed.


Jin Gang strode from the rear: “I just contacted Hong Lang. They still need a little while to get there. The exact time is not clear. We have to wait for them.”


Zhou Yiyu frowned his brow: “The Terminator may come back to kill at any time. We cannot stay too long.”


“It is not our custom to abandon our teammates.” Jin Gang immediately said.


“I didn’t tell you to give up your teammates. I just told you not to be stupid.”


“Then why did you say that? Since we did not expect that everyone would be separated, ưe only prepared one map, and it is now in Shen Yi’s hands. It’s not easy for others to find the direction of Los Angeles. They don’t even know exactly where they are. How can we find a goal without knowing its position?”


“Don’t you have Crystal Tears Pendant?”


“It can only be used to find one person.”


“Don’t you have two people together? If you find them, you will have only one left.”


Jin Gang took a look at Shen Yi, if he used the Crystal Tears Pendant to find Hong Lang and Wen Rou first, and then search for Fatty later, it would solve many problems.


But Shen Yi shook his head unequivocally: “No, the Crystal Tears Pendant cannot be used lightly. The mission has only just begun. Who knows what will happen later? If we find Hong Lang but Luo Hao is in danger,we won’t know his location. What can I do to save him then? Be patient, Crystal Tears Pendant should be used for those who need it most.”


Jin Gang and Zhou Yiyu also thought about it, and Zhou Yiyu said helplessly: “They’d better be faster.”


Since the decision was to wait, the three people simply strolled freely into the City Hall building.


Entering the building, the first thing that catches the eye was a spacious circular hall.


The hall was bleak, and documents were scattered all over the place like waste paper .


The stairs leading to the second floor had long  rotten. As long as one exerted one’s effort, one could take down the whole floor. Even if no one stepped on them, occasionally overwhelming heavy sounds would be heard.


The end of the second floor was the office of the mayor.


Behind the large desk, a skeleton was sitting on a chair.


There was a sharp hole in the skull.


Shen Yi looked forward and said: “This should be the mayor. He committed suicide.”


Saying that, Shen Yi picked up a rusty pistol from his desk.


Life should be the most treasured thing.


But in the face of great suffering, many people would choose to give up life.


For many people, death was a relief, allowing them to avoid bearing the enormous burden of suffering.


Because of this, there was no shortage of suicides in Bloody City.


The reason why such people made this choice was because they did not see hope.


Putting the pistol down, Shen Yi walked to the window.


From there he could see the ruined ruins in the distance, seeming desolate and unpopular. Creepers were full of run-down buildings, with wild grass growing wildly. Several wild wolf were walking through the ruins of the distant places…


Animals and plants were expanding their living areas, human beings were dying, and the earth was recovering. This made people lament.


He was looking out at the scenery outside the window and suddenly a person stumbled into his sight.


Xi Xiaofan.


When no one noticed, he had actually woken up.


Out of the car, he walked wildly and in a dumb manner on this land.


As he moved further and further away, he went to a street that was tens of meters away from them.


Just at this time, a Terminator with a M449 heavy machine gun appeared on the distant street.


Shen Yi shouted loudly, quickly jumped out of the window and ran to Xi Xiaofan.


The distance was too far away, and he knew that he could not arrive in time. He could only hope that Xi Xiaofan would have a trace of will to run away from danger.


However, Xi Xiaofan only looked at the long street.


The gun of the Terminator turned towards Xi Xiaofan and fired.




Just as the Terminator’s heavy machine gun fired, a silhouette suddenly rushed over the Xi Xiaofan’s shoulder, hugged him and they both tumbled behind an abandoned old car.


The whistling bullets swept across the air and hit the top of the two men’s heads, preventing them from to taking any step.


Shen Yi rushed to the side of the Terminator as he he took out the Spirit Flame Gun. The bullet hit the Terminator and sparks flashed. The Terminator suddenly turned its gun.


Just as it was about to fire, an abandoned car unexpectedly dropped and slammed heavily on the Terminator, pushing it to the bottom of the car.


The heavy machine guns are still sweeping, but the guns were turned in the direction of the Terminator itself, and the Terminator’s AP value was eliminated. The red light in the eyes gradually dimmed.


Seeing this scene, Shen Yi stopped.


Behind him, Zhou Yiyu and Jin Gang also rushed over.


The three men took a look at each other, and a strange feeling arose in their hearts. That was because they had clearly seen this situation before.


It was in the movie Terminator 4.


With the gradual growth of time lived in Bloody City, everyone now understood that everything in the mission world was mostly a background. In many cases, the mission of Bloody City had nothing to do with the original story.


The X-men 3 mission they experienced last time, did not follow the original story.


This time the Survival mode similarly did not involve the original story.


Everyone was confused by the Survival mode that even ignored the original plot.


They did not expect that they would see the beginning of the plot.


What had just happened was clearly a scene from the Terminator 4. The cyborg Marcus had arrived in Los Angeles. Because he did not know his environment, he was attacked by the Terminator T-600. As a result, he met Star and Kyle Resee.


That Terminator was the one which was crushed by heavy weights, and it was exactly the same scene as they saw in the movie.


Then, a fluffy little girl, with a pair of dark eyes, who looked less than ten years old was standing on the roof of the building. A pair of twinkling eyes were watching them.


Next to the little girl, stood a sixteen year old boy, Kyle Resee.


The one who rescued Xi Xiaofan was Marcus, a tall man wearing a trench coat with the resistance’s sign.


“What the hell, I thought we wouldn’t have anything to do with the story itself.” Jin Gang whispered.


“It is indeed strange. Our quests and the story itself do not conflict. In this case, why should the content of the story happen?” Zhou Yiyu also did not understand.


“Bloody City will not do anything useless. Look at the past and you may find some clues.” Shen Yi said, striding over.


At that time, Marcus had already picked up Xi Xiaofan and was watching them with cautious eyes.


From his reaction, it was clear he knew and understood the current world situation from Kyle and Star. What was interesting was that this should have happened after this scene, but it seemed that there were some errors in timeline.


It was that error that caused Xi Xiaofan to fall in distress and be subsequently rescued.


This should not have happened.


So was that related to the change of mission’s content?


If so, what did it mean?


Shen Xin leaned towards the side and walked towards Marcus with a grateful look: “Oh, thank you so much, sir. You saved my brother…” He pointed at his own head: “He has serious autism and he always likes to run around, so I always have to worry about him.”


He tried to grab Xi Xiaofan. He did not expect Xi Xiaofan to yell loudly at his face, and to struggle to go sit in a corner, shaking his body., His eyes straightened.


Marcus looked at Xi Xiaofan in the distance and looked at Shen: “The two of you don’t look like brothers. He is not enthusiastic about you.”


When he spoke, he intentionally or unintentionally stepped aside and was standing in the middle of Shen Xiao and Xi Xiaofan.


“Cousins.” Shen Yu replied very seriously: “After the Judgement Day, we haven’t met. At that time, he was only two and a half years old. In 14 years, I used to think that he was dead. But I discovered him two weeks ago. At that time, I didn’t recognize him at all. If I didn’t see his father, my uncle Boris’s dying message…”


Speaking of this, there was a sad expression on Shen Yi’s face: “Boris was dead. He was not killed by the Terminator. He starved to death. He gave all his food to his son. Before he died, he begged people to protect his child… When I was young, he was good to me. I still remember one time I climbed a tree and broke my leg. It was him who was carried me to San Andre Hospital … he stayed with me for a whole night, and until now I still remember that it was in May 13th in 2004, 40 days before the Judgement Day broke out. God, it was a nightmare…”


Shen Yu’s unfamiliar lie was almost perfect, not only in terms of detail, but also in his story, his character, his name, his time, and his place. Not mention that his expression was sincere.


Zhou Yiyu whispered to Jin Gang: “I’ve never seen a person who can come up with a lie that is so natural and smooth, and even play two roles. He can easily become the best script writer in Hollywood. Do you know how he did it?”


Jin Gang grasped the scalp and replied: “Maybe his Innate Talent also enhances his ability to lie. His lie is indeed too good, you should not believe any of those words.”




Listening to Shen Yi’s words, Marcus’s guarded expression gradually disappeared.


In this chaotic era, people should help each other rather than being hostile to each other.


Humans’ enemies were the machines!


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