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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 34

Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 34: Balancing of Bloody City (Part 2)

The true meaning of the mission modes was actually to create a balancing system.


It allowed Bloody City to balance the difficulty of the world. If it was in a low-difficulty world, it was more difficult to complete the mission mode. If it was in a high-difficulty world, it would be easier to complete the mission mode. This method had great flexibility. It could effectively control the progress of adventurers in the mission world, preventing the mission world from becoming a resort for the few strong adventurers, while at the same time preventing a die-in-a-ditch situation for some weaker adventurers.


After all, even in the same Difficulty Level, the variety in strength of adventurers was very wide, and the power gap between the strongest and the weakest might be doubled.


If a mission world was not too difficult for the weak, it might be extremely easy for the strong. If the strong had to face fatal dangers, then the weak could only be destroyed.


Some people might say that if Bloody City only needed to select the strong, why didn’t it just let the weak die? Anyway, additional adventurers could be added later, so why was it also necessary to adjust the difficulty?


That involved a problem of survival probability.


If the difficulty of a Bloody City was solely based on the strong, which would cause the death of the weak adventurers in the mission, then the consequence was that the mortality rate of each mission was bound to reach more than 80%.


What did it mean to have more than 80 percent fatality rate?


That meant that if Bloody City put in a million people in a Difficult Level and the calculated average number of missions an adventurer have to go through to enter the next Difficult Level was five missions, then the final number of people who would be promoted was 320.


Then that survival probability would become 0.1 after five more missions at the same mortality rate.


In other words, Bloody City would need to put 10 million people in the Difficult Level 1 in order to get a Difficult Level 3 adventurer at the rate of 80% death.


If Bloody City wanted to get a Difficult Level 4 adventurer again, it would need dozens of billions of population bases. The knockout effect of such a huge and terrible system made it impossible for more than three Difficult Levels to exist.


Therefore, there needed to be a basic balancing system in the five Difficult Levels of Bloody City to control the survive rate of adventurers.


And this balancing system was the mission mode.


“Then… when we destroyed the air carrier before, for the city it was…”


“Yes, that’s why the city is giving us this quest – it’s not allowing us to go through missions too easily.”


“Why not use compulsory measures if that is the case? Why would it give us the opportunity to choose? Why is it not mandatory quest for us like last time?”


Shen Yi looked up at the sky overhead. He murmured, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because the situation comes from our own strength rather than the use of a loophole. Therefore, the city must respect our own choices and cannot force us to go, but only to tempt us to accept … Maybe, maybe not. Maybe there are other reasons I have not found, but anyway since it gives us the opportunity to choose, then we have the power to refuse.”


“But I still don’t think it’s necessary to reject it. I would like to take it with you, it’s just three more people to carry. If you and I are teamed together, I’m confident that even if we can’t beat it, we can still escape from it! Anyway, we just need to protect them.” Zhou Yiyu was not willing to give up this mission. Even if it was a quest that Bloody City deliberately prepared for them, it also provided extra rewards, didn’t it?


Adventurers should also have enough eagerness for rewards – no matter how the mission mode was adjusted, only the strongest ones could go all the way to the end. After all, only the strong ones could get the hidden quest because they could easily complete the mission. No one had seen the Bloody City cancel the Main Quest where the weak could not complete the mission.


On that issue, Jin Gang also expressed his support for Zhou Yiyu’s attitude: “Everyone always tried hard to find hidden quests. This time, the quest came to the door on its own. Why should we give up because the city’s motives are not pure? I think it’s right for Zhou Yiyu to say it. Yes, why not try it?”


“I’m afraid that things are not that simple.” Shen Yi sighed. He pointed to Bloody Crest: “Look at the prompt again. While executing the quest, we must not impose any forced method on Kyle and Marcus. Do you understand what this means? If they do not cooperate with us, we will encounter great trouble.”


The most fearsome thing in battle was not opponents as strong as gods, but comrades as stupid as pigs.


This meant the  Bloody City wanted them to carry more three incompetent teammates.


Marcus and Kyle might not be pigs, but with their abilities and their alertness to the sudden appearance of strangers. If they cooperated, for adventurers it’s really a fluke; let alone to gain their fully obey.


As a result, the risk and difficulty of the mission’s execution would inevitably increase.


Speaking of this, Shen Yi remarked: “I’m not afraid of danger, but I am afraid of uncontrollable factor. For risks that cannot be controlled, avoidance is the best solution.”


What Shen Yi did not say was that just a short time ago, he had just tested the Bloody City. To some extent, this kind of testing was actually quite provocative.


Naughty students couldn’t get angry with the teacher, but they absolutely understood that when the teacher got angry, they should not poke the bear.


In this case they had just provoked God, then a pie suddenly came from heaven. Anyone who had the right mind must be careful about the pie is poisonous or not.


Fortunately, he finally succeeded in convincing Zhou Yiyu and Jin Gang.


“Since this is the case, we do not accept this quest.” Zhou Yiyu said.


Hearing this, Shen Yi exhaled a long breath.


However, at this moment, Bloody Crest of the three men suddenly sounded a remind sound:


“ID E2213 accepted the Hidden Quest. The collective quest starts from now.”


Shen Yi was shocked and turned around.


Not far away, Xi Xiaofan stared blankly at Bloody Crest on his wrist.


No one could understand how this autistic teenager who did not have much perception of the outside world had already pressed to confirm acceptance.


With this prompt, a loud rumble rang out from far away.


The huge figure of the Harvester appeared again…

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