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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 35

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 35: Choice of Life and Death

Xi Xiaofan’s unconscious click was as if he had triggered a countdown button and brought everyone’s remaining time into the countdown phase.


With the emergence of the first Harvester, three other Harvesters appeared one after another on the horizon. From afar, they seemed like four steel fortresses moving on the ground. They moved slowly, but each step travelled a great length, causing the earth to shake.


Dozens of Moto Terminators dropped off the Harvesters and started to rush over as soon as they landed.


At the same time, chilling engines sound echoed in the sky. Eight drones broke through the clouds and appeared in the sky…


The second round had officially started.


At this point, it was the 13th hour after they had entered the mission world.


As expected, the main force for the second round of chasing indeed comprised Harvesters.


However, that unexpected large-scale robotic army was a great shock to everyone.


Zhou Yiyu looked at the sky in surprise: “There are four Harvesters, and eight Hunter-Killers? Together with a batch of humanoid Terminator. F**k, how can the second round of chasing be so strong?”


“Surely this also includes the forces which were originally set up to pursue three men in Jin Gang’s group.” Shen Yi mumbled to himself.


Jin Gang was nearly in tears: “THIS! IS! NOT! FAIR!”


Shen Yi picked up Xi Xiaofan and shouted: “Run!”


Everyone ran to the SUV at the same time.


The drones in the air began to dive and to attack. At both ends of their wing appeared machine guns. The sharp and piercing bullets broke the silence and hit the ground with a sweep of fumes.


It was at that time that the gap between the physical qualities of adventurers and ordinary people could be fully observed.


Shen Yi, Zhou Yiyu and Jin Gang were like cheetahs rushing in the rain. They did not evade the bullet attack. Instead, they rushed forward directly and outran the bullets.


A drone dove down and sent out a rattlesnake missile at a low altitude of 40 meters above the ground.


Such a low-altitude missile could be said to be a sure strike. It would not give people the time to think and respond. However, at the same time as the missile came out, Shen Yi threw Xi Xiaofan to Jin Gang, and turned around. The Spirit Flame Gun continuously fired Flame Bullets, and only after five rounds of bullets, it hit the missile’s warhead such that the flared tail of the missile finally ignited. It had not yet completely disengaged from the drone.


A massive huge fireball exploded in the sky and smashed into the side of the abandoned building. When it crashed into the building, a second explosion occurred and the entire building immediately collapsed.


The building collapsed to the side, sinking and swiftly snapping open, behind which a large number of huge stones slammed on the ground.


A Moto Terminator passed through the smoke and jumped towards Shen Yi’s head. He rushed forward, and just as he dodged a large roof collapsing, the debris crushed the Moto Terminator. The heavy machine gun on the side of the Terminator’s motorcycle still shuddered incessantly. Shen Yi jumped backward and kicked the heavy gun barrel.


In the distance, Zhou Yiyu and Jin Gang finally arrived at the SUV.


In a leap, Zhou Yiyu jumped into the car. With the roaring sound of the engine, the SUV rotated on the spot and rushed toward Shen Yi.


At that time, two Moto Terminators were rushing toward Shen Yi .


Shen Yi leaped into the air and the SUV rushed out from under him, resulting in the Moto Terminators slamming into each other. At the moment the two Moto Terminators collided and scattered, Shen Yi dropped steadily into the car, finally finding a seat on the passenger chair next to Zhou Yiyu.


“Save them!” he shouted.


He referred to Marcus and Kyle.


Regardless of whether they had originally wanted to, Xi Xiaofan had now already accepted the quest.


Since it could not be avoided, the only thing was to face it.


Shen Yi could only hope that things would not be as bad as he thought.


Marcus and Kyle had already ran to the other side before the arrival of the Terminator. Their speed was certainly not as fast as that of the adventurers, but fortunately the Terminators had not taken them as the primary goal.


The SUV flew up and went straight to Marcus and Kyle.


In the sky, two drones swooped down again. One of them dipped, immediately approaching an ultra-low altitude of less than 20 meters above the ground. Seeing that another round of attacks was about to come, Zhou Yiyu tossed his M61 Vulcan to Shen Yi, and shouted: “Kill them!”


“Ha, this time you learned to be self-conscious.” Shen Yi took it with a smile and the gun in his hand started to unleash a chain of bullets.


With his current Firearm Forte, he could even shoot down a flying bullet, not to mention a huge target like that drone. At that moment, the Vulcan spewed a fire whip and crashed into the drone which was flying at low altitude. The drone immediately lost control, spread out  black smoke, and crashed into the ground 20 meters away from the SUV.


However, the other drone sent a rattlesnake missile towards Marcus.


It was too late for Shen Yi to shoot down that missile. He yelled: “Jin Gang!”


Jin Gang raised his hand, and the rattlesnakes missile suddenly stagnated in the air. At the same time, Shen Yi’s gun changed direction and the bullets poured on the rattlesnake missile.


The missile exploded at a distance of 30 meters above the head of Marcus and the others, as if a large amount of giant fireworks had exploded and numerous flying meteors were falling.


Zhou Yiyu rushed to Marcus’s side and yelled at them: “Get into the car!”


Marcus grabbed Kyle by the hand, threw him into the car, and then jumped in with Star.


This off-road vehicle could only seat five people, but now it had to carry seven. Not only had the burden on the car increased, but the space for passengers’  movements had also suddenly become restricted.


However, no one could be bothered at that time.


One heavy artillery burst like a thunder in everyone’s ears, and a wasted a building a few meters away which then exploded into a burst of fire, and then collapsed in rumbles.


Zhou Yiyu stepped on the throttle, causing the car to fly like an arrow, and then shouted: “The Harvesters are catching up!”


The four large Harvesters were running toward them. Although, their pace was not fast, they were very large, and every step was about 7 to 8 meters.


Although their large bodies were absolutely not suitable for walking in the streets, they did not need to go through the streets. They rushed into the street, and from afar, they were seen to leave a thick layer of smoke in the city along with a series of huge crashes.


And in the gap between the dust, a large number of Moto Terminators were also racing crazily. Although these Moto Terminators were not very strong, they were extremely fast. They were likely to be vanguard troops whose mission was to slow down the targets and wait for the arrival of subsequent Harvesters.


Zhou Yiyu drove on the off-road vehicle madly ahead, but the speed did not improve much.


“Hey, can’t you drive faster?” Jin Gang shouted, while holding the gun. Behind him, a bullet hit a Motor Terminator, triggering a burst of sparks.


“There are too many people!” Zhou Yiyu shouted: “The car is too heavy!”


“Don’t you have Driving Forte and Human-Vehicle Integration?”


Zhou Yiyu was angered. He exclaimed: “My Innate Talent is not a f*****g Human-Engine Integration! And do you think there are only three extra people? Wrong! Someone is overweight!”


Marcus was a cyborg modified by Skynet. Although he himself did not know this, Shen Yi and the others had learned about the mission world before entering. Marcus had a body weight of at least 150 kilograms. That, an additional seven people in the car, and an oversized Vulcan! The weight load on  this SUV at the moment was probably no less than 500 kilograms.


Although the load capacity of off-road vehicles had always been the largest among small cars, the weight of half a ton was nevertheless huge, which directly led to a decrease in the speed. Seeing that a large number of Moto Terminators had increasingly joined the chase, it wasn’t as simple to lose these machines as before.


The drones in the sky also came to join in on the fun.


They dived one after another, and four of them fired rattlesnakes missile at the same time at the SUV. A total of eight rattlesnakes mission roared like a screech of death.


Shen Yi took down two flying missiles with the Spirit Flame Gun. The two missiles exploded just when they reached the top of the SUV. Jin Gang also used Telekinesis to control two other missiles to collide with each other. However, since he had already used Psychic Powers multiple times before, he no longer had any Psychic Energy to control the other missiles.


The four remaining rattlesnakes whistled, and Zhou Yiyu slammed the steering wheel. The car’s body turned sharply on its side. Because there were too many people in the car, he couldn’t push the body upside down and could only rely on his own strength to force the car into an incline. A missile flew forward in front of the SUV and bombed the road, forming a large pit.


Zhou Yiyu drove the SUV and made it suddenly jump over the crater. However, the remaining three missiles were already behind him.


The three missiles exploded at the left and right sides of the vehicle and behind the vehicle. The resulting huge airwaves sent the vehicle into the air in an instant.


This time it was no longer under the control of Zhou Yiyu.


The SUV rolled  in the air like a toy car. Everyone felt the world turn upside down, and felt dizzy as if they were tossing about in a whirlwind. The huge centrifugal force threw Xi Xiaofan and Star out of the vehicle.


Seeing the two fly out of the car, Jin Gang also jumped out of the car as he desperately tried to grasp Xi Xiaofan’s hand and Star’s hand. Marcus also acted, seizing Jin Gang by his foot.


At that moment, realising they were in the air, Xi Xiaofan and Star loudly screamed.


Jin Gang clung to Xi Xiaofan and Star, and in the haze, an idea suddenly flashed.


What if he let go now?


The quest only stipulated that Marcus and Kyle needed to be protected, but did not mention anything about protecting Star. As for Xi Xiaofan, he was just a burden which brought trouble to everyone. Without these two individuals, the SUV’s weight reduction would increase the chance of everyone else’s escape.


This thought flashed through Jin Gang’s mind and did not disappear. At that moment, he looked at Xi Xiaofan and Star’s fearful eyes. His eyes gradually began to look cold and cruel.


His hands gradually loosened.


Xi Xiaofan and Star dropped.

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