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Infinity Armament – Book 4 Chapter 41

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Translated by: LaPhong

Edited by: vbguy2011

Book 4 Chapter 41: Ultimate Replicating

The night was illuminated.


The huge Harvester had just been assembled and was now standing in the empty space of the repair center.


Only Shen Yi and Jin Gang went to the factory as Zhou Yiyu could not bear to watch his robot being disassembled.


It took a long time before he saw Shen Yi and Jin Gang return, continuously laughing.


“Hey, what are you doing?” Zhou Yiyu shouted with dissatisfaction.


“Let’s find you some accessories.” Shen Yi waved his hand and spilled countless matching Harvester parts from his storage space.


Then, Shen Yi climbed onto the Harvester and observed it carefully. Facing Jin Gang, he said, “The right arm drive system was seriously damaged; the information processing system was partially damaged; the Energy Core power system is intact, but the power transmission system is in trouble. There are also problems with the balance system, and the weapon system has been fully restored. The main system is generally flawless but there are many problems with the subsystems. Jin Gang, come help me. We will start with the balance system.”


“Okay!” Jin Gang jumped over to the Harvester to help.


Zhou Yiyu asked, “How long will it take to repair?”


“If you really want to be completely repaired, the internal system can be fully repaired in forty-eight hours, but the external defense system is another story. It will take longer. The steel plates need to be replaced in many places… If one of us had Magneto’s power…”


Zhou Yiyu blinked his eyes. “If I remember correctly, you only need seven hours if you use Activation.”




“Then, is there any reason to repair it by hand?”


“Of course there is. Different degrees of damage directly affect my energy consumption. Direct replacement, simple repair of some parts that are severely damaged, and swapping replaceable parts can greatly reduce the energy consumption, assist my energy recovery, and improve the speed of repairs. Of course, the most important thing is that I can use this chance to understand its internal structure.” After saying that, Shen Yi pulled out his own PDA and began to carry out an internal scan of the Harvester.


Zhou Yiyu finally understood. “Hell, I was wondering why you were being so kind. You don’t want to repair it at all. You just want to study it… You want to… You want to make it by yourself!”


Zhou Yiyu’s voice had changed completely showing his shock of that idea.


Shen Yi actually wanted to create a Terminator by himself!


“Yes.” Shen Yi beamed a confident smile to Zhou Yiyu.


“But…” Zhou Yiyu stammered and said, “But there is no Energy Core. Even if you can study this big guy, you can’t make a Terminator robot because you can’t produce the Energy Core. Right?”


Even before hearing the answer, Zhou Yiyu already felt that that problem was not a dealbreaker for Shen Yi at all, but he seemed persistent to prove that Shen Yi was whimsical.


Unfortunately, Shen Yi’s answer was as calm and thoughtful as ever. “I understand your point, but from another point of view, as long as I have the Energy Cores and study the structure of this thing, I don’t need to pay that 9000 BP, right? It is not infeasible to make your own, and I’m sure you agree with this,” Shen Yi replied.


Zhou Yiyu could not speak again.


He had to admit that Shen Yan’s idea was bold, but profiteering!


For a moment he only murmured, “I begin to understand why China is the haven of fake goods. You f*****g even dare to replicate everything. Your appetite is too greedy.”


“My appetite has always been good. Of course, you can have a share.”


Zhou Yiyu’s heart jumped abruptly. “You don’t want me to erase your 1,500 BP debt, doyou?”


“No, as long as you give me all the Energy Cores you have gained.”


“…you really know the art of bargaining.” Zhou Yiyu felt very helpless as he took his four Energy Cores  out. “A total of four, two from T-600, and two from T-700. I’ll give you two.”


“I’ll give you four Terminators, and the other two count as the price of the Harvester’s Energy Core, but the cost of buying an accessory is yours.”


“Deal.” Zhou Yiyu threw four Energy Cores to Shen Yi.


After completing the deal, Shen Yi held the PDA and kept scanning the internal structure of the Harvester.


If there was no blueprint, then he would make a blueprint on his own. He had to admit that the PDA that Wen Rou had recommended was actually very useful. Its automatic scanning and analysis capabilities allowed Shen Yi to quickly grasp the internal structure of the Harvester. The Activation ability ensured that if he did something wrong, he could quickly restore it, so as to ensure that he would not get the wrong information. But if it had been someone else, they probably would not have been be able to consider replicating a Harvester.


Since he dared to replicate even Harvesters, the other Terminators were naturally not out of question.


At that moment, while dismantling and repairing the Harvester according to Shen Yi’s instructions, Jin Gang watched him bury his head into the PDA desperately collecting and recording various data. He then said,  “Even if you can study all of its principle of production, you may not have the time to make it in Bloody City. Using several people’s power to make an oversized metal robot is not a small project.”


Shen Yi looked at him strangely, and then continued to focus on his PDA. “I only hear people lamenting they don’t have enough to spend, but never heard them lament they have too much money . With the production technology, there is no need to worry about it not becoming a reality. When did you hear that replicating is more difficult than inventing? Do you have something else to say?”


Jin Gang shrugged. “There are some things that have always been in my heart and I don’t know what to say.”


Shen Yi quickly pressed a few times on the PDA, and then pointed to several electric cables  on the Harvester’s chest. “Connect these lines. I’ll take a look.”


As Jin Gang lifted his hand, the lines were automatically connected.


Shen Yi shook his head. “No, connect this cable to that socket… You want to talk about Star?”


Jin Gang smiled. “You really see through me… that cable is already fixed.”


“Come here.” Shen Yi jumped over to the Harvester’s shoulder. “We must weld here. Little Zhou (1), throw me a welding torch!”


“F*ck your mother, I am not your worker. And don’t call me Little Zhou!”


A welding torch was thrown indignantly at Shen Yi, which he caught and handed over to Jin Gang. “Weld here. Do you regret it?”


“No.” Jin Gang took the welding torch and earnestly began welding.


“It’s much worse.” Shen Yi shook his head and carefully observed the internal structure of the Harvester.


Jin Gang stopped his work and looked at him. “Worse? I don’t think I did anything wrong. I think if we want to live in Bloody City, we must learn to be cold and ruthless. Survival for the fittest, that is eternal rule…”


“I didn’t say that what you did were wrong!” Shen Yi interrupted Jin Gang, leaving Jin Gang stunned. Shen Yi pointed to another Harvester’s crack. “Weld here too.”


Jin Gang continued to work hard and squatted to take a seat on the Harvester’s shoulders. Shen Yi sighed and said, “I understand why you did that, but that’s not the key issue.”


“Then what is the key issue?”


“It’s your understanding afterwards.”


Jin Gang looked puzzled. “Afterwards?”


Shen Yi nodded. “Yes, let’s first consider the previous problem. You abandoned Star and Xi Xiaofan only to lessen the car’s weight, right?”


Jin Gang nodded.


“The problem is the weight of the two children! Their combined weight is even less than Marcus’s! Moreover, the two did not have any impact on our situation at that time. In turn, by  losing Xi Xiaofan, we would have lost the ability to control the Terminators. By losing Star and we lost the ability to control Kyle Reese. When you let go of them and made me lose 300 BP, at the same time I was forced to deceive Kyle about going to save Star. Do you know what this means? It means that tomorrow, if we do not save her, he will bring us a lot of trouble… We need to replace a few accessories here; Zhou Yiyu, look for these models of accessories!”


Shen Yi threw away the removed scraps.


“Here, bastard!” Zhou Yiyu did not respond well.


Shen Yi knocked on the Harvester. “Without Xi Xiaofan, we wouldn’t have this guy, let alone be able to replicate Harvester’s manufacturing technology.”


Jin Gang opened his mouth but could not speak. After a long time, he finally nodded. “Yes, this problem is that I neglected some my considerations. At the time, it was no good for us to abandon them. I was totally…”


“It is totally instinctive, just as drowning people don’t give up trying to catch a life-saving straw. It’s too late to think about too many problems.”


Many things were not unexpected, but the situation had been urgent and they were being rushed. Such a situation would not give people much room for thinking. In the moment that Jin Gang seized Star and Xi Xiaofan, he only had half a second to consider whether to save them.


At that time, it can be said that it was completely instinctive to gain an advantage for survival.


So Shen Yi fully understood why Jin Gang did that, but because of this, Shen Yi sighed. “So I don’t blame you for making that decision at the time, but for the same reason, I’m not satisfied with your attitude afterwards. At that time, the situation was urgent. It was not easy to think about it, and that’s normal. But it’s wrong not to think about it afterwards. In fact, you said that people should be ruthless in Bloody City, and it’s a complete sophistry for your wrongdoing. This is what makes me most disappointed.”


Shen Yi said, and came to the Harvester’s right arm. “The shaft is broken here; finish welding it.”


Jin Gang came to weld the shaft. “I can’t think about giving up the two children. But in a city like this, if we can’t be cold-blooded, we’re going to be unlucky. I don’t think it’s sophistry… The weld’s durability is not enough.”


Shen Yi smiled, quickly pressed the PDA, recorded the Harvester’s right arm data, and then said, “I will repair it with Activation later… You think that in Bloody City, people will become cold and ruthless in the end, and can give up everything in order to survive? Yes, most people think so. But you overlooked one thing: that is, in addition to ruthlessness as a way to adapt to this world, there is another way to adapt to this world: calmness and thinking! Why do you rely on ruthlessness as a prerequisite for the survival of the fittest, rather than calmly confronting and thinking about the problem? Because the former is easier, and does not require you to use the brain. Killing people is easier than saving people. It’s easier to abandon than to fight, isn’t it? It’s tempting to take it easy, and it’s human, but don’t forget, because it’s so easy, it’s also worthless! Its value is the lowest!”


Jin Gang looked at him in surprise.


Shen Yi continued, “It’s like the earlier situation when you and the two adventurers had experienced the same thing! All of you were cold-blooded and ruthless enough. But the result? The three of you almost killed each other! At that time, if you had stayed a little calm, nothing like this would have happened!”


The words rendered Jin Gang speechless and he could only continue to weld the drive shaft. The sparks flew under him, but he did not wear any protective mask.


Shen Yi lightened his tone and said, “So, being cold-blooded is simple, but remaining calm is very difficult.”


“Then do you mean that in Bloody City, we should be passionate about the spirit and observe a moral and ethical code?”


“Your tone is sarcastic. I just told you that coldness as a trait is like a basic level of Fighting Forte. Everyone can achieve it, but it’s not that easy to promote it to the top level. It’s like you said that you can be awe-inspiring with only basic level Fighting Forte. Who are you trying to deceive?”


When Jin Gang was stunned, Shen Yi moved to another his position. “So, don’t think that this kind of coldness is so great. It can help you survive, but if you want to rely on it to reach the top, then you can keep dreaming. The key is to know when to use it, and when it should not be used… Weld here again.”


Jin Gang went over and said nothing.


“Anyway, don’t regard being cold-blooded and ruthlessness as necessary or even desirable qualities, let alone attributing all the blame of your mistakes to them. It will not bring you any good. It will only blind your eyes.”


After thinking about it, Jin Gang finally nodded. “I understand.”


“You understood, that’s fine. In Bloody City, we can’t make a lot of mistakes… Hell, we soldered the wrong place!”


Shen Yi found himself inadvertently let Jin Gang weld two unconnected steel plates together.


Jin Gang’s head rose slowly. “As you said, in Bloody City, we can’t make a lot of mistakes. Take a break, captain, don’t give wrong instructions. Saying too many words will distract you.”


“…you’re right.” Shen Yi shrugged and could not answer any more.


“Considering your confession, I also admit that… I was wrong. After that, I must be humble and try to correct my own flaws every day.”


TL’s note:

  1. Xiao (“Little”) + name is usually used to call children.

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