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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 1

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1. Prologue

Houjou Akito was a very intelligent child. At the age of one he could understand the spoken language, at the age of two he was able to read and being a genius he perfectly understood the mechanism behind stock trading at the age of three.

His parents saw the talent in their son. They gave him various books about stock trading and forced him into it. The results were huge amounts of money in only two years of time. But this sudden increase in profits also attracted a certain criminal organization. They kidnapped Akito, killed his parents and forced him to spend his life in imprisonment.

His life was all about increasing the profits of the organization. If the profits were good, his meals became more luxurious, he got various items of entertainment like novels or comics and was allowed to exercise in the garden. However if the profits decreased at the end of the month he was beaten to a pulp and threatened to be killed.

Due to his amazing talent and his luck, Akito grew up without a big failure and became an indifferent and handsome boy at the age of 14. One fateful day the leader of the organization brought his daughter with him. It was love at first sight. His money making results were good as always and due to that he was allowed to go outside under supervision.

He thought nothing at all of the leaders daughter but was unable to refuse her requests and had to spend a lot of time with her. This did not go unnoticed and made a henchman of the leader jealous. He pretended to be the daughter and called Akito outside. There he tortured and eventually killed the young boy.

In his last moments Akito was thinking: Was that all? Was this everything my life had to offer? He wanted nothing else but to relive it all again… only this time with a free will… where no one would force him into anything…

In the very last moment of his old life – when the darkness started to surround him – a goddess appeared right in front of his eyes. His old life had ended but this… This was the beginning of a whole new life.

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