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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Encounter with a goddess.

Akito was speechless. He thought that he’d die now but instead he saw a blond, blue eyed beauty right in front of his eyes. She was smiling at him and he felt that he was surrounded by pure white walls. 「Where the hell am I? 」was all he could think of.

「It is a pleasure meeting you, Akito. I am what you would call a goddess. Hear what I have to say for it is very important. 」(Goddess)

Is she weird? A goddess? She must be out of her mind… The face of the beautiful smiling woman started to look angry for a moment.

「Weird!? Me?! Even though you might not understand your current situation, you will die if your judgment is too slow. Or perhaps I should rephrase it? Your life is over the moment you incur my wrath. 」(Goddess)

Akito was at a loss for words again. Could she be a mind reader? Does what she said mean that I’m not dead yet? My body feels fine…

「You seem to start getting the hang of It. Yes it’s correct, I can read minds and no, you are not dead yet. To give you a better explanation: I called you into my spiritual world one short moment before you died. On the site of the murder now lies but a simple copy of your body. You however will now go to world that I take care of.」(Goddess)

「So, I can’t go back to my world because I’m supposed to be dead and now I shall restart my life with this current body in your world?」(Akito)

「That is correct. You see, my world has a little demon problem. Their numbers increase too much and I fear that mankind will go instinct if I don’t intervene. That’s where you come in. You seem not to have noticed in your former prison life but you have enormous talent. It’ll be perfect for this job. So, I want you to fight back the demons and help increase the human forces. 」(Goddess)

It’s hard to understand everything but Akito is starting to organize it all in his head.

「Is a demon something like a creature out of these fantasy books? Like a goblin or a slime? No offense, but no matter how I look at it I don’t think it’s possible for a person from a different world to bring all humans together and help them. I can’t even speak the language, I don’t know anybody in that world. And I’m pretty sure I’ll die as soon as I encounter my first demon…」(Akito)

「What you’re thinking about demons is correct. Please work hard and do your best. With your ability and talent I expect you will learn the language in 3 hours at most. You see, in my world there are jobs that you can level up, magic weapons that will help you to fight the demons. Your physical performance and your attributes will go up as long as you have your talent. However without knowledge you won’t stand a chance. Here, take this book.」(Goddess)

It’s a [Book of Knowledge]? But the pages are all empty! Nothing but white paper… Akito wonders what he should do with it.

「With this book it will be easily possible for you to acquire all the knowledge that you want from god. It’s restricted to the elementary level but nevertheless please use it to learn the language and other basic things. I have enchanted it so that only you can see and touch it. Now, please do your best!」(Goddess)

「Ah, just one —」(Akito)

Akitos view turned dark again and the next thing he saw after a brief moment… was… a flower garden?

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