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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The first battle

Everything in front of Akito is filled with flowers. The whole scenery… It’s just so beautiful and breathtaking. How can this not be heaven with all of these colorful flowers blooming? This was a sight that Akito never got to see in his previous life. His mind seemed to stop working for what seemed like an eternity – 5 minutes – before he realized that he had to do something about his situation. I need to think about what to do next or I will certainly die in this strange world. Maybe I should take a look at the [Book of Knowledge] that I got from the goddess.

「Okay, first things first: I need to find out where I am and where the nearest city is located. Hopefully I can learn the language of this world there. 」(Akito)

He thought aloud to focus on the things he needs to do in the future. Okay, I seem to be in the herb district of the eastern woodlands in the south of Gordius Kingdom. About 5 kilometers from here seems to be a village called Rand. I don’t have any money so I should probably collect some herbs along the way and bring them to the village. I should sit down on of these giant rocks and learn about the language.

With the help of his book Akito starts to study the language. It doesn’t seem hard to understand. Except for some minor differences it’s almost like English. No Idea if my pronunciation can be understood in the village but I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s go.
He climbs off his rock and looks around. About half a kilometer away from him he sees a small – about a meter high? – humanoid creature coming out of the forest.

「Is that a goblin? I don’t have any weapon. Even if it looks weak I could die to it.」 (Akito)

He felt a cold sweat running down his body. This creature doesn’t seem to notice me yet. But still, I’m in a bad position. I should hide behind the rock and take a look at my book.
The book confirmed his fears. It was a goblin! He held his breath and prayed to god but it did not help. The goblin is slowly coming closer… If I stay here I’ll be found… Isn’t there anything nearby that I could use as a weapon? …. Maybe… Yeah, I could use this stone the size of my fist. I’ll hit you with this little fellow! And kill you!

A method to fight… A weak spot… How should he attack with this? It’ll probably be better if I jump from the top of the rock. After all a surprise attack to the head is more likely to win the fight… right?

Akito climbs onto the rock and holds his breath. He can feel a bit of despair rising up in him but that isn’t even why he does not want to breathe right now. He can smell the awful stench from the goblin below him… He holds his nose and waits for the right timing to strike.


As Akito counted down he jumped of the rock and with all of his might smashed the stone against the head of the goblin.

「YES! Hit him! 」(Akito)

Akito could hear the sound of bones breaking. The goblin fell down to the floor but he was still twitching. Akito hit him again with the rock to put him out of his misery. And just after he killed this creature he heard a loud voice in his head…

Job acquired: 《Warrior》

《Warrior》- Joblevel increased by 1.

SPP +1

Skill《Strong Punch》is now Level 1

Skill《Fighting》is now Level 1

SPP +10%

「What on earth?!? 」(Akito)

He wasn’t crazy. He heard a voice right inside his head talking about.. joblevels and abilities? Was that the thing the goddess was talking about? Akito thought what other surprises the future might have in store for him now that he started his journey…

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