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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Arriving at the village

Akito decided use the【Book of Knowledge】. He wanted to know more about the things the voice in his head talked about.

“Job” seems to indicate a occupation. A job is acquired through battle, production, if one has enough talent or special situations. The time you need to acquire a job depends on your talent. A job of the battle series uses weapons to defeat enemys, jobs of the production series are manufacturing and the special-condition jobs are available under constant conditions. Your status rises whenever your Level goes up and for every 5 joblevel it is possible to acquire a better job through career change.

The skilllevel is rising coresponding to the equipment used. Whenever the level rises, your status enhanced by 10. It’s possible to gain special bonuses through skills.

The Status includes attack power ATK, defense DEF, vitality VIT, dexterity DEX, magic power INT, magical energy MEN (magical points), super power SPP (skill points), speed SPD and hitrate HIT.

With statusmagic it is possible to see the status, job and skill of a person.

I try to use the skill I just acquired.

「Strong Punch」(Akito)

I was able to to produce a “wushh” sound with the momentum of my thrusting fist. I wonder which is stronger: my fist or the stone. It sounds painful to hit it with bare hands, so I should better get a weapon. To get a weapon or food, I need money, and to obtain it I must think about a way to raise enough to live.

I looked for a popular herb described in the [Book of Knowledge] and collect it desperately. I used the jacket which I wore as a substitute for a bag, and after packing, begun to walk toward the final stage, the village.

I need to pass about 2 kilometers through the forest, but it will be hard to be seen by monster so I’m not really worried. While in the forest I try to not make much noise while walking. After two hours I have safely managed to get out of the forest.

With the sun at that position, are there only three more hours till dusk? I must hurry up to the village. After about one hour walking I arrived at the village. Here is a problem. Can I communicate without problems? With a throbbing heart I begin to talk to a village guard, hoping to net get arrested for being a suspicious person.

「Hello~, I’m a traveler. Where can I sell herbs at this village? And it would help me a lot, if you could tell me where I can find a place to stay and eat and how much it costs.」(Akito)

The village guard answered me with a dubious face.

「A young girl is traveling alone? That’s very dangerous. A bit longer and you would’ve been attacked by a thief or a monster.」(Guard)

He thinks I’m female. Is my face so feminine? That’s a shock.

「No, I’m visible male. You can see my manliness, can’t you? Hahaha.」(Akito)

I could do nothing but smile wryly.

「Oh, I’m sorry. You can sell your herbs at the second-hand shop. It’s the third house at the side of the road. The fifth house from here is a small inn. You can’t find anything better at a small village like this. You can get a meal there too. With two meals it would cost 2000 Poron.」(Guard)

「Thank you very much, I’ll go there right now.」(Akito)

I promptly sold the herbs at the second-hand shop. For all I got 5000 Poron. It’ll be possible to stay for two nights. Let’s go to the inn right away.

「Hello~. Do you have a free room? For one male?」(Akito)

A good build middle-aged lady came out.

「Please come in. One night is 2000 Poron. It includes a meal at the evening and at the morning. If you want dinner, it’ll take me a while. Do you want to go to your room first?」(Inn Lady)

「Oh, I would like to. I sleep lightly, so please wake me up by knocking.」(Akito)

I payed the money promptly and got to my room. After locking the door I took a nap straight away. The sudden transition took to much toll on my mind. After resting a little, I have to think about everything.

「Good night.」(Akito)

Akito decided to take a nape while subduing the loneliness caused by the fact that he doesn’t know anybody in this world.

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