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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 6

「Fu~a,slept well」

Outside is still dim, and because there is no clock, I have no clue with regards to what time it is. It was still too early for breakfast as expected. I will just fiddle with the [Book of Knowledge] for the time being. First thing (I need to know) is learn how to level up and secure money. Because there are many monsters, I wonder if they can be hunted (used) to secure myself some money.

When thinking while messing around in an appropriate the [book of knowledge] there is creature thing called magic stone and Baetyl was found that in the vicinity of the heart. Black magic stone from the demon, It seems white baetyl can be taken from other organisms (including humans). For black magic stone taken from the demon was bleached with special magic and the temple magic seems to be baetyl. As For the temple magic it was not able to examined in as it was locked in [book of knowledge ]. It seems special magic of goddess religion of the high priest.

The barrier to protect the city using this baetyl, There is a usage across an equal variety of processing by using a magic stone in magic tools and magic gun bullets, it seems guild always dismantled it. The stronger the creature will be more pricy, Also it seems possible to increase the value to collect a large amount of weak organisms of stone with a temple magic. As for The barrier, such as like a tremendous high-value baetyl needed,it seems it was not placed only in a big city. Seems right to life of the human race has become gradually narrow as the lack baetyl.

I wonder still need to collect the baetyl Once the Goddess wish has fulfilled. It was unreasonable power for someone,if they don’t gather their friend.

Outside had become bright as I think about it. Let’s get breakfast.

「Good morning. Is breakfast ready ?」

「ye~s. do you want me to take it to your room ?」

「oh,thank’s. I will wait in my room. I want to wipe  my body so I’d like a water bucket and cloth」


The door is knocked. It seems she bring it to me (haru: “it” means his breakfast,a bucket of water,and cloth).

「Thank you」

As I thanked her, I receibed my breakfast. The Breakfast is once again potato soup and black bread, It was a salad. I wonder if the menu is fixed.

After wiping my body,I will go to the tool shop to buy a dagger for time being. Series Battle with goblin with no weapon and is impossible. The price of a pair of dagger is 1000 poron. 2000 poron remainded, for today’s accommodation fee is not enough. While looking for a goblin i should take some herb.

「Do you want to go to another journey?」

Speak Uncle of the gatekeeper. May  I better ask for forest ecosystem to uncle for my safety ?

「No,I’m going to the forest for searching goblin today but do you know about forest ecosystem ?」

「At Shallow location of the forest should not only for goblin. Even goblin is fool but if there are some of them,then you will be eaten」

「Yes, Thank you. Then.」

As he thanked uncle of gatekeeper,akito went toward the forest.




ATK 12
DEF 10
VIT 10
DEX 12
INT 13
MEN 12
SPP 10 +1 +10% = 12
SPD 12
HIT 11




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