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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 7

Novel will be continued here from now on… Same TL.. .So Welcome Haru!

Translator: Haru

Editor: CrimsonWolf

Proofreader: Bunny Pillow


Chapter 7. Encounter in the forest


I’m collecting some herbs while searching for goblins. The uncle of the Gatekeeper said that the shallow depths of the forests just weren’t the right place for a goblin. However, I must be careful in case the goblins come in a group. As expected, if I stand here too long I will be found by a large amount of goblins and be killed. I have to be careful.

As I was thinking this, I caught sight of a goblin walking two dogs. I quickly hid behind a tree. It seemed like they hadn’t seen me yet. Yoosh, I’ll kill one animal first.


GeninJob was available

GeninJob was leveled up to lv.1. Spd+1 throwing knife lv.1

Daggerskill leveled up to lv.1. SPD + 10%

I threw away the dog which I had slashed with my knife; it had been noticed by the other animal. I quickly stepped back while the goblin was in mess and lost it’s posture. NOW!! I jumped forward and slashed its neck. It seemed the goblin had fully stopped.*fu~n* I exhaled my breath as I sweated profusely.

GeninJob was leveled up to lv.2. Spd+2 throwing knife lv.2

Daggerskill leveled up to lv.2. SPD + 20%

Goblins seemed to be weak. However, as expected of their hundred-growth rate, they begun to pop up, one after another with no signs of stopping. Since there were so many, I picked up the magic stone of the goblins so I wouldn’t forget them.

I continued to search for goblins. The number of animals that I encountered every time slowly increased from 1 to 3. I estimated I had killed at least 15 goblins already. My job had become Lv.5.

GeninJob was leveled up to lv.5. Spd+5 Throwing knife lv.5

GeninJob was evolved toNinjaJob lv.0

Daggerskill leveled up to lv.5. SPD + 50%

Hidingskill is available if I haveNinjaJob. I have to work hard!

I decided to bring back the herbs. I packed them into a bag in similar quantities as yesterday. On the way back, I was constantly on the look out for goblins, and as I passed the village, I heard the cries of the goblins and the smell of blood.

As I got closer I saw that two women had been attacked by goblins. One was heavily injured to the point of immobilisation while the other was desperately cheering her on. Should I go and help them?

Do you want to be helped?

I carefully asked just to make sure. (EN: No, they want to be caught and raped. What else would they want?)

Please! I’m in a pinch!

I wielded my knife and dashed forward. My body felt light due to the recent level up, and soon the goblins were cleared up.

NinjaJob was leveled up to lv.1. SPD +6 Hiding Lv.1

Daggerskill leveled up to lv.5. SPD + 50%

I’m glad you are safe. The lady who is injured, can you move? Do you want some herbs?

It’s alright, I can use healing magic! Thank you for your concern!

She seemed like a cheerful person. As I watched her face, I realised she was beautiful in that european way, with a long orange ponytail. As for the injured woman, she wasn’t mortally injured but seemed to be more tired. Her face was under a hood so I couldn’t see it.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ren. Are you injured? I’m a sister. (EN: Healer class) And what is your name?

It was strangely pronounced, but it seemed it was because of the vapor.

My name is Akito. I arrived at the Rando Village yesterday.

Oh, we are also living in the Rando Village, nice to meet you! But, Akito seems like a man’s name, doesn’t it? Oh, I’m sorry.

As expected, it looks like I am misunderstood.

Oh, um~, I am a man

An awkward atmosphere pervades the air.

SoSorry. Oh, the recovery magic is finished! Yon! (TL:the one who got injured) Say hello to Akito-kun!

Seems like we have to talk more.

Oh, I’m Yon. Thank you very much.

Yosh, we should go back to the village soon. Let’s go back together.

I began to walk while lending a shoulder to Yon.

Thank you, you are very gentle.

Yon seemed very pleased. I was glad that I wasn’t being shouted at with something like [Sexual harassment!] or anything of the sort.





ATK 12

DEF 10

VIT 10

DEX 12

INT 13

MEN 12

SPP 10 +1 +10% = 12

SPD 12+6+60% = 28

HIT 11



《Ability》《FIGHTING》LV.1, 《Dagger》LV.6

《Skill》《Strong Punch》LV.1, 《Throwing knives》LV.5,《Hiding》LV.1

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