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Isekai Teni Jobumasuta e no Michi – Chapter 8

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Translator: Haru

Editor: CrimsonWolf / Mantou

Chapter 8. Magic Mnemonic and Orc


The trio began to walk towards the villages in the forest. On the way back, the horse carriage moved at a slow pace as Akito killed some goblins. As they walked, Akito noticed that Ren was curiously looking at him. Peek once, then turn away. Peek once again, then shift away.

Akito-kun is using a dagger. By chance, do you have theGeninjob? It’s just that your attacks seem so overwhelming to the goblins. My sister hasArcherLv2 and Black MagicianLv2, and I haveSwordsmanLv.1 andWhite MagicianLv.2

Akito pondered for a short moment. He can’t reveal that he had been aNinja. Although he was killing about 20 animals and Goblin, because growth 100 times, it was counted killing about 2000 animals and goblin.

I haveGeninjob, but its level is a secret! I also have Swordsmanjob too. However, White MagicandBlack Magicis magic too, right?What did you do to get the job?

While changed the subject tried to ask questions about the magic that was troublesome. Ren seems not to worry too much about the Level.

Etto~ Defeat and hit the demon with a cane! If you have talent, you can get White MagicorBlack Magicafter defeated 10 to 30 demon.I want to meet and chat with amazing people who have both.Since I very bad with leveling because I can’t beat with cane, because of that myWhite Magiccan only remember Heal.

The obtaining method is like brain muscle. It was so hard to withstand my laughter. But magic would be necessary for the future. I will buy a cane next time.

I’m now working hard in order to increase the ATK bonus fromSwordsman

IsSwordsmanhave such bonus ATK? This would also be required in the future, but it was not yet necessary because I just have to exterminate goblins. The job that I want to rise is increasing more and more again.

At that time, Something makes a big noise from behind came running. I looked back and saw The size of the human-type pig of about 2m tall has been attacking.

it’s orc!Yon, Aiming at the head with a bow!Akito lets aim the foot together!

Three people begin to move according to Rin’s decision. Akito was dodging the club attack that was swung up by the orc. Ren slashed the right foot from the gap. Apparently, it seems harder than Goblin.it’s posture was changed, but it can not be said that was large damage. Yon was aiming with the bow but the arrow was a miss because the posture was changed. The orc was trying to capture Ren

Like I’ll let you!

Akito aimed at the eye became easier to aim because it was lowered its head,piercing the dagger.The dagger has reached the brains after the bubble wrap with an unpleasant sound. Oak fell down while cramps

NinjaJob was leveled up to lv.2.Spd+7 hiding skill lv.2

are you alright ?

Akito held Ren’s hand. Ren was shaking, it seems she was scared.

Thank you.I don’t think orc was that hard.it was firs time to meet it.if remain like that I think we will get killed.It was good Akito-kun were here

As he said his thanks, Ren got up and grabbed Akito’s hand.

Lets return to the village

After removing the orc’s magic stone, the trio began to walk straight toward the village.




ATK 12

DEF 10

VIT 10

DEX 12

INT 13

MEN 12

SPP 10 +1 +10% = 12

SPD 12+7+60% = 30

HIT 11



Ability》《FIGHTINGLV.1, DaggerLV.6

Skill》《Australian FistLV.1, Throwing knivesLV.5,HidingLV.2

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