It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: I’m a Super Star! (2)


“That is to say; you feel unwilling because someone replaced you due to some unspoken rules?” Xu Shenxing masticated the insipid boiled broccolis as he asked.

“What unspoken rules… I don’t remember saying such offensive remarks.” Song Yu frowned, and at the same time, she felt it was unbelievable for her to tell Xu Shenxing about her trouble.

It was probably because this man had once seen her stupefied expression and didn’t tell anyone, so she subconsciously thought that it wouldn’t hurt to gripe to him about her trouble.

She convinced herself in her heart.

“All right,” Xu Shenxing shot a glance at her, then said, “So, tell me your feelings. Is it because you are not content to be replaced because she is more beautiful than you? Or is it simply because you want to be on the stage?”

“Why do I have to tell you…”

Song Yu pouted and muttered in disapproval. She turned her face away, looking at the shimmering lake while kicking small pebbles with the tip of her toe.

“Oww… This broccoli tastes like shit!”

However, it seemed that Xu Shenxing was just asking casually; he didn’t care about her playfully speaking.


Song Yu’s parents spent a lot of money to employ teachers to teach her etiquette, but now, she just wanted to forget all etiquette and throw her beloved LV bag in Xu Shenxing’s face.

“Well, let me rephrase the question.” Xu Shenxing satisfyingly put down the disposable lunch box after he was full, “Do you want to recapture your hostess throne? Or perhaps you want to get the interest of the public by using a more eye-catching way?”

“What do you mean?” Song Yu was trying to control her desire to hit him, but after hearing his words, she had to ask filed curiosity.

“As a reward for you inviting me to dinner,” Xu Shenxing pointed his finger straight up and said seriously, “To be honest, I know someone in the university. It isn’t a big deal to let you become the hostess again.”

At first, Song Yu thought that he was just talking nonsense. The Art show was the highlight of Jiangjin University Anniversary; even she was powerless to deal with it. How is it possible that a poor student who can’t even fill his belly, could help her get back the position of hostess?

However, she didn’t know why, but when she looked at Xu Shenxing’s serious expression, she couldn’t help but think that “Maybe he really can do this.”

“However, there is another choice. That’s to give up the position of hostess, then submit a new program to the Preparatory Committee of the Anniversary. Afterwards, you can shock the audience with that program, then select an agent, make records and movies, marry a rich and handsome guy, finally, go straight to the noon of your life!” Xu Shenxing raised up his hands and said excitedly, “In short, be a superstar, girl!”

In a moment, Song Yu thought that the girl who believed Xu Shenxing’s words were possible was really an idiot…

Song Yu stood up and said with a twitch of her mouth, “Sorry, but I’m going to leave. I have a yoga class in the afternoon.”

Indeed, some rumors said that some agents would come to watch the Anniversary. However, Jiangjin University wasn’t an art college, so its students didn’t have the expertise. It was impossible for anyone to be chosen by any agent.

Xu Shenxing did not stop her. He just stretched out his hands – a dark blue pearl on the size of a walnut was rotating in his palm.

Its light was so fantastic. Even if it was Song Yu, who is already used to seeing good things, her heart was also captivated by it.

“Don’t you want to have a try?”

A week later, in Sakura apartment.

Xu Shen happily went back to Sakura apartment while carrying a pile of vegetables and special streaky pork.

Because both his hands were full, he asked the ghost spirit to open the door.

The reason he didn’t ask the ghost spirit for help carrying things was that it would be too weird to see a pile of food floating in midair in other people’s eyes. It was too conspicuous…

“I get paid today!” After he put the food on the floor, Xu Shenxing loudly declared as he changed his shoes, “So, we eat hot pot!”

At first, Moli was lying on the sofa with a bored expression. After heard his words, she immediately jumped up towards Xu Shenxing, lifted up her arms and exclaimed with a straight face, “Hot pot! Hot pot!”

“Eat hot pot in summer? Are you sure?” Qin Xingyan asked as she came down from the stairs, “There is no air conditioner in the house, right?”

“It doesn’t matter because we have Moli.” Xu Shenxing pointed at Moli, who was dancing a weird dance around the streaky pork, “Moli. Cold-blast air, surround mode, in third gear. Constant twenty-six degrees with humidification.”


The little girl immediately gave a nonstandard salute towards Xu Shenxing, then started loading skills.

Yes, loading skills – a yellow progress bar was slowly pushing up over her head.

Qin Xingyan looked at this weird scene with an open mouth in surprise and didn’t know what to say. Apparently, she was still not accustomed to the little girl’s joke. She was a bit confused.

“Stop playing, be quick.”

Since Xu Shenxing had entered the apartment, there was no need to avoid the eyes of ordinary people. He asked the ghost spirits to wash the ingredients, then went to prepare the hot-pot soup after urging Moli.

“Bored.” Moli curled her lips after she heard his words. She stopped playing but directly summoned a gust of wind.

Shortly afterwards, the cold and refreshing breeze dispelled the irritable feverish sensation in Sakura apartment.

“I’m getting more curious about your abilities…”

Qin Xingyan didn’t find any flow of Spirit Qi when Moli cast her spell. She grunted, then sat down at the table, waiting for dinner.

Xu Shenxing’s cooking was only average. The hot pot soup was made with ready-made soup stock and couldn’t give out light. But the benefit was that it was very convenient to prepare. With the help of ghost spirits, it was made pretty quickly.

Afterwards, they sat around the table and started eating the hot pot while watching tv.

Qin Xingyan thought that perhaps it was what her master once said, “The taste of life”.

On TV, the anchorman was pretty dedicated to reading the manuscript, “The next news: a talented singer was discovered in Jiangjin University! Her song made the audience crazy!”

The images in the screen switched to the auditorium of Jiangjin University. You could see a beautiful girl was singing on the stage, and the audience were all waving their hands to the rhythm as if they were some crazy groupies. They shouted at the top of their lungs, forming a sea of people, which was quite astonishing. You could even feel their frenzied atmosphere through the telescreen.

“Eh? The girl’s song is even able to shake my mind… Is she a natural psychic who has a charming voice? It’s a pity that she is beyond the age to practice supernatural powers.” Qin Xingyan raised up her head, watching the TV. She had never paid any attention to any stars, but this time, she praised the singer, “Sing well.”

“Of course. In order to increase her charm and the appeal of her singing, I presented the Mirage Pearl to her.”

Xu Shen said naturally. He nodded with satisfaction as he watched the news, which ended in an agent inviting Song Yu. “Seems the effect is good. If we were on the scene, it should be more shocking.”

Then Qin Xingyan sprayed the meat slice on Xu Shenxing’s face, which was just put into her mouth.

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