It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 21

Translator: Wu Wang

Editor: BunnyPillow/Mr Jack……


Chapter 21: The Mutation of the Stream of Spirit Qi – Prelude (2)


After Xu Shenxing showed his pocket to prove that he really had no other money expect for several coins, the God of Land decided to work without pay.

“But her expression of pity is really less comforting…” Xu Shenxing complained – although as a result, he saved several coins.

Because Xu Shenxing didn’t have the ability to fly, and as the girl who had this ability, Moli still felt uncomfortable, so he had to carry Moli, running and jumping on top of buildings again – Xu Shenxing hoped that no one saw this scene, otherwise, the newspaper headlines would definitely be “Spider Man Appeared in Jiangjin City!” tomorrow.

This time, Qin Xingyan didn’t rush back her room. She rode on her sword, slowly flying around Xu Shenxing.

“The God of Land meant no harm.” The girl smiled bitterly and propitiated. Though immortals and gods didn’t belong to the same system, but as a practitioner, she still had some respect towards gods.

“By the way, don’t you think there are too many supernatural creatures recently?” Xu Shenxing felt a little blue as he asked, “Within this period of time, the amount of supernatural creatures I met have surpassed the number I’ve seen in the past three years.”

It seemed that the paranormal events in Jiangjin City had had an explosive growth since that ghost master saved his predecessor from the gap of the netherworld

The Mirage and the Kyuuki were the best two representatives. The evil creatures he killed recently had been more than in the past three years.

“I was also surprised by this and did some research.”

Speaking of this, Qin Xingyan became a little serious. The evening wind gently blew over the girl’s cheek and her long, black hair. Because she was afraid that they might encounter with a battle, she didn’t wear her thick, black glasses, which always covered her face at other times. Under the starry sky, the girl was sitting sideways on her sword and had a special sense of beauty.

“Recently, the amount of Spirit Qi in Jiangjin City and its surrounding areas has subtly risen. You can’t say it’s as bright as a beacon in the dark night, but it’s already tempting enough for most supernatural creatures. It draws them closer here instinctively.”

“So that is what it is… At first, I thought I suddenly became the main character.” Xu Shenxing still didn’t know too much about Spirit Qi. He just bantered, “You see, there are always a variety of events happening around the main characters, right?”

For example, there were always murder cases happening around a pupil who called himself “detective”1

After getting along with Xu Shenxing for a period of time, the girl understood his character, so she ignored his joke and continue saying, “In addition to supernatural creatures being attracted by the increase of Spirit Qi, it will also cause some supernatural phenomenons – this is why there were a variety of unbelievable stories happening in ancient times, but nowadays, we can only hear some unreliable urban legends.”

Xu Shenxing raised his hand, and this motion shocking Moli. The little girl immediately hugged Xu Shenxing tightly as if she was an octopus.

“Teacher Qin! I have a question.”

“Student Xu, please speak.”

“You have said a lot, but you didn’t mention why the Spirit Qi is increasing.”

“Yes, that’s because the reason why Spirit Qi is increasing – I haven’t found it yet.”

The girl’s expression of confidence made Xu Shenxing stumble and he almost fell down from the nineteen-story building.

Moli got a shock again. She fiercely bit on Xu Shenxing’s palm.

“Ouch! Moli, don’t you know how to fly?!”

“…I’m a little dizzy. I can’t fly now.”

“What about your expression?! It seems that your expression is saying ‘Ah, I forgot I can fly! Anyway, find an excuse to prevaricate it first’! It’s too obvious!”

Xu Shenxing’s sad and angrily voice echoed in the sky.

“Cough, cough.” Qin Xingyan cleared her throat to get Xu Shenxings focus back on her, “There is no conclusive evidence though, but I have a guess.”

Moli summoned a mass of water in the air and began to wash Xu Shenxing’s ears.

“I think you misunderstood the meaning of ‘c**k one’s ears to listen’…” Xu Shenxing said with a dumbfounded expression.

Qin Xingyan ignored their convoluted joke again. She continued, “Do you remember the event which caused us to meet?”

“Oh, of course I remember. You found faults with me, then I defeated you with one punch. That’s it, right?”

“…” The girl’s expression became a little dangerous for a while.

Xu Shenxing felt if he didn’t apologize honestly this time, maybe he couldn’t borrow any money from this girl during his life.

So he decided to show his chest 2.

“I was wrong, please go on.”

“At that time, Qiao Hui’s aim was to save that ghost master from the gap of the netherworld; He didn’t open the passage to the netherworld really.” The girl’s skill of “Ignore” levelled up! She continued, “However, because the ghost master was sealed in the gap of the netherworld, his actions still opened the passage between the earth and the netherworld to a certain extent. If I’m not wrong, perhaps at that time, we were standing on the stream of Spirit Qi for Jiangjin City… opening the passage of the netherworld is like poking a hole in a water pipe, then the Spirit Qi began leaking from there.”

“So, that is the reason why Spirit Qi is increasing around here? What should we do now?”

Xu Shenxing asked as he pressed and held Moli’s head, who was still trying to pull a trick.

“I don’t know. Originally, such a thing belongs to god’s jurisdiction… It’s my fault. I forgot to ask the God of the Land just now.” Very rarely, but Qin Xingyan seemed quite regret.

“Even if we turn around and go back now, she should have gone. Let’s go to the abandoned dormitory again tomorrow.” Xu Shenxing made a suggestion.

“No need. If the God of the Land thought that we could solve the problem, she wouldn’t keep it a secret. I’m afraid that even if we ask her, she won’t tell us anything… Of course, it’s just my guess.” Qin Xingyan bit her lips, then suddenly said, “Sen-pai, I need to go back to the White-Hart Taoist Temple.”

“Isn’t that too sudden?! Wait, is it my fault? Because I showed my chest?!”

“No, I’m just going to ask my master to see if there is any way to solve the problem… Besides, if you could put your clothes on, I’d be very glad.”

The girl said and sighed.

“Ah, since you’re going to go back, do you want to bring some souvenirs?” Xu Shenxing touched his pocket, trying to draw out the coins again… but as the girl gazed at him silently, he had to to give up his idea to present the coins to her as souvenirs.

Then Xu Shenxing patted his head and said, “Oh, right. I have this.”

Afterwards, he handed over the Kyuuki’s bucktooth to her.

“…Sen-pai, in fact, I don’t need any souvenir.” The girl helplessly took the buckteeth. Because Xu Shenxing said that it was just a weak youkai, she didn’t expect that this bucktooth was from the legendary great youkai, Kyuuki.

She just put away the bucktooth, then found Xu Shenxing eyes looked a little glazed. “Sen-pai, are you all right?”

“I think I see the aurora over there…” Xu Shenxing pointed to the girl’s back.

“Is it just an illusion?” The girl turned around. Afterwards, the dazzling aurora, which was made up of endless Spirit Qi, shocked her.

  1. The pupil: Detective Conan
  2. It’s a common knowledge to show you chest when you apologize! (Normally, women only. After all, no one wants to see a man’s chest) (And this is just a joke)

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