It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 35


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Chapter 35: Friendship Is Magic (5)


The man with the grey robe laid on the roof.


A crowd of cockroach-like black beetles were crawling back and forth on his feet – just after the girl’s grip, it had caused a comminuted fracture of his foot bones.


As for the other body parts… it was already… hopeless….


How had things become like this?


He just wanted to kidnap a kid! It was nothing compared to the things he did in the past, but he met that ruthless girl.


With deathful eyes, the man’s body suddenly jerked, and a ferocious look appeared on his face.


“… Even if it’s not for the one million and five hundred thousand yuan! I must have revenge! Wait for me!”


———— split line ————


When Moli came back to Sakura apartment, Xu Shenxing was going to cook noodles in the kitchen.


A sigh of relief showed on his face when he saw Moli.


“You finally came back. I couldn’t get through your phone, it makes me worry a lot.”


Mainly, he concerned about the safety of the earth.


After putting down the chopsticks, he wiped his hands on her apron, “I know you’re sick of the takeout from my working place, so, how about we eat noodles today? As for friends… don’t worry. Soon or later, you will have friends.”


He thought that Moli came home so late because she didn’t have a real friend. In that case, she couldn’t take anyone back to home, so she was embarrassed about yesterday’s boasting and came home so late.


“Eh… excuse me?” Behind Moli, Cui Yingying timidly greeted to Xu Shenxing. She looked somewhat cautious. “Hello, I’m Xu Moli’s…… classmate. My name is Cui Yingying.”


Xu Shenxing was stunned.


Moli’s small face was full of pride.


“Does Moli catch you something wrong in her hands?” Xu Shenxing asked with a worried look.


“No, not.” Cui Yingying’s mouth twitched. “Why do you ask?”


“Because, my Moli sucks at making friends…”


“Ah, I can’t deny it.” Think of what happened in school, Cui Yingying had to smile bitterly.


“Landlord, we bring back meat!”


Moli turned a deaf ear to their slander. She said proudly while holding the fresh-kept bag in her hands, “Thanks to me!”




Because Qin Xingyan was gone, so Xu Shenxing didn’t get any rent during this period of time. As for Song Yu, she was busying on her treasurer exam, these days she didn’t come. In this situation, their food standard had a further reduction. If it wasn’t because Xu Shenxing found a new part-time job in Shaxian Snacks, perhaps they would have had to drink rice porridge just like before.


“Thanks… do you want to sit on my shoulder or lift higher?” He reluctantly said to Moli.


“This is s****l harassment, landlord.”


Molly looked back at him with contempt.


Xu Shenxing didn’t say anything else. He just stared at Moli’s pale chest, then…


“Ha ha…”


Made a laugh.


Moli kicked heavily on Xu Shen’s leg, then regardless of his action of clutching his leg and rolling on the floor, ran into the kitchen and took a few dishes, preparing to pour the food which she brought from Cui Yingying’s home into the dishes.


“Don’t mind.” After seeing Cui Yingying’s weird look, Xu Shen immediately stood up and smiled gently, pretending that nothing happened.


“No, I just think you and Moli have a really good relationship.” Cui Yingying looked a little envious, and then asked, “May I ask what is the relationship between you and Moli?”


“I’m her guardian. If I have to say, you can see me as her dad.” Xu Shenxing replied with some uncertainty.


“But, I heard her call your landlord…”


“Cause I’m the landlord of the apartment.” Xu Shenxing said naturally.


“Ah……but? Ah?” Cui Yingying felt that his understanding and his explanation didn’t have a link.


“Eat! Eat!”


Before Cui Yingying could get out of this miss, Moli already knocked her bowl on the table, waiting for the dinner.


“Ah! Noooo! My noodles!”


Xu Shenxing also remembered something. He screamed and ran back to the kitchen.


So, their dinner became some suspicious pastes…


Even so, the atmosphere on the table was pretty good. There were not many people, but the special atmosphere in Sakura Apartment made Cui Yingying involuntarily feel addicted. Especially Moli and Xu Shenxing’s brainless gossip. It always made Cui Yingying want to laugh.


“It’s so late. Yingying, won’t your family worry about you?”


Today’s dinner time was a little late. After the meal, it was almost eight o’clock.


Looking out of the window, it was getting dark already. Normally, parents should already be worried about their children if their children still didn’t come home.


“It doesn’t matter.” Cui Yingying answered with a smile, but the faint bitterness in her smile made Xu Shenxing understand something.


Seemingly, she was a rich family’s child, but she was also a poor child.


“In that case, do you mind going back after taking a bath?” Xu Shenxing said, “I’m poor, but the bathroom of the apartment is pretty good. Its inside is more magnificent than the outside!”


Incidentally, although there weren’t many people knew it, there was a hot spring in the basement of the apartment… though its temperature was a little tricky…


“No, I didn’t take a change of clothes…” Although Cui Yingying was sweating (There was the only electric fan in Sakura apartment, because there was a visitor, the air conditioning of the apartment of Moli, also couldn’t work) but Cui Yingying still smiled and refused Xu Shenxing’s invitation.


After Moli went out from the bathroom, Cui Yingying decided to leave.


“I’m really happy today. Thank you for your hospitality.” She said thanks to Xu Shenxing, who was going to take a shower.


“Oh, it’s my pleasure… Moli, don’t you have to say goodbye?”


“We are friends… We don’t need to be too polite.” Moli said vehemently as she lay on the couch.


“Before you say this, turn your sight away from the tv!”


Finally, Xu Shenxing ordered Moli to go out of the door to see Cui Yingying off.


Moli walked in front of Cui Yingying as she muttered something bad about Xu Shenxing, but Cui Yingying felt that they had a really good relationship, which was well beyond normal family love.


“Ah, Moli… what is the relationship between you and your landlord?” She asked automatically.


“The relationship between the tenant and the landlord.” Moli showed a “What are you talking about?” expression on her face. and answered naturally.


“No, I mean you and his relationship…” Cui Yingying found her question was some awkward, she couldn’t only ask in an incoherent way.


Moli found that Cui Yingying wasn’t joking. She put her finger on her chin and thought for a moment, then answered, “When I first came to this world, he was already at my side. Just like this.”


“Oh, I see…”


Didn’t know if Cui Yingying misunderstood something, the young girl just showed a gentle smile with understanding.

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