It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 36

Translator: Wu Wang

Edited by: Lebin


Chapter 36: Friendship Is Magic! (6)


Cui Yingying thought it was too dangerous for Moli to go home alone, so she insisted on Moli accompanying her back to her house.

She obviously was thinking too much into this. But as a girl who didn’t know what humility was, Moli didn’t say anything but followed her advice.

Looking at Moli’s carefree figure gradually disappear into the night, Cui Yingying was somewhat envious.

You couldn’t regard Cui Yingying’s family as a tragedy, but she did not have a mother from childhood, and his father also couldn’t often company with her due to various reasons such as company working or research.

Even so, she still liked her father very much. Otherwise, she wouldn’t come to this strange city, Jiangjin, with her father.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this, she felt a little envious to see Xu Shenxing and Moli always staying together.

However, if you think about it in another way, after coming to this strange city, she immediately met such a simple girl, Moli, and became friends with her (though the process and method were some subtle and weird), and so she herself was very lucky.

Amidst her thoughts, Cui Yingying walked back to her apartment.

She opened the security door. The light didn’t turn on, so the room was in a dark, but the girl had a vaguely feeling what someone was in the living room.

“Dad, are you back?”

Cui Yingying did not think too much. She just turned on the lights of the chandelier, when suddenly she saw an unknown grey robe man standing in the middle of the living room, staring at her with a ghastly smile.

The girl panicked and tried to turn back to escape, but found that the handle of the anti-theft door had been covered with black beetles.

“You… Who are you!”

She didn’t have the courage to hold the door handle, which was covered with beetles. She had to turn back, asking while trying to suppress the trembling in her voice.

“Yes… This is the feeling of fear, this is the normal situation… Only freaks would directly rush ahead to punch others…”

The man muttered some unrelated and confusing words, then showed a sinister smile, “You don’t need to know who I am, but please feel ease, I would not kill you that easy, or rather, killing you would make me in trouble… However, I want your dad’s research data and your little friend’s life!”

Various and also countless bugs gushed out from his pants, flooding to Cui Yingying!

The girl became terrified. She try to scream for help, but the room had been set a lay of sigils, and no sounds would come out…

———— split line ————

In the middle of the night, Moli was woken up by the knock on the window.

With wearing Xu Shenxing’s shirt as her nightclothes, the girl yawned and rubbed her eyes by using the long sleeves, then she impatiently opened the curtains.

Out of the window, there were two stag beetles holding two corners of a photo as they knocked at the windows by using the tentacles on their heads.

Moli hadn’t completely woke up yet. She waved her sleeves, then the two stag beetles were blown away by her invisible magic, and the photo fell down from their grasp.

Moli reached out her hand, catching the picture through the window glass.

In the photo, Cui Yingying was lying in a place full of worms, and her eyes were full of fear and tears. It seemed that she was very scared.

Behind the photo, there were some words written in marker pen.

“Your friend is in my hands and if you want her alive, come to this place within an hour——”

It wasn’t up until now did Moli fully awaken. She squinted her eyes and looked at the photo for a long time, and commented, “The writing is really ugly…”

After a while, the girl woke up Xu Shenxing from his sweet dream by using a hot water bottle.

“I can’t believe you finally did it…” Xu Shenxing covered his scalded forehead, then looked at Moli with an incredulous look.

“Landlord.” Moli ignored Xu Shenxing’s pitiful eyes and handed over the photo to him.

Xu Shenxing dipped the photo, then his expression became a little serious. “What an ugly piece of writing!”


“So, do you need my help?” He shook the photo in his hand.

“No… I can solve it myself.”

As she said, the little girl swiped her hair to the side and exposed her white jade-like forehead.

“Is it ok to unleash your seal to the second stage?” Xu Shenxing put his finger on her forehead.

After that, emerald runes emerged from the girl’s forehead and then spread to her body, making Moli look like she was locked in a jade-like, human-shaped cage.

“No problem.” The girl shook his fist with a look of arrogance. It seemed as if she could take down ten men at once with that type of confidence.

So Xu Shenxing walked up to her and softly kissed on her forehead.

Afterward, the emerald runes all broke and disappeared from her forehead to her chest like some glasses .

And almost immediately, other runes also gradually faded.

This moment, though Moli looked no different from before, but if you looked carefully enough, you would find an indescribable feeling of strangeness raising up from the bottom of your heart.

This was a unique status, only belonging to the beings who didn’t belong to the world; the world refused to accept them, but also had no enough power to erase or exclude them. Fortunately, Moli’s true body was also in human form, so even if ordinary people saw her, they wouldn’t go crazy like seeing Cthulhu or something.

“Landlord.” Moli looked at Xu Shenxing, who yawned and his eyes became listless again.


“I do not know the way. Can I take a taxi?”

“No, there is a map app on the phone. See it yourself.”


———— split line ————

At this time, the gray man had come to the predetermined place. Of course, he took Cui Yingying with him.

It was an abandoned old factory, which was filled with all kinds of traps and spells. He thought he had already had nothing else to do, and just needed to wait for Moli herself to come and fall into his snare.

As for Cui Yingying’s father, he didn’t call him. After all, Cui Yingying’s father was an ordinary person. Besides calling police, he could do nothing. That in itself was easy to deal with, so the man put most of his attention on Moli.

When he saw Cui Yingying walked into the factory from the door, without any protection, he trembled in excitment.

“Last time, I was too careless. But this time, I will let you understand the truth about…” He said and opened a white jar. “How horrible a Vermin Lord could be when he is in his own domain!”

His kingworm, the Great Cockroach had swallowed the whole abandoned factory into its stomach. That way, the girl had no any chance to get any outside help.

The number of the low-level noxious worms had now reached thirty thousand. Even if she was a disciple of the Celestial Masters, she had no chance to escape away from this Million Poisonous Worms Magic Circle.

However, though the Magic Circle was already a deathful trap for ordinary people, it was still not his ultimate skill!

His real ultimate skill were the two life leeches he got from his master, and would, of course, pass on to his disciple in the future. They had been living for hundreds of years; unless you were a half immortal who had stepped on the road of the Great Elixir Taoism, which meant you had no fear of poison. Otherwise, no matter who you were, death was waiting for you!

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