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It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 59

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: bollockz

Chapter 59: Xiao Zhengyi’s Non-daily Life (3)


“In fact, I have told you before that ordinary ghosts can’t do that, unless there was an outside force helping him, otherwise I can’t explain the ghost’s trick.”


Xu Shenxing took out a triangular cup. He slowly poured water in it and explained.


Incidentally, the cup was bought by Moli due to her interest, but that girl had never used it even once.


“Trick?” Xiao Zhengyi and Fang Xiaoqian stood up, gazing at each other.


“Yes. The bracelet I gave you can invalidate most evil curses, but can’t dispel tricks, because that means the spellcaster doesn’t try to harm the target.”


Xu Shenxing nodded and said, “Therefore, it’s very easy to solve – just kill the ghost.”


He put the cup on the windowsill behind him. Immediately, seven colors refracted in the cup. “For example, if a beam of sunlight shines on a triangular prism, we can see sunlight is refracted into seven colors. If we regard the sunlight as an outside force, then the triangular prism is the ghost, and your condition is the refracted light. We can’t destroy the sun, but if we move the triangular prism away,” he said, and moved away the cup at the same time, “Everything is restored.”


Actually, the so-called “outside force” was the leaked stream of spirit qi of Jiangjin City, but Xu Shenxing thought it was too troublesome to explain it, so he just used “outside force” to describe it.


“I see,” Xiao Zhengyi thought that he understood. “In short, all we should do is to kill the ghost, right?”


“Almost,” Xu Shenxing stretched out his hand to Fang Xiaoqian. “Give me your bracelet. Let me help you reinforce it.”


“Oh, oh,” Fang Xiaoqian was still puzzled because she couldn’t understand what they were talking about. She pulled off the cheap bracelet from her hand and handed it over to Xu Shenxing.


“Start reinforcing the equipment…” said Xu Shenxing.


“Do you really need to voiceover for it by using your mouth?” asked Xiao Zhengyi.


“Ding-dong! Your equipment is successfully reinforced! Look, this is your ‘0.5 RMB bracelet +2’.” said Xu Shenxing.


Xiao Zhengyi took over the bracelet and observed it. It did look like it had changed even a little. “Oh right. In addition to the bracelet, can you enchant other our ornaments?”


“No problem.” Xu Shenxing said without hesitation. “To thank you for your past gifts, I can enchant another ornament for you.”


Therefore, Xiao Zhengyi took off the gold necklace from his white neck. “Fang Xiaoqian, do you agree to enchant this necklace?”


Fang Xiaoqian immediately nodded. Seems that the haunted room really scared this fearless girl.


Xu Shenxing took over the gold necklace and gazed at it for a moment, then asked, “Is this necklace genuine gold?”


Fang Xiaoqian didn’t know why he asked, but she immediately answered, “Yes. It took me thousands of RMB to buy it…”


“Start reinforcing the equipment…” said Xu Shenxing.


“Again?!” Xiao Zhengyi retorted.


“Bang! Failed to reinforce the equipment. The ‘Gold Necklace Worth Thousands of RMB’ vanished!” said Xu Shenxing.


“Don’t try to hide the gold necklace in front of its owner!” retorted Xiao Zhengyi.


Anyway, after poor Xu Shenxing reluctantly helped them reinforce the gold necklace, he told them how to purge the ghost.


“You have two choices. The first is simple and direct. Xiao Zhengyi, you can wrap the necklace on the grip of your gun. In that case, your gun will have a temporary enchantment, and the bullets it shoots will do fatal harm to ordinary ghosts.”


“Well, it sounds very simple…” Xiao Zhengyi laughed. “Leave it to me. No one can beat me in marksmanship and rope weaving!”


“Your words sound like you’re Nobita!” Xu Shenxing retorted subconsciously then said, “However, the ghost isn’t human, it doesn’t have a body. So, after you shoot it, the enchantment on the bullet will gradually cause an effect… Firstly, the ghost will feel his soul is burning. It will cry and apologize to you. However, the process is irreversible, so you can only watch its body dispelled by the divine protection”


“After that, he will feel hopeless and begin to curse you and the world. If it’s an evil spirit, its curse will partly come into effect, but don’t worry too much. Most indoors otaku aren’t bad guys. Except licking anime girl posters and cursing on the net, they should have no chance to do any bad things, so they can’t even degenerate into evil spirits… Of course, you can also regard it as ‘otaku are so weak that they can’t even transform into evil spirits’… Anyway, his curse should have no effect. It will just be a subconscious behaviour due to the pain of his soul tearing into pieces.”


“Finally, he will become extremely weak. The pain will blur his mind. He will cry like a baby, and call his relatives… normally, that’s his mom… and apologize for every bad thing he did when he was alive. Eventually, he will cry and turn into ashes bit by bit, gradually vanishing in the world, and the event will have a happy end.”


“What kind of happy end is that! That’s too unpleasant! I will get a nightmare!” Xiao Zhengyi knelt on the ground. He looked pretty depressed.


Fang Xiaoqian also showed an unacceptable look on her face.


By the way, was this the meaning of “hurt your heart”? Indeed, it would cause unrecoverable spiritual damage to anyone who had a conscience.


“Then, you can only choose another method.” Xu Shenxing had known that Xiao Zhengyi would say that. He shrugged his shoulders, drank a sip of water and kept saying, “Do you know joubutsu? Oh, it’s a Japanese word.”


“You mean…” Xiao Zhengyi raised his head and frowned.


“Satisfy that otaku’s last wish, to joubutsu him… In other words, to let him return to the circle of life and death. In that case, you can also achieve your goal.” Xu Shenxing made an affirmative action.


“That’s troublesome, but it’s worth a try.” Xiao Zhengyi looked at Fang Xiaoqian. She nodded to him.


“Oh, and one thing more,” Xu Shenxing patted his head, “That guy is an ordinary ghost. After switching your souls, it should have lost most of its energy. I’m afraid that you can’t see it again… until tomorrow.”


“You mean…” Fang Xiaoqian’s face suddenly turned pale.


“You two, I suggest you’d better start to consider how to spend this night~”


——Split Line——


After sending the two frustrated people away, Xu Shenxing couldn’t hold back his laughter.


“Do you really have no other method to help them?” Song Yu walked out from the kitchen.


Seemingly she had heard a lot in the kitchen… though he didn’t intend to keep it from her from the beginning.


“No, I can’t help them… but Moli can do it.”


“Eh? Then why don’t you tell them?”


“Of course because it’s very interesting!”


“…” Song Yu suddenly found that Xu Shenxing wasn’t always virtuous.


However, she didn’t dislike his petulant behavior.


“The dinner is done… Eh? What’re you looking at?” Song Yu wanted to have a candlelight dinner with Xu Shenxing before Moli came back, but found that Xu Shenxing was gazing at a corner of the sofa… Just now, whether it was Xiao Zhengyi or Fang Xiaoqian, they both subconsciously avoided to sit at that corner.


“Just now… was anybody sitting there?” Xu Shenxing asked with an uncertain tone.


“Is it your imagination?”


“… Well, maybe.”


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