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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 7)

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LV999 Villager – Chapter 7: Noticed Too Late [Part 7] [Parna POV part 2]

Everything was going so well. Master, who found a demon settlement, tried to contact them. While he was cautious of them, he wasn’t hostile to them and continued to show a friendly stance towards them with a smile to show that he meant them no harm.

A conflict of interest between the demons and my master happened. But my teacher conceded and tried to push some benefits towards them. It was a very favorable conditions to the demons.

The demons didn’t want food or supplies made by humans, but to come into the village and live with the humans and interact with them.

The demons wanted to come into the village and live, and if allowed, they will allow master to investigate their bodies. This will let the humans possess information that is very valuable to the demons. Although they are well aware that this place is filled with people who hate demons, if their safety while living there is guaranteed then there should be no problem at all, they said. It was a very favorable condition to both master and them.

They did not say anything about providing them with information that can be used against us. This merely made it seem like a cultural exchange and wanting a better place to live.

The village where I lived was chosen by master for the exchange. My village does not have shortage food and can sustain additional people. Also because it is close to the capital many people do not know how demons look like thus they can blend in easier. The hostility towards demons is not that high from what I have observed. Thus my village was chosen as the exchange point.

“I promise you…I will not let anyone harm them.” (Master)

My teacher desperately tried to appeal to me. Even if there is merit in this deal, there is no assurance that this is not a trap. Therefore, I wanted to stop him from including my family.

A demon nodded his head to show that this wasn’t a trap by showing he had no weapons or tools. My master rejoiced when he heard my ok and hugged me to express his gratitude.

I still remember seeing my master smiling and happy at that moment.

However, that was naïve, my master brought them to my village and I waited in front of my village to receive my master. I saw the large carriage prepared by the demons for them to arrive in the village.

The kingdom was alert at all times for any demon invasion or attacks but that day, my master used a path that only humans used and not demons. Thus they were able to get through.

I, who was waiting for my master in front of the village saw him waving his hand and then, in the next second, die at the hands of the demons.

Demons after demons appeared from the carriage and started to attack the village. The adventurers and guards were completely unprepared and died quickly. The demons didn’t spare anyone, they killed all the people regardless,  it caring if they were children or the elderly. They robbed the village and then ran away.

By the time the army had arrived, everyone and everything was gone. The village was destroyed and all the people were killed. The people who were blooming with life and the village that was shining was all gone.

Parna was a survivor due to having watched her master die, she froze on the stop. Seeing her like that, an adventurer near her, quickly took her to a safe house in the forest and hidden her.

“I promise you…. I will not let anyone harm them.” (Master)

Recalling those words, Parna started laugh.

Because of his kindness, my master believed in demons. He thought if he showed sincerity, they would respond in sincerity. But the situation was clearly different. You should not believe in them; they should never have that right. If I had not believed in them than all would have been fine. Thinking back, no master was not like Kagami, he didn’t believe that all demons were nice, nor does he believe that all humans are nice.

“I wanted you to believe in me…I should have said that.” (Parna)

Parna cried and regretted her decision, the demons should never have been trusted. They are only the enemy and nothing else, they are a virus to the world.

I despised the me who thought even a little, that humans and demons could coexistence as one.

At the same time, she had also found her reason for living. Demons are an evil being that should be killed, not a single one should be left on this earth.

“It has been four years since then.” (Parna)

After that incident I lost my goal in life and lived freely. Yes, of course I tried to get stronger in order to kill all the demons but there was nothing I could do by myself.

I thought rather than trying for revenge, I should enjoy my life that was given to me, I should try my hardest to forget that terrible incident, but then I met them.

I met Rex and Krul…. I met two people who were very strong, a hero and a saint. I came across the two people who had a chance of killing the demon lord and all the demons. I had a chance at my revenge.

Parna felt that this meeting was given by god to exact her revenge. So I joined them, not caring at all if I died in the process. I thought about using them to exact my revenge and help me kill all the demons too but this did not happen. They completely abandoned the goal.

This was due to a meeting with a villager and one small demon girl.

“This situation is bad but I cannot be put down by this…. I still have a chance to get this right…. Even if there are others in control of this world’s events…. the fact that others took all the things important to has not changed.” (Parna)

I have suffered so much, so what if this world is the framework of some other being. It does not change the fact that the demons killed my master and my family.

“I will get them back, watch me villager…. this all for my revenge.” (Parna)

I looked down on the table at a letter.

“Balman specialty, Casino Mirror is now open for business.”

Tlnote: this is play on his name, Kagami in English mean mirror.


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