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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 1)

LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 1) – It Was Too Late To Notice


” We did not even make a dent with the sales” (kagami)

It’s been a week since the casino opened, in the afternoon when it was nearing lunch time, Kagami suggested that they take a break and go eat. Kagami, Takako, Krul, Rex, Tina, Menou, Alice and David gathered at Takako bar and sat at the side.

While each person sitting at his or her table and was helping Takako carry the dishes, Kagami thought.

“We only had about 800 customers and after taking expenses and the supplies needed we made only a net profit of 15 gold” (Kagami)

From this one week of sales and through some calculations made and adjustments here and there, He could clearly at this rate it will be impossible to make 10000 gold in one year.

The marketing at the start was good. We asked David to arrange the marketing, put a huge billboard near the entrance of the town, we also asked the guilds to spread the word about the casino to the entire country.

It was worthwhile because in the first day we were really busy that I would have like to borrow the hand of cats but afterwards it nose-dived and stayed that way.

” This is a casino right, if so why are the gambling revenue so low” (Kagami)

” I can’t be helped…. well customers are coming but our main target market the Nobility stopped coming after the first day and they have not returned” (Takako

We have had a lot of customers but they were mostly adventures or civilians that would drink at the bar or play some low rate gambling and leave afterwards.

The Nobility, that was our main target stopped visiting due to their high pride, some of them when they were here said ” what is a commoner doing here” or ” breathing the same air as a commoner disgust me” and also ” I smell like a pig now, I will not stay in a casino that lets such people, goodbye”.

“Also to gambling it’s not only based on sales but also when an customer wins Kagami-chan, when that happens it will be a field day” (Takako)

What Takako said was right, there will be days when the possibility of the customer winning big happens and when it happens it will exceed the profit of the bar and goods from chapel together.

” Also what is up with that old man, he keeps getting jackpot on the slots! What kind of luck does that old man have! Man he also has the popularity and is now called the Jackpot old man by the people around him? is he somehow connected to this store in some way?” (Kagami)

” It can’t be helped, as long he is playing by the rules and is not cheating we can’t interfere, we cannot pick our customers” (Takako)

When I looked at Kagami-chan, who is invincible, losing his composure over sluggish sales I wondered was I also like this when I started a business thought as I let out a sigh.

” As I thought, with these kind of sales there is absolutely no way to reach our goal of 10000 gold, we have to get the Nobility back but I truly did not think that the Nobility was so arrogant and would hate the commoners that much.” (David)

After saying that David lowers his head to Kagami and say that all responsibility falls on himself.

Even though Kagami was complaining he was not saying it was anyone’s fault but when David lowered his head to Kagami, he felt bad and said ” Sorry, I am also at fault”

” No but since the Nobility considered that much of different than them, should we construct a VIP room” (David)

“Those people are like….. Unless they want something for themselves or have a great motive that will benefit them, they will not move. The only thing they have is their high pride” (Kagami)

In the words, I said,  Krul remembers the past and expression of disgust and anger is shown on her face.

” Look even the princess hates that kind of attitude among the Nobles” (Kagami)

” Of course, Please do not put us in the same league as those Nobles, we do not consider that everyone other than us are trash” (Krul)

Krul pouts as she answers the word Kagami said before, hearing such as phrase coming from Krul, David smiles in satisfaction.

” Ah, I am sorry, I knew that the princess is different from those other Noble. but I am impressed that you can say these things without considering the Noble” (Kagami)

” ah is that so, Then I am sorry I was being rude” (Krul)

Saying sorry after hearing Kagami words, Krul lower her head and you could see a light red on her face. David seeing this immediately went from happy face to unhappy face.

“David-san, the expression you were making was quite intense, so intense that it was quite funny, what’s the matter?”

Tina who saw David expression from before asked him.

” Ah no I was deep in thought about the VIP room construction and also how to increase the sales but seem to have hit a dead end. It was not because I was jealous of Kagami-sama at all” (David)

David said as if saying he never made that kind of expression before.

” Well even if a VIP was constructed, it would not help make 10000 gold in one year…. what to do. Should I go back to beating monsters and taking on quests… but where will we make the most money.” (Kagami)

Quests in the guild are not infinite and even if there were, there were also other adventures who took quests for a living

Quests are mainly issued when monsters start to become a problem and to solve it, the guild issues quests. but Kagami already cleared most of the high paying jobs before and now they will not be re-issued unless of a sudden surge in monster.

With the help of Alice or Menou, you can start to create monsters on your own and force the guild to issue quests but those quests sometimes also include killing the demon summoning them. With Kagami reputation, he could not fake that he was unable to defeat the demon.

” You could ask Menou-chan to create a bunch of Hello Claws, with them it is possible to level up while getting lots of money, isn’t that right Kagami-Chan” (Takako)

Takako whispered to Kagami about the hello Claws so David would not hear, who Menou used to launch an attack on the Town of Balman.

Kagami had already thought of this method and ruled it out due to.

” I already thought of that but I don’t know where the Spawn block of the Hello Claws is” (Kagami)

“What do you Mean” (Takako)

“Demons do not create the monsters you know? The magic power that they emit are absorbed in the spawn blockers and then monster is produced through that method in the Demon King Castle” (Kagami)

After hearing that from Kagami, Takako shrugs her shoulders while trying to not notice by David asking Kagami

“Well how about mass produce Hello Claws and infinitely defeating them?” (Takako)

“ Well that is possible for me but it will be much more difficult” (Kagami)

“Hmm, why aren’t you basically Invincible?” (Takako)

“ Look, Spawn Block don’t have infinite lifespans, after certain period of time they finish their job of producing the monsters, they break and shatter and respawn in some other dungeon or place. But I don’t know where they will respawn again thus it is much more difficult. Even though we have Alice and Menou it will take some time before the monster are made.” ( Kagami)

But still, this method is still more plausible than what we are doing now with Alice and Menou help.

No even then we still would not be able to make 10000 gold in a year.

“Kagami-san, Takako-san” (Alice)

While looking at Kagami and Takako troubled expression, Alice started to pull on his sleeve to get his attention.

“ What wrong Alice, Takako-chan special Kids menu item is going to get cold if you don’t eat it fast” ( Kagami)

“It is not a special Kids menu Item, Its Omurice, but that not the point” (Alice)

When Alice gestures to Kagami to get closer and listen to her so other people do not hear her. He lets out a sigh and brings his ear close to her mouth to hear what she has to say.

“Do you know about the Dark Dragon” (Alice)

The name of a monster so dangerous that you don’t want encounter in your entire lifetime was what Alice wanted to talk about to Kagami.

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