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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 10)

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LV999 Villager – Chapter 7: Noticed too late [Part 10]


“Well, aren’t you doing well Lady Alice.” (David)

“Oh Mr. David!” (Alice)
When Alice was pushing a cart which she had goods to sell to people while going down the passage of the bar, she came across David who was passing by.

“Hohoho, it looks like things are going well for you Lady Alice, I see that you are carrying a letter, is it from a fan?”(David)

“Yes, I believe is a person from this town, the people here in this town are really nice and kind, I look forward to reading it. How is the day treating you Mr.David?”(Alice)

“I have to go check on the deliveries and check up on some things with Miss Takako. The stock of goods have been running out fast thus I had to call for some deliveries.”(David)

“True, there has been quite the increase in customers….how are Rex and Krul?”(Alice)

“Master Rex and Milady Krul have been a great help to the kitchen. They have also helped in the bar and stopped adventurers who raged in the bar while Milady had healed the injured.”(David)

Alice was happy from the casino bringing in so much money as it would get her closer to her father.

“It is all thanks to Miss Takako’s idea.”(David)


“Yes, she came with a plan of making Master Rex and Milady Krul wear masks, they are quite famous thus many people start to back away from them, but with masks they become weirdly approachable and thus can work with others.”(David)

When Alice had heard this from Takako the first time, she thought Takako was going to have Rex and Krul work at Club GACHIHOMO, but just remembering that thought makes her shiver thus she shook her head in response to make it go away.

“Oh yes…..how is Tina doing?”(Alice)

“Miss Tina is working as the medic throughout the casino, helping people and healing people who are injured, sometimes people get hurt from the weirdest things thus she has been quite busy.”(David)

Alice smiles at David weirdly as well hearing that.

“Oh! Let me help you with the Deliveries to Takako, I have to take this cart as well and carrying some of the goods on it will be much easier.”(Alice)

“Oh my, thank you for help, I was troubled since there is still no enough staff members in the casino. Now then, shall we depart?”(David)


When David heard Alice’s reply he started to move to where Takako was, the bar.

As they were moving along, David noticed that he could not see Alice’s cart beside him and that she had fallen behind. He lowered his pace and as soon as she could be seen beside him again he starts to match with her and started walking along.

Looking at David’s clear concern for her, Alice showed an uneasy expression.

“Mr. David, I have something I want to ask you.”(Alice)

“Oh? What is it Lady Alice?”(David)

“Why….are you keeping quiet?”(Alice)

Alice asked the question as she feared David. Alice wanted to face David honestly and straightforward. She enjoyed listening to David and saw him as a mentor as well as a friend thus wanted to clear it once and for all

“Oh….what are you talking about?”(David)

David does not stop smiling and continues to show his nicest smile to Alice

“I like to clear things up and have you stop from dodging please….you know I am a demon.”(Alice)

While leaving the area where guest are surrounding Alice finally straightforwardly asked the question.

To Alice’s question David became indifferent and thought for awhile.

David muttered something to Alice “Are you Anxious Lady Alice? Please don’t be.”

“Of course I am worried….I am the enemy to the human race right?”(Alice)

“Yes that maybe true, I even thought at first you were an enemy of the human race but right now….”(David)


David shows Alice his most sincerest smile and continues,“Lady Alice is a person who cannot be called just a demon, you are much more than that. I have spent some time with you and I am very much positive of this fact. Lady Alice if you are worried that I will discriminate against you or anything of that sort then please dispel those thoughts.”(David)

“…..Mr. David”(Alice)

“From what I have observed and seen, you are a precious friend to Milady Krul and are a wonderful person, worthy of respect not disdain. I have met many humans in my life but you are one who is more gently, more straightforward than anyone of them, I truly do respect you as a friend.”(David)

Alice hearing those words became really happy.

The thorn in heart and the thoughts in her mind completely disappeared and walked with David, but this time you could hear that her steps were clear lighter than before.

“Before a Demon, you are Lady Alice, a little girl who is kind and gentle.”(David)

“Thank you Mr. David, but you are wrong about one thing.”(Alice)

“Oh what is that?”(David)

“I regard both Krul, Rex, Tina, and you, Mr. David my close friends.”(Alice)

“Well, you have just made this old man’s day.” David saw from her smile that Alice was truly worried about this, and having finally dispelled those thoughts of her made him happy as well. David remembered a distant memory, it was the first Krul had smiled at when they were in castle from Alice’s smiles and thought “Yes, Milady never chooses wrong when making friends”.

Kagami’s side

It was ten days after they had left the city, they had finally reached one of the places where the dragon could be, the saint forest, there were only weak monsters here around lv5-lv20, thus could not really do anything to them.

“Menou, I have noticed something too late…”(Kagami)

“What is that Mr.Kagami?”(Menou)

“Traveling with you….is not fun at all!!!!”(Kagami)

Kagami while saying this remembered some events of his past as he walked around the forest, he remembered that this was the forest he had spent most of his time leveling up in.

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