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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 11)

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LV999 Villager Chapter 7 Noticed Too Late Part 11

“Menou…seriously, we only have the bare minimum amount of conversation needed for this journey. The only things I ever hear you say is, “Monster over there” or “Let us take a break.” Even when I try to talk about something during the break, all you say is “Yes” and “Ah is that so”!”(Kagami)

“No, it is just…..I do not have anything really important to talk about nor do I have anything I would like to share.”(Menou)

“Of course there is stuff to talk about, like you know…your past! If Alice was here, she would be a fun conversation partner. She would go “Oh, what is that Mr. Kagami,” or “Wow you are so cool Mr.Kagami”. I am very disappointed in you Menou. 0 points.”(Kagami)


Menou who did not speak in the conversation actually found this journey with Kagami quite fun. But seeing that his travel partner did not think that, made him quite depressed and make a slightly sad facial expression.

Kagami seeing Menou’s expression felt it was quite interesting and mutter “Well this is exactly how I expected him to react,” and then went to sit down on a slightly big rock.

“From what I see…..we have arrived at the place where the dungeon is supposed to be, but is it really in this forest?”(Kagami)

“Oh yes. This place was marked in the book in the Demon Lord’s castle, it mentioned a small forest south of the royal capital which should have the entrance to the dungeon.”(Menou)

Right now it was morning when they had arrived at the Saint Forest, but even after searching for half a day in this forest we have still not found the entrance to the dungeon.

They were attacked by monster several times but since it was all weak monsters, it posed no threat. They searched the front and back of the forest but still have not found the entrance to the dungeon.

“The entrance must be really small if we are missing it……..are you sure that information is reliable?”(Kagami)

“Of course……It is a book that is passed down in the his highness castle since olden times? How could such an book that only contained a lie be passed down like that?”(Menou)

“Even so…This is a forest south of the royal capital and is actually still really close to it, the kingdom has send expedition teams to keep the amount of monster in this forest low. I myself have long explored these forest when I was a kid. There have been many adventurers who have also explored this forest but none of them were able to find this entrance to the dungeon.”(Kagami)

When Kagami said that Menou showed a confused expression.

In Menou’s memory he clearly remembered a cross mark in a forest south of the royal capital.

He also checked with the demon lord when he was young and even that man who took the demon lord also told him about this dungeon long ago.

However he had clearly searched front and back of the forest with Kagami trying to find the entrance and was still unable to. We have encountered several monsters now but still have not even found a monster close to being strong too.

Menou was quite tired of lugging around this much money. They had encountered several monster and since they all drop gold coins they had to visit the nearby city a lot. They had also done some quest in too obtained some money and deposited In the bank but even so he still was carrying a large amount of gold coins.

“Thus what would like to do Kagami, will you like to return to the nearest city and rethink our plan? I would like to avoid the capital if it can be done.” (Menou)

“Hmm, let’s try again I am not sure if we overlooked a place.”(Kagami)

Kagami suggested we try to look at every place in the forest, the shades of the trees, and up on the trees that we had not examined before.

3 hours later, Kagami and Menou were still looking in every single nook and cranny but were not able to find anything remotely close to a dungeon entrance or even a strong monster that would give a clue to the dungeon.


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