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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 2)

LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 2) – It Was Too Late To Notice


[Dark Dragon]. A monster who is said to equal or be even stronger than the demon king, the strongest monster in existence. It still exists somewhere in this world but a long time has passed since the last sighting of the legendary monster. After such a long time has pass, people now start to question its existence itself and now say it’s a fairy tale. But if it was said to exist in the past, then some people may have seen or encountered and may have already just died.

“I know about it, what about it.” (Kagami)

While trying really hard to remember where he heard about, Kagami tilts his head to the side.

How Kagami came to know about the Dark Dragon was a coincidence itself. “ what kind of Monster exist in this world and where?” When he was still on the path of trying to get stronger, he tried to look for stronger monster to level up against. At that time, he found a really old book from a merchant and bought it, Kagami had read that book and remembered that the name Dark Dragon was in it.

“If we defeated the Dark Dragon….how much money would it drop?”(Alice)

“I don’t know. But the amount of money that drops is proportional to the strength of the monster, even if it is not a hello claw that creates jewels in it stomach. A monster that is said to be stronger than the Demon king will still drop a considerable amount of money. (Kagami)

When Kagami says that to Alice, Alice nods her head and says “yes”, Alice shows a rarely very serious expression to Kagami and says

“ If you could meet the Dark Dragon, would you able to?” (Alice)

After showing that serious expression Alice asks Kagami a question.

She does not seem to be lying or making a joke, she has a very serious expression on her face. She also is sitting very up right and without bending her back.

“You know…where it lives.” (Kagami)

Alice did not look away and nodded her head.

Kagami did not look like he took it as joke from Alice. Alice information network concerning monsters would be much better than Kagami as the daughter of the demon king who monitors all monsters. The castle itself should contain the information concerning all monsters as well.

“If you were give a map, I would be able to point to the general area of the habit… Menou should know more than me concerning this matter.” (Alice)

Hearing that Kagami looked directly at menou.

Menou right now was with the Kenta-urs feeding them the food Takako made. He had quite the angry look on his face.

Seeing what he was doing, I felt pity for Menou. He just got licked by the Kenta-urs, I pull menou away from what he was doing and said I was taking him to the bathroom.

“ Do you know about the Dark Dragon?” (Kagami)

After I took Menou to the back of the bar and checked if anyone was nearby, I asked him the question, His face that was sad, suddenly changed to a very serious expression.

“ I know about it….I do know where it is supposed to be as well but I don’t really know if it is still there or if it is even still alive.

As if he was saying the next is it’s better if you don’t know, he gives a sigh.

“What do you mean? Have you not seen it?” (Kagami)

“I have not, I was only lightly taught about its existence from the Demon king. It is apparently in a place where we demons cannot get close to even check.” (Menou)

“How come?” (Kagami)

“I do not know the clear reason but the place that thing resides in is near the capital of the kingdom. The demon king for our own safety said to not go near that place and also even if we were allowed to go there, it is right next to the capital which is a very dangerous place for us demons. Thus no demon has gone to check if that thing still resides in that habitat.” (Menou)

Hearing that Kagami understood why Menou does not know if it exists or even if it is in that place. If the place the Dark dragon resides is near the capital, that would be a suicide mission for the demons to check if that monster is still alive.

Truth be told, Menou did not where exactly the dragon is either, he knew where to point on a map more precisely than Alice. But I have never heard of a dungeon near the capital containing such a powerful monster.

“Well, why did you ask about?” (menou)

“Nah, Alice told me about its existence and told me that you would know more about it. Since the pace we are going right now of earning money, we won’t make 10000 gold anytime soon. I figure that defeating will let us earn a huge sum of money.” (kagami)

“Then you better look for a better method. The books in the castle all wrote that the dragon level is 500. The level 500 is on the basis of the status of monsters not by humans or demon standards, so the exact strength of the dragon could be even more than you, or it could be equal to or more the demon king.” (Menou)

“I understand that much if I am going to hunt it down” (Kagami)

“No you do not understand! Kagami, this monster is much stronger than that thing you fought from before, even you, at your level may have a chance of dying.” (Menou)

It is not like I don’t understand where Menou is coming from. Even me with my level cannot defeat the demon king without using my skill of increasing my status by double, and that skill has a time limit, if he evades for that long and resist me until that skill wears off I would lose against the demon king.

On the contrary, if you can defeat the demon king in that time limit, you can win. But this is of course if the opponent is the logical Demon king.

For monster, there are different things that happen when you defeat them. Some monsters instantly revive when you defeat them and come back much stronger. Others can summon other monsters when they are defeated, if the Dragon is one these kind of monsters and if Kagami uses that skill, he will for sure die.

But of course I can defeat the demon king, but that is because I know him well and his movement well. The dragon is unknown territory to me, I do not know its movements or skills it possesses, using my skill of [Limit Off] is a gamble with lady luck.

“Stop Kagami,…..The opponent this time is difficult even for you.” (Menou)

Menou knew that if no one has found the Dragon yet, that means it resides in a hidden dungeon. That type of dungeon is crawling with high level monsters and it would be too risky to use the [Limit off] skill when it has a very large side effect of being unable to move.

Kagami knowing what Menou is thinking, and feeling knows that he is only telling him to stop out of concern for his safety. Kagami impression of Menou went up from this exchange.

“But I am still going to defeat it” (Kagami)

Yup, I was impressed by Menou, but I was just Impressed. I am still going to kick it ass.

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