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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 3)

LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 3) – It Was Too Late To Notice


“Kagami please stop it, even if it saves the Demon King, if you die in the process all effort will become meaningless. I am truly thankful for you trying to save the Demon King but this action is not something he would want!” (Menou)

Kagami was surprised by Menou unexpected words. Kagami thought if this method could save the Demon King then Menou would gladly help but having heard this instead gave him warmth in his heart.

“I am really happy to hear you care about me that much, but to create the world of coexistence that we aim for will not start without the 10,000 gold needed. Also, if he starts attacking the humans in one year, all our efforts will disappear.” (Kagami)

“But…there are other ways we can collect money.” (Menou)

“Yes, but those methods may take too long or will be too inefficient with our ability right now. Defeating the dark dragon is our best chance at making money. I thought a lot of about our plans and goals but without money we can’t even start the basics of it. We need money to create the world we seek.” (Kagami)

When he heard this from Kagami, Menou could not say anything because even he knew that it was true.

The human society is 80% run on money, money makes the world go round as said by many people. Menou also knew this from his understanding of human society, there is nothing that could not be done with enough money but on the contrary, nothing can be done without money.

Menou when he thought of Kagami who collected money to save the Demon King. Menou could not deny any of Kagami’s words anymore.

“I think that even after I collected the 10,000 gold to save the Demon King, we still would need money for the future. Money is the most powerful thing in this world, you can persuade people, the King, even demons with it. Money can solve a lot of problems in this world which is why we need more money.” (Kagami)

When Kagami said those lines his face made a sad expression. Kagami thought to himself that it was because he was poor that he could not save his family, if he had money then he could have hired a bodyguard to protect his family.

“Besides, I live for the adventure, a monster that has said to only exist in fairy tales. That is an adventure.” (Kagami)

“…..Kagami, I understand thus, if you want to go I will also company you.” (Menou)

“What, I plan on going alone, I don’t plan to take you or Alice.” (Kagami)

Is Kagami really plan on going alone, When Menou was thinking that Kagami made a face that basically said, “What are you thinking, idiot~”

“Eh???” (Menou)

When Menou saw Kagami face, he also made a weird expression.

“If I take both of you with me, then David will start to be suspicious of us.” (Kagami)

“Well David may start to be suspicious of us if we both leave but only one of us leaving will not arouse anything. Also, you do not know where the monster resides, thus without one of us you can’t even find it.” (Menou)

True, I can’t find it if it is just me, Kagami thought.

“Then, I will take Alice” (Kagami)

“Kagami, no matter what happen to me I will not let you take Alice-sama with you to the dark dragon.” (Menou)

“I know, it was a joke but you know she is just going to follow along, right?” (Kagami)

Menou who heard that, could imagine Alice saying she will go with him no matter what. Since there was more to discuss but they can’t keep everyone waiting any longer they head back to the bar.

When Kagami and Menou came back from the bathroom, they got weird looks from everyone except the Kenta-uros. Some knew that they were having a secret talk but other thought different things.

Looking at the reaction which could be said as a natural reaction Kagami starts to talk.

“Looking at the sales and funds we have collect right now, collecting 10,000 gold in a year is a dream within a dream. I do plan on having David do the VIP room but I doubt it will be in time.” (Kagami)

“What do you plan to do?” (Tina)

“I will go to various dungeons with Menou and earn money that way.” (Kagami)

When Tina asked what he will do while eating the food.

“Objection, I want to go as well sensei, I have to become stronger as well.” (Rex) “Kagami-san I want go as well!” (Alice) “Kagami-san I also have to get stronger….because that was the condition for us joining you.” (Krul)

As Kagami thought, the three people who voiced they want to go is Alice, Krul and Rex.

Kagami told them about the dungeon they were going to be going to and that if they are not above level 100, they will instantly die by the monster there. Menou is level 176 and is the highest level here after Kagami.

Alice back down first and kept muttering to Kagami, “It was my idea, why am I left behind?” for three days straight. After 3 days passed Menou and I have decided to go to the place where the Dark Dragon resides.

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