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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 4)

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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 4) – It Was Too Late To Notice


“Kagami…. have you packed your toothbrush? Did you bring a lot potions in your bag? What about food?” (Takako)

“I got it, I got it all. Why are you asking this? You do know David prepared everything for us?” (Kagami)

“Are you sure that you have everything? It is a long trip, and if you forgot something important, we may die.” (Menou)

Normally, the gate would only open when a merchant would enter the city. Other than that, there were only the gate soldiers here.

But today, the entire party was here. A young girl, who had potions in her hands and clearly looked like a villager; a young man, who was a villager; and a middle-aged man. who was a butler. An adventurer, who had the aura of nobility; a muscular fighter, a girl, who seemingly looked like royalty; as well as the two Kenta-uros.

“Everyone is going over the top too much. I am just leaving for two weeks or so, I will come back afterwards, and as for the food, we will figure it out on the way.” (Kagami)

“What are you saying? Our leader is leaving for his journey, so it is only natural that we see him off.” (Takako)

Takako said while handing Kagami two lunch boxes wrapped in a very feminine cloth.

When he received the food, Kagami mumbled, “I am not the leader though.”

“Kagami, we should decide on which route we have to take before we depart, as we have yet to decide on this since yesterday.” (Menou)  

“That is true… But there are only a few routes to the kingdom from here.” (Kagami)

As Kagami and Menou were discussing, Kagami was carrying a big backpack. Tina packed so many supplies, because of worrying. Kagami pulled a map out from his pocket and started to look at the routes.

Originally, they should have left after the meeting from the day before, but since they would be gone for a long time, they had to make sure that the casino would run even though they were away.

Menou taught the staff and the other personnel to work hard and efficiently. Even without him and Kagami there, he left the decision-making to Takako and David. But since Kagami actually never did anything important, the time he had was more than Menou, so he had gone to do a quest outside the city while waiting for Menou.

“Even if I am away, the Casino will run like usual, so funny. I am the leader even though things are like that?” (Kagami)

“People in charge are basically always like that. They provide ideas and management policies when it is important, but most of the time, they actually do nothing. This time is no different, right?” (Takako)

Even though she was saying that, she knew that as of this moment, this was the best option. Takako did not say anything regarding Kagami’s plan, and was sure that since he had decided to do this, it was the best option they have right now.

Therefore, Takako did not oppose anything and wanted to support him to the best of her abilities. She accepted the management of the casino because she knew that he had already made up his mind.

Krul and Rex arrived at the same manner as Takako. He had always invited them to do quests with him, but this time, he had actually forbidden them to join; it must mean that this was something completely out of their abilities to handle.

Alice thought the same thing. Even though it was for her sake that he wanted to collect 10000 gold, she could not accompany him this time, since it would be of inconvenient to him. Even though she wanted to be of some use to him.

To correct herself would be simple. It was not that Kagami wished to collect 10000 gold to create a world of coexistence for her her wish. Alice thought that relying on Kagami to complete her wish without helping out at all was something inexcusable.

“Kagami… Is there anything I can do while you’re gone?” (Alice)

“Oh let see… Nope there isn’t anything. Oh, I would like you to stay healthy if possible, Menou is going to be sad to see you like this.” (Kagami)

Alice did not like Kagami’s response and showed a discontented expression.

“Don’t be so upset.” (Kagami)

“…But” (Alice)

“I am not saying that as a joke, but seriously, you are the reason I came so far. If it wasn’t for you being my motivation and helping me, I would have quit a long time ago. If something happened to you, I would lose all reason to fight anymore.” (Kagami)

While saying this, Kagami stroked Alice’s hair.

Alice was still upset that she could not do anything, Kagami saw that even after he had comforted her. Alice had not smiled like usual though, right now, it was useless. He grabbed the remaining supplies and stuffed them into Menou’s bags and looked at David with a serious expression.

“What’s the matter?” (David)

Noticing his expression, David turned to Kagami asked what was wrong.

“I asked this to Takako and I will also ask you of this.” (Kagami)

“What is it?” (David)

“Please take care of Alice while I am gone.” (Kagami)

David did not know why Kagami had asked this to him, but he knew that from how Kagami was acting and from how his voice was so serious, this was not the usual request he had received. It was an actual favor Kagami was asking for.

Yes, this was not even a request, but a wish. Kagami was reluctant, but he had no choice but to ask this to him. It is quite different than asking a close friend like Takako, and he had different intentions when asking David this request.

However, the feeling of being trusted by someone was a wonderful feeling. David, thinking of this, laughed and bumped his chest.

“I accept your request and I will complete it with my pride on the line.” (David)

Kagami, hearing such a response, softened his expression and smiled.

“I am glad that I asked not only Takako for this. With you helping as well, I have nothing to worry about. Please take care of her.” (Kagami)

When Kagami had finished saying that, he returned the map back into his pocket and continued towards the gate.

Looking at the gate opening, Menou tried to quickly appease Tina and Krul who kept packing more supplies in his bag.

“Well then, let’s go!” (Kagami)

Kagami and Menou looked at each other and laughed. They shook hands lightly and then waved goodbye towards their friends while heading off in the direction of the forest.


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