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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 5)

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LV 999 Villager – Chapter 7 – It was too late to Notice – Part 5

“Both of them are going on foot. I think it would have been better to take the Kenta-uros, or at least a horse, wouldn’t you agree Takako?” (Tina)

“I wonder if it is to save up money? Both of these animals require resources, and you’d have to make several stops to keep them alive and healthy, which would cause a delay.” (Takako)

Tina and Takako talked to each other as they see Menou and Kagami leave and walk into the forest.

There are various reasons as to why they did not use a horse or the Kenta-uros in battle, the two most relevant would be, in the first place, that they want to kill all the monster that appear as they walk, and secondly, that they are actually faster than those things.

Because of the monster danger zones, vehicles get attacked frequently and it takes time to battle while keeping them safe, but another reason is that the levels of those two are too high to need such things.

“Miss Alice are you ok?… you look very disappointed.” (David)

Even if Alice had accompanied Kagami, it would be the same as taking a horse. It would increase the number of things that would have to be protected, she would, in reality, just be weighing them down. Thus Alice convinced herself to stay and not go with Kagami and Menou.

However, she at least wanted to do something useful here, but all Kagami had said to do was to stay healthy. To say that is the same thing as saying there isn’t anything you can do.

Of course, Alice knows Kagami meant it from his heart, that all he wants is for her safety, but she wants to do more to help the team accomplish the goal.

“I wonder if I can’t… support Kagami like everyone else.” (Alice)

“There is no such thing, as Mr. Kagami said previously, Miss Alice is like the sun, a shining existence that helps everyone keep their smile, and becomes a power to everyone just because you are here.” (David)

When David had said that, he started to give a laugh like “ho, ho, ho”. But Alice still did not accept the answer and had the same expression. Seeing it, David started to face Alice with a more serious expression.

“Of course I understand what you mean Miss Alice, everyone is supporting him through their own methods, and Mr. Kagami has noticed these effects, but that is not the only way to support the goal for the team.” (David)

“… What do you mean?” (Alice)

“Well, I for one, try to propose ideas to Mr. Kagami that he has not thought of yet, or try to produce results of my own to help Mr. Kagami’s goal…. Doing something that is not noticed but helps achieve the goal is also a type of support.” (David)

David smiled at Alice, as if saying there were at least a million ways to help Mr. Kagami like that. Alice’s expression of disappointment changed to a thoughtful one.

“For example, it seems… if you were selling some material I would buy it in a heartbeat.” (David)

“You would buy it from a child?” (Alice)

“Of course. You have a very powerful weapon. I believe that if you find a way to use this weapon, you will be able to help us greatly.” (David)

“Weapon…. I do not know much of weapons though.” (Alice)

“Hahaha! Miss. Takako would go puttsun to your response right now! If you do not know how to start for real, then please try to practice, and after seeing some result you will understand how to support the team.” (David)

Takako looked at David the second he said her name, but David looked downwards at Alice to continue the conversation.

As they talked with each other, Alice still hadn’t come up a with a solid plan, but she did get an idea, thus she said she would ask David if she ever got stuck. Looking at her with a smile David nodded his head.

“Even if you still do not realize your weapon, or maybe I am wrong and there is no weapon, there are still plenty of ways to help. Even if you cannot help right now in the same way Mr. Menou has, there will still be time to get stronger or become smarter to help. Please never ever think that you are useless just because you cannot do something at the moment.” (David)

“I… can still get stronger?” (Alice)

Whispering to herself as if to confirm this, Alice finally showed a happy face.
Alice had always been protected by Kagami, and was always kept out of danger because she did not have enough power.

Because she always thought she did not have enough power, she always looked for things that she could do.

If you do not have power now, then get stronger while helping out doing the things you currently do.

She had forgotten such a simple fact, and lost sight of how to go about being useful.

This is a good opportunity Alice thought, as they could not do anything but get stronger to help Kagami and Menou out.

“Thank you Mr.David.” (Alice)

As a result of the conservation with David, Alice showed a big smile. David smiled back at her and patted her head.

Alice ran towards the lonely-looking Krul at the gate.

“Krul, Krul!” (Alice)

“Oh, yes. What is it, Alice?” (Krul)

Looking at Alice who was pulling at her clothes as if she wanted to do something as well, Krul showed a puzzled expression, and waited for her to say what she wanted.

“I want you to… teach me magic.” (Alice)

With a very serious look she said that to Krul.


“… A dream!” (Parna)

In a room, in some inn, in the corner of the kingdom, Parna got up like she had had a nightmare and picked up the bottle of water that is next to her bed, gulping it down in one go.

“… What a terrible way to wake up, seeing something so disgusting.” (Parna)


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