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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 6)

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Translator: Jack

Edited by: Bunny


LV999 Villager – Chapter 7: It was too Late to Notice [Part 6 Parna POV/backstory]

I saw a burning scene that was engraved in my mind.

It was the me of 4 years ago, the person I was then was not like the person I am now. I was more like the current Krul. Strong, straightforward and always striving to do my best. I was a dream-like person.

I also had a master. He was two years older and had long green hair. He was tall and always had glasses on because he could not stop reading books in the dark.

I, who was born as a mage, was taught by him and learned many things with him in the king’s library. This library was open to the public and helped me learn many new spells. My master taught me the more advanced spells and showed me how fun it was.

In the past, before coming to meet him, I hated magic. I also very much hated studying too. The place I was born was not too far from the capital, thus when I was ordered by my parents to go learn, I had no choice.

Magic needs two things, knowledge and the power of imagination. If you do not possess the knowledge of the magic, you cannot use it. If you do not possess the imagination to control the magic and shape it to your will, then you also cannot control it. Either it does not activate or it bursts.

All mages are instructed to store knowledge and slowly level up to gain enough magic power to use.

The gods tell the people who have the power and who don’t have the talent for magic. Then it is up to the parents whether or not they want to cultivate that talent.

This is equal to being forced to do something that your parent decided for you, this was the view of Parna at the time.

“Books….do you hate them.”

The way he looked at me while saying that, was full of disgust and resentment. This was our first encounter.

“Who…are you?” (Parna)

“I am someone like you, a person who is forced to become a magician.”

“Ok… what is it?” (Parna)

“If you hate books, you should try reading this one.”

He gave me a book in the end. A boy who was not that much older than me gave me a book after asking me if I hated books. When I saw him give me the book I thought ‘is he crazy?!’

But after seeing the book he gave me, I changed my mind. The book he gave me was not a magic book but a simple picture book about a hero.

“This a library, it has other books than just magic books.”

“No thank you, please return it, they will get mad.” (Parna)

“Who will get mad, your parents? They are not even here.”

The boy showed me a smile that was saying he had won against me in this argument. I opened the picture book and afterwards I didn’t hate the library or books as much.

That boy was a genius. It was clear that after I had met him, I was able to imagine the magical shape more than the children, and the skill to manipulate the magical power was also overwhelming. Parna still remembers his favorite saying  “Because it is a loss to live in a shell, shut up and experience life.”

My skill to manipulate magic and imagine was genuine. The reason why this had happened was simply because I had a lot of knowledge. Not just magical knowledge but also knowledge about other things, thus I was able to understand the environment better.

And I was attracted to the boy who helped. I seemed to have always followed him and after some time started calling him master. The things I have learned from him was something that I would never be able to learn from the library alone.

My master was very curious person and tried to learn as much as possible. I also tried to help him a lot during this time.

His thirst for knowledge was a strong point but that thirst soon became an obsession and started to affect his judgement.

My master’s thirst for knowledge eventually lead him to study demons. If he was just going to research it, then it was fine but he wanted more, he wanted a body to study, a demon’s body.

If it was only research, then he could have just abducted one, then used it to study. But my master was kind and would not conduct such a brutal act.

My master did not hate demons, in fact he was also like Kagami, he believed in the two races existing together and helping each other.

“If the two races help each other and live together than this world will be much better off.”

That was what he always said. I always tried to stop him from thinking about this but he never yielded and always moved forward.

I also had expectations from him, if he succeed then we would not have to fight anymore.

But after what happened, I find myself thinking how naïve I was.

“You are now useless, begone…”

It was right after the demon said those words, that a big hole in his stomach opened, my master’s stomach.

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