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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 8)

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LV999 – Chapter 7: It was too Late to Notice [Part 8]


“The basics of magic start with the accumulation of knowledge. By accumulating more knowledge you can have a firm grasp at what the environment and surroundings are and then create a much more vivid image of the spell you want to cast. The most efficient way to accumulate knowledge is to read books, do you understand Alice?” (Krul)

“Yes, Miss Krul.” (Alice)

In the casino conference room, there was a blackboard with the words “What is magic?” There hanged a drawing of a person with a rod, quite a fine drawing.

Rex and Alice diligently listened to the lecture Krul gave them about the basics of magic and how to use it. Krul had stuck on a nice expression while teaching them, David was watching them from outside the Conference room.

It has been ten days since Kagami sent off on his journey.

Although the casino is still far away from the goal of 10,000 gold, it was doing much better than last week. The amount of customers it had doubled thanks to the efforts of David and Takako.

The measures the two had taken to attract more customers was giving special tickets and invitation letters to various places and partnering up with the city itself.

By using the city resources to attract customers they had employed a special method. They had basically made the casino the main attraction to come to the city of Balman, they had advertised that if you come to the city and not go to the casino then you basically have not come to the city at all.

David also asked the various shops and facilities including the inn to direct their customers to the casino.

Thus, with the advertisement done by Takako and David, the whole city tourism boomed and the inn was filled with guests, soon there were a shortage of inns.

Thus, to meet the new demands, they made a plan to use the current sales of the casino to build an inn near the casino, where there was some vacant land. They bought the land to make sure that there wouldn’t be any other problems in the future, they hired escorts and guards to protect the workers building the inn, successfully started the process to expand the city itself.

The two were doing so well at managing the casino, that Tina started to question why did we even listen to Kagami in the beginning.

“By the way….why are you here Rex, I have no problems with it but shouldn’t you be training?” (Krul)

“I originally wanted to learn magic but I also had to strengthen my body. I realized this is a great opportunity to learn about magic thus, I have joined Alice in learning. I have been given the [Hero] role, thus I want to use the powers given to me properly. I can use one sword skill that uses magic power but I want to know more.” (Rex)

When Rex told Alice and Krul that, they remembered the weird technique he had used.

You may think the current situation has everyone leading busy lives but in reality not much has changed, David and Takako both did this in their daily lives so they could easily manage all this quite easily by themselves.

In fact, Krul actually had some spare time in the morning to teach Alice magic.

“It is the responsibility of the person in charge to handle all the personnel, hoho,” David said with a smile and a voice of confidence. He seems to be handling the personnel and costs regarding it quite well by himself. As expected of a person who can handle the businesses of the kingdom.

“Krul, that ice magic you have, where a lot of blades appear…..what is the image you use for it?” (Rex)

“Hmm… I first imagine a grain of ice and then steadily flow my magic into it. Afterwards imagine the grain getting bigger and sharper, finally piercing my enemies. This is quite easy when you learn to use magic.” (Krul)

Rex looked at Krul with surprised eyes and said in a hesitant voice “Ok…” before going back reading the magic book recommended by Krul.

Alice was feeling kind of lost due to not being able to understand how to use magic yet.

“Magic is the power you use when you have accumulated the proper knowledge and can control your magical power.” (Krul)

Krul looked proud when he said that, but the two of them were still not convinced by her words.

Krul’s words could also be reversed and could be interpreted that if you don’t have the proper knowledge and control, then no matter how much magical power you have, it is useless. This is something that applies quite well to Rex and Alice, they are both the Hero and the Demon lord’s child thus, they were not lacking in magical power whatsoever. But both of them cannot use that power well… or at all in Alice’s case.

The thunderstorm magic Rex used also uses his magical power but it actually takes more physical power to pull it off rather than magical power, thus it cannot be said to be pure magic.

Alice had read a giant mountain of book that Krul had recommended and basically memorized them all, but she still didn’t know how to manipulate her magical power.

Could this be due to the fact that a demon’s magical power and human’s magical power may be different? Takako had explained that demons have a special element, the same as the spawn blocks that creates monsters, thus the essence may be different.

Though David explained to them afterwards that the principle of magic does not change for both humans and demons. The magic used by Menou shows that as soon as it becomes magic the demon essence disappears.

Therefore the fundamentals of magic was the same for both races.

“I….I wonder if I am not fit for this…” (Alice)

“There is no such thing as aptitude, if you have magical power than magic will be useable to you Lady Alice.” (David)

Seeing the depressed Alice, David comments on the thing he heard her say.

“But I have not been able to use anything or feel anything during these ten days…” (Alice)

“Magic is not simple, it is a powerful tool, in the proper hands it can be used for good, but dangerous when used foolishly. That is why accumulating knowledge will allow you understand how to use it properly. This may take some time but I am sure that Lady Alice will be able to use it.” (David)

When hearing that from David, Alice brightened up and said to him that she will try her best. David came to give the magic books to Krul and cautioned her to be more careful with them.

Looking at her expression, David smiled, quite satisfied.

“Let me give you a piece of advice Lady Alice, I recommend that you start by focusing on one type of magic rather than a broad spectrum, by focusing one type it will become easier to imagine and accumulate knowledge and after you have grasped that magic all other magic will become simpler.” (David)

“One type of magic?” (Alice)

“Yes, Lady Alice what is the type of magic you want to use the most?” (David)

Hearing what David had said, Alice went into thought deeply, but seeing her seriously considering his advice made him smile even more.

Alice remembered all the things that had happened and that the most painful feeling she got during the last battle, was where Kagami kept on getting hurt. She finally realized the type of magic she wanted to use the most.

“I want to use recovery magic.” (Alice)

Alice wanted heal Kagami and help him live, even if it was only a second longer, because the things he did were always dangerous, she wanted to help him to the best of his ability.

Hearing the words of Alice, David made a surprised face at her for a second and then went back to smiling saying to her, “That is a wonderful choice Lady Alice.”


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