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LV999 Villager – Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Part 9)


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LV999 Villager – Chapter 7: Noticed Too Late [Part 9]

“Well then, it is time for business to start soon. Master Rex, Milady Krul, Lady Alice, please come and help.” (David)

“Mmmm…..it is already that time huh? Well I will be leaving Godly lighting strike and Unlimited White Guns for later than.”(Rex)

“….Rex, what is Godly Lighting Strike and Unlimited White Guns?”(Krul)

“Oh, those are names of my two new moves I will be creating with magic, next is magic attacks.” (Rex)

David smiles at Rex with some pity and says “Oh, good?” then leaving the room.

Alice and Krul give Rex a wry smile and also say, “Good luck with those.”

“Yes, Alice is here!!!!”(Customer A)

“Now that the goddess of victory is here I can win big….put everything you have on black guys, we will win big!”(Customer B)

“Oh, Alice is here…..I can feel power come into me…..hahhehefufudududuma.” (creepy dude)

As the sun rose, the people in the casino and gaming center lessened and they went to get lunch. They were all quiet until now, but as soon as Alice came all the vibrancy and bustle came back in a moment.

“Alice, give me these two goods.” (Customer C)

“Yes! That will be 870 bronze.” (Alice)

“Alice, one coffee please, man… seeing Alice just brings me energy, it doesn’t matter that I lost big.” (Customer D)

“I am glad that you say so, please wait a moment and I will have the coffee.” (Alice)

Alice in accordance to David’s proposal was also in charge of the souvenir shop along with being the casino mascot. Since most of the goods in the shop were things Alice had handmade, we kept pushing Tina to sell them, David thought it would be better for Alice be in charge of the store.

As a result of this decision, the customers to the shop doubled and the ordinary customers and also new customers came to the shop.

Although Alice is a demon, it does not change that she is an adorable girl. Alice is both cute and has a lovable personality and thus both men and woman come to the shop just to see her and buying stuff makes her smile which is a plus for them.

This continued for a while and now everyone had good impression of Alice including the nobles, there are also weird customers to come to Alice’s store.

“Alice……heeeheee…..buhibuhi….your…….fuhifuhi. Hey, what are you guys doing, what is the meaning of this? Ah, ahhhhh!” (Creepy dude)

There was a man who was trying to approach Alice and touch her but before that happened the staff of casino seized him and threw him outside the casino.

Alice’s Store was in the casino main part, right now front of many people and staff.

This was a proposal by Rex as he was worried saying “Isn’t Alice too young to do this, many people may try to harm her.” So he proposed that her store be inside the casino in the main part where there is staff and them right outside to respond in a moment’s notice.

“Alice, please take more care of yourself, it is fine to show affection to some people, but not all of them, ok?” (Male guard for Alice)

“He is right Alice, your weirdo fans have been increasing lately too.” (Female Guard for Alice)

“Ok, thanks to both of you.” (Alice)

When Alice said that to them, her smile was like the sun to the two guards and both of them smiled back at her lovingly.

Alice was not just loved by her customers but also the Staff in the casino. If she was carrying anything heavy than they will immediately come from nowhere to help her carry it, if she having trouble with something than they will respond immediately.

It is actually mostly thanks to Alice that most of the people in the casino staff stayed working here.

Takako was also ready to act for Alice in that situation if the Staff could not handle it. Seeing Alice talking with the Staff and smiling, Takako showed a satisfying expression to her. Alice herself was also happy at the fact that she felt her dream getting closer as she helped out with the casino.

But Alice was also afraid.

She was afraid at the fact what would they do if they found out she was a demon….would they show the same affection to her or hate her? Alice would sometimes think about this and every time she does, she tightens the ribbon she got from Kagami to hide her demon horn.

Alice was also concerned at the behavior David is showing her. David clearly know that Alice is demon but even so he treats her with love and gives her meaningful advice, she wonders why?

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