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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“Oh hey? There’s seems to be some sort of a commotion”

Morning……actually it’s closer to noon. We just woke up from our sleep and there seems to be a commotion going on.

Looking below, the innkeeper has a troubled look on her face, the aunts and uncles present seem to be trying to encourage her.

Weapons and armors are busily being passed around, it looks just like a scene before battle.

“What happened? Is something the matter?”

Of course we would immediately like to hear the story since we just woke up, so we came down.

Then the innkeeper tells us without even trying to hide her urgency.

“You two! Have you guys seen *** anywhere?!”

“……is this about the Ribbon girl?”

Scanning the faces present and deducing who’s missing, I asked without confidence in my guess, and the innkeeper nods.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t seen her. Where was she seen last?”

“About that, that idiot. She might have entered the forest……”

“The forest?”

By forest, does she mean the dangerous forest she spoke about yesterday?

There’s certainly a reason to worry.

“I’m sorry, I said something unnecessary….”

“That’s right! You bastard!”

There’s a man wearing armor near us.

The old man is apparently someone who collects herbs from the forest for a living. He also seems to have said something about it yesterday.

It caught Ribbon-chan’s attention.

“I carelessly mentioned that there are herbs in the forest. That there’s probably one that could cure her dad………I’m really so sorry!”

The old man seems really regretful with his bowed head.

The nearby entrance to the forest is dangerous, it’s infested with wild and violent beasts. However, normally it’s not a problem.

It’s just that for the past two or three days, the magical beasts have been more active than usual and it made the residents wary.

“Additionally, just yesterday, they were diligently roaming around the place full of herbs…..”

And this morning, nobody has seen Ribbon-chan so they looked for her.

There seems to be someone who saw Ribbon-chan run into the forest.

Then they finally decided to search for the ribbon girl who just won’t show up.

“Without even saying a word to us, that girl has been missing for hours. If something happens to her…….”

The onlookers were also worried for the anxious innkeeper.

“…….it seems to be very worrisome.”

Kawazu-san also expressed his concern, but he added in a lower voice, which only I could hear,

“……..we’re probably the reason why the magical beasts have become more active”

“……..what do you mean by that?”

We are instantly ushered into a corner to talk about it.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday? There are beings who can feel magical power. Humans aside- wild animals, for example, are very sensitive to that. It won’t be odd if they cause a ruckus when someone of your ‘natural-disaster’ level of Mana approaches.”

“…….so what are you saying? That we’re the cause of this trouble?”

“Don’t make a mistake, okay? It’s not ‘we’, it’s just ‘you'”


Isn’t that bad on so many levels? Think about my mental state.

I’m only finding out about this now, but a small child may die because of it.

Through it’s my fault.

I didn’t know, I just didn’t know it would happen.

I can come up with a lot of excuses, but it’s already happened.

I think about the guests passing by who are looking our way and a cold sweat ran down my back.

Yes, it’s very bad.

She even introduced us to a good inn. Shouldn’t we at least return the favor?

While it was getting busier, I made up my mind and called the innkeeper.

“Then I’ll look for her in the forest, shall I?”

My offer sounds generous and the mother was surprised.

“Well, I’d be happy if you lend me a hand but…..”

“It’s probably okay, we were planning to survey the place anyway”

I disregarded her concerns in front of everyone’s frightened looks, and I only gave her a passing nod and a smile.

The one that was the most surprised was Kawazu-san who wasn’t buying it.

“Is this really fine?”

“Let’s find her for now. Ah, by the way, I don’t want anyone to enter the forest for the next thirty minutes. Is that okay?”

“Why? We might not find her without their help, right?”

Now, I said something adventurer-ish, so it’s best to keep that illusion.

“We~ll, in any case, we’re not entirely sure if she’s in the forest. I have a little secret plan anyway”

“‘Secret’ -hey you…..”

“I have magic. Anyway, for now it’s enough. Then, I’ll be going”

Leaving the nonsensical assurances of a stranger, I cut off the conversation and entered the forest.


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