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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


“Where have you been! Dummy!”

“I’m sorry……kyaa!”

I properly handed Ribbon-chan over, wondering if the landlady would go easy on her? It’s sermon time and the village people seem to have a lot to say.

Ribbon-chan ducked her head while her eyes became watery. Her mother gave me a deep bow.

“Really, thank you guys! I didn’t know what to do when you went into the forest, not even listening to my advice!”

“We~ll ahahahaha…..”

Now that she mentioned it, it did seem like a suicide attempt when we entered the forest without much of an explanation.

Even I made her worry, so she can’t just laugh this incident off.

“You guys can stay at our inn anytime you want! We’ll give you a discount!”

“Hahahaha. Thank you very much. But it was just the right thing to do!”

“…..well said, this guy.”

You’re too loud over there, Kawazu-san.

I may have had a sheepish grin, but it went according to plan, and let it not be said that we didn’t get some favors.

Wasn’t it noble of me to safely save their precious daughter?

Ribbon-chan tugged at her mom’s clothing, she still has some exciting news about me to tell her mom.

“Mommy! This big brother is amazing! He’s like a magician out of the storybooks!”

“Wo~w…. for this child to praise you this much, you must really be a great magician!”

“No no, just an average one. By the way, since we’ve acquired the herb, why don’t we use it?”

But we haven’t really delved into that topic yet.

I spun a believable story for Ribbon-chan. In front of the villagers she presented the herbs that are clutched in her hands, and they each wore surprised faces.

“You guys even took care of that. Did you lend a hand?”

I spoke up like a man and told them about Ribbon-chan and the herb.

“No no, it wasn’t a big deal; the kid did her best.”

I placed my forefinger on my lips, gesturing to Ribbon-chan to keep it a secret.

It’s true that she did her best, and she’d be too pitiful if she only got a scolding.

The smiling villagers surrounded Ribbon-chan as she gave them a good impression.

“You guys! This girl might get carried away so quit it!”

“No, but it’s really something. To go into the forest and even come back out is just….”

“She even brought a souvenir from the depths of the forest! My goodness!”

Arguing with the landlady, the guys were singing praises for Ribbon-chan.

“But I would also like to thank you guys. For this girl, you all gathered here.”

In the end, the landlady lowered her head towards everyone. The gathered people laughed it off and told her not to worry about it.

“Of course, we’d do it for her! You’d react the same way in our place right?”

“Also, if ***-chan’s not here, this inn would be lonely!”

“Well then, we should get going! We might get kicked in the butt if we return to the Inn too early.”

The crowd dispersed with an unmistakable cheerfulness. I’m really surprised about the solidarity of this village.

It’s an uncommon sight nowadays

“Somehow, they’re amazing.”

“You think so? They won’t last long in a place like this unless they cooperate.”

The landlady said it in such a matter-of-fact way.

However, she directed her attention to Ribbon-chan who was trying to escape and promptly caught the girl. She glared at the kid and I feel like I heard some ominous sounds.

“You’ll hear more scoldings from me later. You really had us worried”

“B-but I heard about Daddy’s injury so…..”

“Idiot! You shouldn’t risk your life for that, we could give him proper medical treatment! It’s not something to lose your life for!”

“Wuu…… I can’t.”

It can’t be helped this time that Ribbon-chan got scolded again.

She really was about to die.

But since I’ve gotten this deeply involved, I’ve started to care about this injured father that they keep on talking about.

I know that he’s been injured, but if he was attacked by monsters like the one that we saw earlier, would he really be cured by just that grass?

Is it a plant that could counter any type of injury?

Well, I’m in a different world but I’m still skeptical if they have an herb that works that way.

“Hey Kawazu-san, could that herb really cure any injury just like that?”

For the mean time, I lowered my voice and asked Kawazu-san. He quietly shook his head ‘no’.

“There’s no way that’s possible. Although it could be made into a good wound medicine”

Ahh, so that’s the case. Too bad.

With that said, I might as well ask them.

“He’s in a bad state after all? Your husband.”

As soon as I asked, a shadow came over the lady’s face but she dutifully replied.

“You could say that…. the wound was pretty deep. He’d probably be able to move but he won’t be able to resume his job as a blacksmith.”

Trusting me more, unlike the last time in the tavern, she divulged more details.

Isn’t it more serious than I thought?

Feeling a cold sweat, I regretted asking such an insensitive questions.

“……can’t we do something? Kawazu-san?”

“I wonder? Why don’t you just do as you like?”

“You have a point but…”

If I use some simple magic, I don’t know what will happen.

I feel like something would be different, since I have unique methods.

With the way I am now, it’s not an option to just not use magic.

I’m getting used to casting without even wanting to.

It’s too late to say it now, but I see magic as something to be concealed.

Then in what situations should I use my magic? I have to clearly set those conditions, considering that I blew up a mountain. I still haven’t found an answer.

While I was in deep thought, I felt someone tugging my sleeves.

It was Ribbon-chan with a big satisfied smile.

“Hey big brother! Let’s go see daddy!”

“A, aah…”

I looked in the landlady’s direction and she gave me a nod.

“Ah, if it’s fine, why don’t you come with us?”

She responded in a such a charming way.

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